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    Been a long time

    Welcome back.I hadnt been on either for ages.Got back on today.
  2. 321

    Its sunday again

    Only just rediscovered here.I am going to do some preemie knits this evening and went to a carboot sale this morning.didnt buy anything this time though.
  3. 321

    Difficulty signing in

    I had the same problem today It must be a glitch some where,
  4. 321

    preemie items

    I am doing preemie items for the bereavment ward and the neo unit.
  5. 321

    site seems to come and go

    I have had trouble getting other websites today,I think the weather must be playing a part somewhere,
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    Thats great really pretty.I am thinking of doing some knitted festive motifs for christmas cards.I havent tried before but saw some in a local shop and they looked good.
  7. Hopefully we don't need it but is there a pattern correction page.?
  8. 321

    The Good Morning Thread

    I haven't been on for quite a while.Its raining and feels wintery but it has given me the urge to start some knitting.I have started a preemie stripy waistcoat.
  9. I am crocheting a baby waistcoat for charity,
  10. 321

    Where do we all live?

    south Devon is where I live 3miles from the sea.
  11. 321

    A sad goodbye

    sorry to see you go.good luck in your new venture.
  12. I have not been around much due to a number of problems including health.Work being done on the house and not being able to travel far to get some wools but our local shop has restocked with cheaper wools now.I have had 3 shops say the were stopping stocking wools as people are not prepared to pay above £5 for a ball of wool.I do also buy online but postage pushes the price up.
  13. 321

    Busy baking afternoon

    must do some myself.We have the grandchildren tommorrow. Ann
  14. 321

    or rather on the hook

    At the moment I am crocheting a baby sweater for Loving Hands.Not got a picture yet though. Ann
  15. 321

    How many projects do you have on the go?

    I have 2 childrens Hoodies and 3 preemies items on the go.