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  1. Fizknits

    Showing you my Owl beads I make

    Lovely owl
  2. Fizknits

    Fimo dogs

    Very cute, both the dog and the fimo dogs.
  3. Fizknits

    Cakes and decoration

    It's beautiful, well done!
  4. Fizknits

    What are your favourite card embellishments?

    If only one - diecuts, otherwise beads, buttons and ribbon.
  5. Fizknits

    Bamboo v's Metal crochet hook

    I don't mind myself, began with plastic, moved onto metal and now have some bamboo. If joint issues are a problem go for bamboo. Otherwise, just experiment and have fun!
  6. Fizknits

    Weekend cupcakes

    Very cute and a great shade of pink too!
  7. Fizknits

    Gardening theme box card

    Lovely card, fab colours.
  8. Fizknits


    Very cute, will have a look in the local shop!
  9. Fizknits

    owls i made recently

    I love their eyes.
  10. Fizknits

    Can you colour onto dry PVA?

    I have done this with an inexpensive marker , a permanent before- try a cheaper pen before your best markers. If it does not dry well sponge some off and add layers.
  11. Fizknits

    The Food Game

  12. Fizknits

    The wild animal game

    Twite (tiny bird)
  13. Fizknits

    Candy Chain

    Love it ,very beautiful.