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  1. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa THE BIG REVEAL !!!!

    oh no poor daughter lol. I was knitting when my husband went into kitchen and when he came out i was sitting holding the scarf, he thought I was some sort of super speed knitter lol
  2. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa THE BIG REVEAL !!!!

    heres picture of mine sorry about picture quality my camera on phone isnt that good.
  3. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa THE BIG REVEAL !!!!

    Just opened mine and its gorgeous, thank you squeakiemouse. xxxxx
  4. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa Update

    mine is here sorry forgot to come on and say, such a dopey moo :red:
  5. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa Update

    are we opening them on 19th?
  6. Mrs Eric Northman

    Secret Santa Update

    Sent mine yesterday
  7. Mrs Eric Northman

    Friday feeling?!

    You have my sympathy with the moving bit it was bad enough getting all our junk here i hope we never have to move especially with kids.
  8. Mrs Eric Northman

    Friday feeling?!

    Hope she is feeling better soon thats awfull the amount of wrong tests the nurse did. I have been attempting to clean while kids go making a mess behind me. grrrr lol
  9. Mrs Eric Northman

    New Free Knitty Downloads!

    Love the hoodie too.
  10. Mrs Eric Northman

    Christmas Elf!

    That is really cute :-)
  11. Mrs Eric Northman

    My first baby jumper

    Good luck with the jumper. I used to love knitting baby things, now I avoid them incase i get broody lol
  12. Mrs Eric Northman

    Weightloss Accountability System!

    I use this when I'm trying to lose weight http://www.nutracheck.co.uk if I wasnt keeping track of what I ate i just know i would be eating loads lol
  13. Mrs Eric Northman

    Thursday already

    Morning I've just been shopping today. Was going to have a walk in morning but it rained and now my little one is out of nursery its not, typical !! Have to do some cleaning then will hopefully get back to knitting the scarf I'm doing.
  14. Mrs Eric Northman

    And finally....

    very pretty
  15. Mrs Eric Northman


    Well I try. I got myself metal coloured crochet hooks a while back so wasn't really bothered about the plastic one. Don't think I will ever be as good at crochet than i am at knitting