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    this is an christmas gift to my dad....i started early since i makin everyones gifts took me a few weeks but i am proud of it but i am slightly worried its a bit girly edit****** sorry bout pic its gone weird while re-sizing see if it can clear it up
  2. the_oracle_jennie

    new to making

    i am quite new to jewellery makin and fimo so here is a couple of bits i sorted out recently i really like them as they are fun and bright ones a charm inspired piece which i think is my favourite so far with wire wrapping one set of star earing with a swarzoski(spelling) crystal ones a button necklace with wire wrapping
  3. the_oracle_jennie

    Tuesday the 25th!

    i have already started knitting the gifts for people, 3 half finished items about the sofa lol it seems to be a nice day here in wales :-) but i am not in the mood today. think i just want to relax with music on and finish some projects and make a project carry bag hope ur all ok today
  4. the_oracle_jennie

    Hi everyone just joined

    hello i am a jennie also :-) im 23 and been on here a short while also and i like makin beads and makin jewellery and knitting hope to see you around and this is a lovely and yes an addictive site
  5. the_oracle_jennie

    Bamboo needles v plastic

    i know i havent been knitting long but i ahve found plastic needles like to dig in and attack me while metal are not to bad. i have not knitted with bamboo needles but everyone tells me they are awesome i like the look and feel of rosewood needles but they are kinda expensive
  6. the_oracle_jennie

    How many have you cast on in one go?

    mine not very big compaired with the others its only 72 for a hat i am making before that i think it was only 26 so a bit of a jump. this hat is takin em a while to do
  7. the_oracle_jennie

    Hello from Leyton

    hello there and welcome i love cats :-) ............ but i only have a turtle at the moment anyhu i always buy random balls of wool u can always turn it into a patchwork style cardy or blanket...or make hats or little teddys. i have a brill book on yarn stash wonders which helps use up random odd bits and bobs
  8. the_oracle_jennie

    am i in the wrong

    well i am still waiting on the pics but i did email to say i would be away from comp til monday anyhu on a slightly diff note someone brought an item off me and its stated as broken but unopened (peice inside box) item rrp £10 i sold £3 inc P&P and stated where broken i had an email to say the item arrived broken but she will glue it cant ppl read i am also loosing my faith in ebay slowly which is a shame as i loved to do my shoppin on there plus i make loads of jewellery i sell on there
  9. the_oracle_jennie

    In case we ever do meet....where is everyone living?

    newtown - powys .....mid wales
  10. the_oracle_jennie

    new to knitting and lovin it :)

    hello all on here, i am jennie i have been into knittin now for just over a month and i must admit its brill. i was introduced by my partners sister and i will say i had the initial thought of the sterotypical thinkin of most modern young people (or so i thought). i didnt realise how much of a following knitting had and that it was not just for the old ladies sipping tea (no offence). i have only done a few projects but have a million planned. i ahve made purses, bags and teddys. i am starting a har and a multi semi patchwork idea for a gooded cardy anyhu hope to seek help and info from the site to help my knowledge grow toodles for now
  11. the_oracle_jennie


    i am having trouble resizing the pics to fit as an attachment on threads. i have the basic vista home computer package and i am not brill with fiddling if i dont have a clue. i ahve tried paint but that doesnt seem to help me resize, unless i doing something wrong any helps would be awesome thanks in advance
  12. the_oracle_jennie

    am i in the wrong

    thank you all for ur help and sugestons(spellings bad sorry) i have stated my case to her all i can do now is wait.....i hate waiting especially for something like this. it will sound silly but this woman has really upset and annoyed me, i know she doesny know me but i prize myself on being an honest and fair person i dispise dishonesty and i hate being mislead. so i wouldnt do that to anyone else will keep you informed if any more interesting things happen
  13. the_oracle_jennie

    colinete open day

    is anyone going to the colinete open day on sat 5th sept 10am-4pm at llanfair ceareinion?? just wondering as i am :-)
  14. the_oracle_jennie

    am i in the wrong

    well all my feedback is brill i did offer her the refund of 99p but she wanted a replacement. it jusr seems so silly i try and be honest and fair but when ppl treat you as if its all ur fault etc it makes u think why bother she already left me brill feedback before complainin to me which i find strange...i am wondering if she is pullin a fast one??? i will just not leave feedback ay least i feel i not bein unfair now
  15. the_oracle_jennie

    knitting club/meetings in mid wales?

    yeah welshpool...used to live there :-) erm....cool so who shall win in the race or shall we open one together???
  16. the_oracle_jennie

    xmas cards

    i started on makin the xmas fimo toppers and knitted socks for on cards but not quite the whole xmas rush and frenzy yet
  17. the_oracle_jennie

    colinete open day

    o well....i like the wool there so colourful.......i am sure i will have fun i am taking my nan and my partners sis (the one who got me into knitting) but enjoy the wedding
  18. the_oracle_jennie

    Show us Your Makes!

    yeah about a month been knitting the first thing was the bag...i didnt want to start with a scarf lol so kind played around a bit and i think i have a knack for it lol......plus i have now done the bodies of 2 more bears one is dark brown the other is similar to the one pictured, this one is for my bro in the army so it will have a camo hat, top and trousers :-) thank you for the replies they are brill....you are all so freindly will post more when i have done more and figured out how to resize pics on my own lol
  19. the_oracle_jennie

    Show us Your Makes!

    here is a pic of what i have done....i ahve only been knitting about a month and have plenty more projects on the go a bear -my first real project a fluffy bag was my tester random piece a pencil case for college out of lovely splash wool a curly wirly purse for a freind
  20. the_oracle_jennie

    new to knitting and lovin it :)

    i am doing jewelery makin also at the moment, i am using mainly fimo as i have only recently discovered it :-) but i have been on a course a while ago to do the metal and bead work jewellery making also. both are great fun i also make my own cards and have done for years.....i have never really used all the posh stamps and things i tend to draw loads thankyou all for the lovely reception i have had here and i look forward to looking at other projects and learning more :-)