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  1. helbels

    Lampwork progress

    Hello Some of you may remember me from when I used to post on here a lot when I was making jewellery. Well via the jewellery route I discovered lampwork bead making, and that's really become my exclusive focus now, so I don't post on here so often. I just thought I'd pop back and post a few piccies for anyone that remembers me who might want to see the progress I've made since I started. Here are some of the beads I made this week. Helen xx
  2. helbels

    And a couple of bracelets!

    Hi Gaynor Fab makes - is the pink one for sale please as I'd be interested in buying... Send me a pm on Facebook if it is Helen x
  3. helbels

    Multicolour necklace

    Sorry for hogging on here today - but I've been busy this afternoon making this with some of my lampies made from Multicolour Glass (it starts off green, and the purples come out of the glass according to its whim as you work it). I had some sterling silver jump rings left over from my last project, so I decided to just use them to make a simple chain. Added a few swarowskis, some sterling silver bead caps and lentils and some silver greek ceramic cornflakes, and Bob's your uncle. Sorry about crappy pic - wasn't the easiest to photograph. Helen x
  4. helbels

    My latest Lampies!

    Well done Gaynor, those are lovely. The turquoise fritties are particularly pretty xx
  5. helbels

    Lampwork Beads

    Hi Everyone Some of you may know that I started making lampwork beads about 6 months ago... Well today I've finally started selling my wares! I'm not sure if you are allowed to post links on here - so apologies Mods if I have broken the rules - and feel free to delete my post if this is the case. Thanks Helen xx
  6. helbels

    My makes from the past week or so :)

    You are defintitely on a roll Helen all lovely but I love the topaz and blue suede thong one especially
  7. helbels

    Just a few more lampies!

    All lovely Gaynor, although the purple and lime ones are my faves. You did really well getting them consistent in size too, especially as you are working freehand with no tools to help you! If you would like a tip - to reduce some of those dark streaks you have got in places, try working a bit further out from the end of your torch - it looks like you might be burning the glass a wee bit. Hope that doesn't offend, I know you are on a learning curve, so if I spot anything like that I'll try to help you by telling you how to avoid the next time xxx Helen xx
  8. helbels

    A few new sets

    Lovely Helen, although I think the blue with the silver flower in the third set is particularly pretty.
  9. helbels

    new necklace

    That's an amazing make Gaia - I bet it took you ages! It must feel really classy and weighty to wear.
  10. helbels

    Pink Shell and Swarovski Crystal Threaded set

    This is gorgeous Sarah - I'm a sucker for anything pink. I love the weaved sections with both the pearls and the Swarovskis on it. Yum.
  11. helbels

    Faceted bangle

    I love the colours in this Stu - really springlike. Bet it will sell really well for you .
  12. helbels

    Donut Necklace from Rak from Debbie JK!

    I adore that Gaynor, it's really unusual and the red is a stunning colour
  13. helbels

    Not another glass ring?!

    Very nice Gaynor.... What glass did you use for that one?
  14. That's really classy Gaynor, well done - looks fabby.
  15. Gaynor, you have made some beautiful beads there.... However, I have a complaint to make... HOW THE FLIPPING HECK DID YOU MANAGE TO GET COLOUR OUT OF MAGIC???!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying this for months with no success and you crack it in a day!!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG lol
  16. You are very welcome, have fun with them
  17. helbels

    Watch out, here's another 2 :)

    Gorgeous Helen, and very nice photography I must say - do you have a new light studio by any chance ;-) I love the purple one, its a lovely colour...
  18. That's lovely Helen, very elegant I've not come across crimpable chain before but it looks smashing.
  19. helbels

    My new glass ring!

    totally scrummy Gaynor
  20. helbels

    My Friendship Necklace

    Wow, I feel quite touched by this. Thank you Gaynor, I am glad you have found the lampworking advice useful and if there' s ever anything you want to know, just shout
  21. helbels

    My Chainmaille :)

    Scrummy makes, loving the multicolour effect
  22. helbels

    Rubber loving ;)

    Those are great Helen - very goth! I am really impressed that you got the rubber tubing to sit nicely against the adjoining beads - I never really could get it to sit well so gave up on it.
  23. helbels

    Makes with RAK's from Nads, Caroline and MT

    Wow, Helen these are all just gorgeous, which isn't suprising as I love all your makes. I love the boiled sweets one though - making me drool!
  24. helbels

    CAn you guess what the silver bits really are?!!!!

    I think they are lovely Gaynor - curtain rings or not!