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  1. Hi everyone Im having the same problem, no login page
  2. hels-bels

    such a lovely suprise

    i got a lovely suprise through the post yesterday morning.... a big bag full of fabric i realised i had actually won one of the competitions on the subs club section :-) £100 worth of fabric from abahkan. i couldnt work out were it had come from at the start and then i checked my emails n realised i had an email to say i had won and the fabric was on its way. im so chuffed as ive never won anything before and was a lovely suprise on a monday morning
  3. hels-bels

    Sweet girl bear :)

    she is very cute and looks very cuddly
  4. hels-bels

    All say hello :)

    he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, he looks lonely though hehe ;-P
  5. hels-bels

    Love Cushion

    that is lovely and very girly my nieces would love it just an idea if your finding it very hard to do the lettering with the computer how about doing it by hand? i defernatly think morepeople would like it more if it is able to be personalised. xx
  6. hels-bels

    hanging hearts

    hiya everyone i decided to make something that i saw in the sew magazine although i have altered it slightly it is 3 hearts with my neices initials on them. these are then stitched onto a larger heart which is then stuffed to make it plump. a ribbon is then placed through each heart so that it can be hung up.
  7. hels-bels

    Little girls coat

    wow thats is lovely well done :-) not wanting to be nosey but did you use a pattern for it and if so which one hels xxxx p.s hope you manage to get your results soon and get better very soon, theres nothing worse than having pain that you cant get rid off unfortunatly i know how you feel as ive been diagnosed with RSD which causes alot of pain :down:
  8. hels-bels

    march issue

    yeah i subsrcibe the sew magazine but ive not been gettin the magazine on time started subscribing in october and i tend to recieve it at least 2 weeks after i should have but thanks to danno he has helped alot and sent replacements which seem to turn up after about a week of him sending it. danno did have a good idea for the march issue to send to me but stil no sign but it is only early. i just find it so horrid when i see it in the shops and i stil havent got it but fingers crossed ill recieve this week
  9. hels-bels

    march issue

    thank you sequin, hopefuly it will arrive on time this month :-)
  10. hels-bels

    march issue

    hiya when is the march issue due out? also when would people who subscribe to the sew magazine expect to recieve buy? thanx
  11. hels-bels

    feb issue

    cheers for that, i get mine via postman as i av a subscription, just hope i get this issue wivout any hassle !!
  12. hels-bels

    feb issue

    any ideas when the feb issue of sew magazine is out? and when is it expected to be delivered by for the people who subscribe to it? cheers xx
  13. hels-bels

    january issue

    thanks danno the magazine arrived today.
  14. hels-bels

    january issue

    thanks danno for all your help i still havent recieved the january issue but could be due to the weather as not had any post for couple of days. will let you know as soon as i recieve it (hopefully i will!) fingers crossed i get the february issue ok, when is it due?
  15. hels-bels

    january issue

    postman has been today and still no magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the february issue is gonna be out before ive even recieved the january issue!