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    Thank goodness it's Friday!!

    morning all doesnt look to bad out today my ss didnt work so tryin a new method, or it may have worked but i lack the skill so a lil miffed but tryin again raises my hopes a lil. maybe too hard for me to do tho which makes me a lil down anyhu have loads of HW to do and OH will be home about 3 i think as he in the factory today so better get crackin. his xmas gifts arrived today woohoo only some cheap dvds as i brought him a lovely expensive dress coat a month or so ago which is his next 2 years gifts really lol only got 2 more to get for xmas and i am happy lol late night driving lesson in the dark today so semi scared and excited lol better dash will hopefully get to reply and read laters
  2. the_oracle_jennie

    Thursday Friend Time

    mroning all well its rather chilly here today *shivers* i plan on cleaning this messy house and crocheting SS today *dances* well if it works woohoo as its something i havent tried before and i am excited about lol tried knitting a scarf from patons with a pattern on it and well i cant get it right i just end up with a hole in the middle and attached to the ends grrrrrrr not happy with it at all. i have tried it about 5 times the first couple of rows and now at an ends loss :-( buzy have fun slurpin teas with thursday freind sounds a busy day su2ie skm i know that feelin with washing and a messy house. convinces OH just breeds mess in the house to give me stuff to do
  3. the_oracle_jennie


    hello there indeed and welcome to the world of awesome knitting pals lol
  4. the_oracle_jennie

    Knitty Madness Tuesday

    brrrrrrr *shvers* we need hats and scarves today sorry been busy lately havent been on here as been to see gigs and stuff at the theatre and doing things around the home as well as seeing OH damily.i have made little go ahead on my knitting but have read loads lol off to have a meal out with a friend tonight so should be nice but unsure what to wear as its soooo cold out how are we all gettin on with secret santa??
  5. the_oracle_jennie

    so tired tuesday

    morning all :-) made a scarf yest in colours i wouldnt usually go for. it was from the sale room in colinette and OH picked up the ball and said it would suit me. i have had soooo many comments last night when went to see in friends in telford that has boosted me confidence anyhu off to brum today as off to a gig tonight and we stayin with OH parents to make it easier on us. i have my knitting to take and everything, the only downside is i miss my own knitting club tonight we have been runnin for 2 whole years now :-) hope we all get some much needed knitting time and some happy time :-) sorry have to dash and sort out bags etc as we need to pop to wickes as we have been sortin the house out and finally fully moved in and are plannin on decorating :-)
  6. the_oracle_jennie

    Windy Wednesday

    windy wednresday eh? well my hair is now purple a nice dark one and i now have a fringe and its shorter, frame my face now. will take pic fior fb when can take a nice one lol i didnt knit in the end :-( had sooooo much to do and the only was when hair was being done and i was scared the dye my mix with a white blanket so it stayed hidden in my zombie killing bag lol today its stripping beds day and sortin out the dry washing. plannin on makin an easy tea of sausages and a coliflower/brokili/mushroom cheese thingy buzy enjoy food shoppin and knitting princessdiva hope u get a doc appountment for maty susie dont get blown away lol goose enjoy a nice chill day before packing tomorrow rc i wish i could finish my ufo i only have a couple but some i dont carry on as dont like the yarn or its too hard lol knittingporky we have a free town bus but i do live in mid wales where the buses are not great to be fair, enjoy knitting
  7. the_oracle_jennie

    Jabs Tuesday

    morning all well we only had one knock at the door last night and that was when i was in the shower so missed the halloween fun lol managed to knit a lil yest and plan on doin some today as already washed up, put wash on and vacummed the whole house. i am having my hair done at 11 so thats gunna put me out a few hours :-( can u knit and have hair done...its white and gettin hair dyed....maybe not a brill mix?? happy 1st of the month all *dances* susie i never got bribed when having injections lol hope its painless buzy its damp and grey again here to, think we should ask for some loverly autumnish sun to bring the colours on the trees dani i know the time keeps running away with me, this baby blanket will be no good by the time i finished as the babt would be too old lol goose enjoy making every thing sparkley clean knittingporky ooooo xmas jumper :-)
  8. the_oracle_jennie

    Murky Monday

    morning all happy halloween :-) i have a day off!!!! *dances* hoepfully once done some housr stuff and popped to town and back i can knit along happily :-) its a grey day here too buzy hope u have a chill dau or relaxing day goose we have loads of kids round us but i think i plan on hiding also as i havent done any halloween stuff this year i did years ago and then no kids came and i was heart brooken. knittingporky enjoy knitting susie enjoy the halloween festivities buffy a knitted washing machine would be interesting *mind thinks* ut would grow when wet lol
  9. the_oracle_jennie

    Happy Saturday

    hello all :-) well work was hard last night for some reason everyone was moody and i realised i am not in the work clque as not invited out drinkin with them lol not that i would now anyway lol anyhu chillin before more work, didnt manage to knit anything yest and prob wont be able to today :-( grrrrrr wish i could knit more. cold today but less misty then has been hoep we all get some much needed knitting done (or corchet princessdiva) enjoy breaki buzy hope yarn lasts twinkle goose i love food shopping :-)
  10. the_oracle_jennie

    Songs to knit to

    love the knitting song lol *giggles* but i tend to have tele on as background really to knit to unless i get ingrossed on whats on tele like vampire diaries lol
  11. the_oracle_jennie

    Tipping It Down Thursday .....

    afternoon all lol feels like it i have been up for ages lol anyhu sorry not been on lately been busy since friday with work and then in brum til sunday thne was workin sunday night and monday evening as well as the last 2. so now i get to chill today before workin tomorrow and til monday again but then i am set for about 1 shift a week. i takin the hours they give me at the moment as there are limited hours :-( not managed to knit the last few days but plan to today woohoo :-) *dances* its grey and misty here today :-( makin tasty meatball pasta tonight cant wait lol
  12. the_oracle_jennie

    spider web

    Here is my first spider web attempt in crochet,it isn't grest hut once i try anothet one and a spider it shoyld be fine for knitting club Halloween theme. I am getting there with crochet
  13. the_oracle_jennie

    colinette slippers

    in the end i won, woohoo but they are too big for me :-( so if OH doesnt want them they will be sold with knitty cradt stuff in oct at fair with club :-) cant see them go to waste as took me a week to knit and in colinette yarns well i am chuffed i have learnt to pick up and knit stitches etc and make this is one piece :-)
  14. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Animal magic knitting challenge - DEADLINE NOV 11

    Here is my mister grumpy octopus. I crocheted him completely out my head.hope the pic is ok as used my phone Wow thete are some really awesome and complecated compositions of animals,well done
  15. the_oracle_jennie

    Craft your username :) closes October 22nd

    wow sounds a hard comp or i cant think but lovely entries :-)
  16. the_oracle_jennie

    Animal Challenge - closes 31st October

    dont know if this one will count it was entered into a village drawing comp recently (so not online) but being the youngest there and not an actual artist like the people who entered the comp i think i came in last :-( this is my (ex) old cat called gaffa
  17. the_oracle_jennie

    Sunny Saturday

    *hugs* @ marie i have always found the ladies on here to be wonderful and supportive no matter what, i hope u feel better soon hun xx
  18. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Animal magic knitting challenge - DEADLINE NOV 11

    aaaawwwwwww a baby mousie :-) right i have ideas in my head to try and hopefilly i can enter this one *bounces*
  19. the_oracle_jennie

    Sunny Autumn Sunday

    hello there all its cold and cloudy here today and yes i also love the autumn days off to telford to meet a freind and have a dvd day chilling with take out lol taking my animal compition ideas with me to see if it can get off the ground and hopefully i can entre this one :-) mmmm roast lamb...can i have some :-)
  20. the_oracle_jennie

    Sunny Saturday

    its very foggy and cold here so not sunny but autumny i prob wont get any knitting done today as workin again :-( but tomorrow i should be able to *dances* enjoy day all and breakfast lol
  21. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Animal magic knitting challenge - DEADLINE NOV 11

    awwww wow awesome entries well done :-)
  22. the_oracle_jennie

    Friday Comes Round Again

    well nan came out operation yest afternoon ok and grandad off to see her today. i am workin this evening and tomorrow so wont see her :-( but will get reports from him did some knitting yest i would say about 1/4 of the way through the blanket havent even thought on the compition yet :-( hope we are all ok today
  23. the_oracle_jennie

    Theraputic Thursday

    aaarrrgggghhh the cheek of the insulation people!!!! they just turned up when i specified an afternoon as i am busy most mornings or sleepin as workin nights or evenings, they turn up now and when i complained they said it will be a few hours of time. i have a driving lesson at 10.50 for an hour and NO i am not leaving them in the house alone for that amount of time...he grumbled and said he would rebook for me. well thats a day half wasted...o well knitting will calm me down i think hope we are all well and dandy on this grey day
  24. the_oracle_jennie

    Theraputic Thursday

    hehehehehe chatty thread today :-) well i am chilling a lil today, have a driving lesson then the insulation people here all afternoon so plan on knitting and chillin with catch up tele woohoo right better get some breakfast in me :-)
  25. the_oracle_jennie

    WIP Wednesday!

    thanks for nan posts lol anyway off to work now and hope tog et some knitting donw when i come back as that baby blanket for a freind wont do its self here is the bunting and spiders onn the table i did for knitting club before others put there bits on (rest pics on facebook) the quality of the pic isnt great as its my phone but u get the gist and i am soooo happy i followed the pattern to crochet the webs they look really good and i am chuffed