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  1. morticia_again

    Make Jewellery issue 23 challenge winner!

    Congrats, enjoy your well-earned prize!
  2. Wow, everyone's entries look amazing, I really wanted to enter this month, but the beads I ordered never arrived
  3. Anyone else's magazine not arrived? I'm very sad and missing my fix this month!
  4. Would love to enter but haven't got my magazine yet!!
  5. morticia_again

    Make Jewellery issue 19 challenge winner!

    Well done Crafty Vet, you truly deserve that prize. Enjoy it!
  6. morticia_again

    Make Jewellery issue 19 challenge - closes 5.30pm 1st November

    Gosh. not had time to come on this forum for ages, but made some FIMO cupcakes from the latest mag and wanted to upload them, sorry for the horrendous quality of the pics but i had no daylight! Everyone's entries for this month are fab! good luck everyone!
  7. morticia_again

    Make Jewellery issue 15 challenge winner!

    Well done tat, it's a fabulous piece. Enjoy your winnings!
  8. morticia_again

    Chokers made from my own glass lampies!

    Beautiful, Gaynor I am always in awe of your beads and your jewellery. Well done again!
  9. morticia_again


    Wow, you're really lucky those are fantastic bargains. I was in homebargains the other day, but they didn't have anything like these. I wonder if they have the same stock in every store? Enjoy them!
  10. morticia_again

    Makes from a newbie

    Theya re all gorgeous. I think my favourite is the pink turquoise necklace, but all of them are really stunning, don't know why you say you're a newbie, they look fantastic!!
  11. morticia_again

    Charm Bracelet- my first ever jewellery make

    Wow Fi, that's gorgeous! I would never have believed it was your first make! Good luck with the next 17000, we hope to see them on this forum soon!
  12. morticia_again

    Silver tiara

    Hi everyone. I didn't do the washing up last night (again) and instead made a tiara. It's based on the one from last month's MJ mag, but I didn't get a chance to make it in time for the challenge last month. I'm not sure if I should leave it as it is, or add some more crystals, maybe add a different colour. Not sure what I'll do with it afterwards either... I don't know anyone getting married!
  13. morticia_again

    I've been busy

    Thank you all for your lovely comments.
  14. morticia_again

    2 way necklace

    So clever, and so pretty too!
  15. morticia_again

    Handbag charms

    Beautiful, I particularly like the one with multicoloured chain. Right, I'm adding bag charms to my list of things to do!!!