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    Between Wigan & Warrington in the United Kingdom
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    Love crafting anything form jewellery making to knitting,Love visiting historical houses
  1. mrs sparkle

    Start Date for Group In Wigan/Warrington

    Hi Just to say a big thank you for all who turned up for our first craft session in our new venue. It was extremely succesful and I cannot wait for the next one.People turned up even in the snow and rain ,so a big thank you it was really appreciated as I had visions of sitting by myself for a couple of hours. Take care Jacki
  2. mrs sparkle

    Start Date for Group In Wigan/Warrington

    Hi Pollysmum Have just sent a message to you via the personal mail ,just have a look in your personal mail box. You will soon get the hang of things and once you know how to navigate you will be just fine. If you need any help where everything is just shout someone including myself will always help you out. Take care Jacki
  3. mrs sparkle

    Start Date for Group In Wigan/Warrington

    Hi Goose Thank you for such suppotive words.As it is getting closer I just hope we will have people turn up. If you are local to the Warrington /Wigan we would love you to join us. If you need any further help or info just give me a shout. Many thanks Jackie
  4. ]Hi Just to let you know that our small community crafty friends group of Warrington/Wigan has now got a new venue. It has been going in our homes for quite a number of months now ,so we have decided it was about time that we had our own special venue . The venue is perfect ,great parking and full disabled access. It is a very informal group and perfect if you just fancy a couple of hours to yourself and fancy a chat and also craft at the same time.You can bring you own items to work on ,but we will also be having different demonstrations of all sorts of crafts to give you inspration and perhaps have a go at yourself. Knitters and crocheters are most welcome as I am very much into crochet at the moment, as my first granchild is due in the next 3 weeks.I also make knitted handbags and then felt them. This group is for all sorts of crafters and there are many people looking for a new hobby so the more variation of crafts in the group will give them a chance to see if it is for them or not. We are looking to make all sorts of paper and fabric embellishments which you can use on all sorts of crafts.We will make boxes,bags and mini frames from card which are perfect to put gifts into ,use as favours and even sell as gifts.The frames are cute and look amazing when decorated.We will also be covering rag wreaths,wall plaques,dreamcatchers ,corsage making,flower arranging and lots more. Change of date DUE TO BEREAVMENT; Our first session is on DATE; WEDNESDAY 13TH FEB 2013 TIME; 10.15 AM-12.30 pm The cost will be a donation of £3.50 which will help towards the room hire and the refreshments. We do hope you will join us for a couple of hours just for yourself enjoying crafting and socialising. If you need any help or have any questions please just personal message me and I will always get back to you. many thanks Jackie [/size][/color][/size]
  5. mrs sparkle

    Crochet Cushion - First Attempt

    Your cushion is so lovely ,really love the style very shabby chic which I really love at the moment. I magine what you will be crocheting in six months time ?You have seem to taken to crocheting so naturally.
  6. mrs sparkle

    new chain maille bracelet.

    Your bracelet is gorgeous ,I admire all the work and time that goes into chain maille jewellery ,well done.
  7. mrs sparkle

    Meetup in Warrington Brustation

    Hi All Just to say a big thank you to those who turned up on Monday,it was lovely to meet you. I had a lovely 2 hours and hope to meetup next Monday 13th FEBRUARY same place, same time. Take care Jackie
  8. mrs sparkle

    Score Board

    Hi I popped into the "Works" this week and found that they had the Stephanie Weightman score board for only £1.99 which I thought was a great bargain if you where looking to buy one.
  9. mrs sparkle

    New Crafter From The North West!

    Hi And a very warm welcome to the forum. I too am in the north west just outside of Warrington. I really love Vintage Chic and I'm really into recycling and upcycling items. I love sourcing vintage lace and materials and love making vintage cake stand steacup pincushions and jewellery stands and I have just started making some vintage themed cushions for Christmas pressies and papercrafts for the festive season.
  10. mrs sparkle

    painted bangle

    Hi Kate What a great idea to do with quite a simple plain braclet. It really looks lovely,I am now off to have a look at my old braclets and have a go at revamping them. You have given me some much needed inspration. Jackie
  11. mrs sparkle

    Bamboo v's Metal crochet hook

    Hi I have been crocheting and knitting for quite a few years and really do prefer the bamboo needles and hooks as they are so much kinder on your joints. The bambbo is softer and definatley helps with such difficulties and will also help prevent joint problems starting off. I have used both and both work equally the same just the bamboo are kinder to your joints. Hope this helps mrs sparkle
  12. mrs sparkle


    Hi This is my westy who is always full of fun,he is now a little older than the picture. He has been poorly this week with a virus, and we have all been so wooried about him. He is now well on the mend and after my yoghurt this morning,if there si food around woody is not far away.
  13. mrs sparkle

    Meetup in Warrington Brustation

    [ Hi All We have a small meetup group which is a very informal meetup ,with everybody bringing along their own project to work on or to come and chat ,socialise and maybe get a taste for new craft.. I have a number of crochet projects on the go at the moment,but what ever craft you are into your are welcome to join us. This is a very relaxed meetup rather than a formal class or workshop as many people do not have the confidence to start these,but by joing something like this will give them the confidence to go further. The Brustation CAFE (formerly Borders book shop in warrington on the same retail park as DFS SOFA SHOP WARRINGTON) The shop is now a discount shop with the cafe upstairs. Has a lift to upper floor for people with disabilities with good parking facilities and parking for the disabled. The only thing the cafe ask is that we purchase teas,coffees etc and not bring our own refreshments with us. DATE: MONDAY 30th JAN UARY 2012 TIME: 1-3. PM If you have any questions etc please ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you think you would like to join us just send me a quick email just so I can look out for you and also so I do not look like a sad person sat in the corner by myself for 2 hours. Take care Jackie
  14. mrs sparkle

    A great big 'hi there' and 'hello'

    Hi Helen And a very warm welcome from me ,I realy love your username my other half loves wine gums especially the green one. I too love jewellery making especially crochet wire jewellery,but love all sorts of crafts. Off to have a look at your blog and look forward to chatting. Take care Jacki
  15. mrs sparkle

    CRAFT AND CHAT Due To Start

    Hi All Just a quick hello to you and just to let you know that the new CRAFT AND CHAT IN WARRINGTON has only one day to go before it starts. I am really nervous as I have never done anything like this before. I keep going through check lists as you do!!!!!! If you could join me I would be ever so happy as I have a vision of me of sitting in the Winwick leisure center for 2 hours by myself. Will let you all know how things went. Take care Jacki