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    LK Animal magic knitting challenge - DEADLINE NOV 11

    awwwww i love the peppa pig :-)
  2. the_oracle_jennie

    WIP Wednesday!

    morning all *bounces* well nan seems ok and should be in hospital later today and have operation tomorrow and out on monday :-) knitty club had good turn out and a few of us knitted halloween funkies lol (pics on fb soon) i have more time to chill today as dricing lesson at 3-4 then work 6-10 woohoo and tomorrow off but have some men comin round to put in loft insulation and wall cavity insulation stuff ooo postie brought lets knit
  3. the_oracle_jennie

    Start Off Tuesday

    sorry have to rush a post more then usual lol :red: i am off to town to catch a bus to see my nan and spend time with her before knitting club as her operation is tomorrow. i have many things to set up this club as its halloween and have to get a few nibbles from town i also need to pick up 3 parcels from post office as not sure what OH has been ordering at the moment but i need to get it and take it on the bus lol with all my knitting books in a couple of bags...hmmm not lookin forward to the walk to town ..maybe should thin then out a lil first its grey and raining now :-( and dont think i can pull my home grown pumpkin yet as its still yellow so cant show it off at knitting club or to my nan, which is one less thing to carry lol better dash all bus is in an hour and half and i still need to get sorted
  4. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Animal magic knitting challenge - DEADLINE NOV 11

    wow sounds an awesome comp i think i need to get a lick on and start something :-)
  5. the_oracle_jennie

    Mildish Monday

    afternoon all well gettin crochewt in my bag and startin off by jumpin in the car to go to the blue planet woohoo *chases fishes* better dash have a lovely day all its rather grey here
  6. the_oracle_jennie

    I'm so chuffed with myself :-)

    well done
  7. the_oracle_jennie

    Taking it Easy Sunday

    morning all well yest was fun, meal and bowling and a cake (pic on fb as slightly rude to be on here :red: ) i even came second in bowling lol with a score of 102 *dances* today i have work at 2-10 and i think word hate me as they called 2 times yest to try and get me to work last night but i said no as was in today and was out yest, i would have been more then a zombie lol but day off tomorrow to go to blue planet near chester and i can take my crochet with me in the car :-)
  8. the_oracle_jennie

    Saturday Plans?

    happy saturday all :-) i am off to telfrod soon to see people as it was her birthday yest and we havin meal and bowling woohoo *dances* so should be fun, maybe naughty and keep some crochetin with me just in case as there will be a few people i dont know and i may get left alone lol work was hard and horrible last night so happy for today off, was asked by a mate to cover a shift tonight but i refused lol as in tomorrow at 2 lol its quite chilly today
  9. the_oracle_jennie

    Flagging Friday

    susie well done for stickin to that as my brother always got wat he wanted from a tantrum which went i always went without morning all well rushed day again today driving lesson in 20 mins and then work ar 2-10 so no knitting or fun time for me :-( maybe tomorrow before i go out with freinds, or i just may take it with me lol but not all the people goin out with know i am a knitter and crocheter...hmmm que strange looks lol right better dash and get stuff sorted before lesson its gone cold now hasnt it
  10. the_oracle_jennie

    Thursday Playtime

    morning all loads of replies already lol couldnt sleep last night and the naighbours are being noisy well from 8am they have been so far so i am up with a head ache and not feelin up to much. i do have work this pm til late and some house work to do tho (if i dont fall asleeep lol) hope we are all knitting well i plan on makin some more pom pom spiders today :-)
  11. the_oracle_jennie

    Calling all Facebook friends!

    liked :-)
  12. the_oracle_jennie

    spooky spiders

    Here are a couple of spiders I have donned for Halloween party One is crochet The other a fuzzy pom pom I think they are cute
  13. the_oracle_jennie

    spooky spiders

    i agree i sont want to stamp on these too much :-)
  14. the_oracle_jennie

    spooky spiders

    Lol I think these will be hiding by the food bowls
  15. the_oracle_jennie

    Turbulent Tuesday

    afternoon all well i have been busy this morning in the sun. i have madde the spiders (see finished objects) and i have been for a driving lesson, did left hand reverse today...i have work at 4 til 10 so dont have time to knit any more fun spuders, maybe tomorrow woohoo i finshed the spider web bunting but i cant take a decent pic of it bar a heap of fluff on the floor lol maybe i can at knitty club on the 11th enjoy the sun all
  16. the_oracle_jennie

    Basket weave crochet scarf

    wow this is beautiful, well done :-)
  17. the_oracle_jennie

    Winter is coming...

    lovely :-)
  18. the_oracle_jennie

    spooky spiders

    thanks :-)
  19. the_oracle_jennie

    spider web

    its a semi adapyed pattern from super scary crochet lol they have harder spider web bunting in there
  20. the_oracle_jennie

    Gardening Saturday

    ooo gardening :-) happy saturday all managed to do very little yest i think i was tired from workin and abck to work tomorrow night. but tonight i am off to b'ham for a party woohoo :-) goin to see if my nan is ok soon as not seen here in weeks
  21. the_oracle_jennie

    spider web

    hmmmm some brill ideas and helpful tips will see what i have to try and make it spider webby lol
  22. the_oracle_jennie

    Fresh Friday

    morning sorry afternoon all well work was mad last night so only just woke up as watched the last csi las vagas i have on dvd at 10am woohoo not workin now til sunday night still tryin to make crochet spider webs and one is on finished objects but the rest are nto workin so far, but i will keep tryin :-) right housework then knittin time before OH comes back i think
  23. the_oracle_jennie

    spider web

    thank you :-) i am tryin to make one with pouinty bits but its not workin so far :-(
  24. the_oracle_jennie

    Toasty Wednesday

    @buzy will keep u informed to see how it comes out i will prob try it tomorrow as now i been shipped to nights tomorrow inistead i hvae the time to play :-)
  25. the_oracle_jennie

    colinette slippers

    thanks for the comments :-)