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  1. Debbie JK

    Low sales :((

    Hi Max, These events are so hit and miss honey. Make sure you let people know you have made everything yourself or put a sign on your stall saying as much. Sometime people think you are just selling mass produced jewellery instead of hand-made stuff. Best of luck Debs xx
  2. Debbie JK

    I made this for meeeeeee!!

    Gorgeous a real statement piece! Debs x
  3. Debbie JK

    Wire Cutters

    Also its worth filing the end of the head pin after you have cut it with a small needle file to make it smooth. Deb x
  4. Debbie JK

    Soldering jump rings

    Hi, I am a silversmith so always solder my jumprings in the traditional way. The syringe is good and easy but can dry up so ends up being a bit expensive. However solder strips are fiddly to apply to jumprings so paste is easier. Because the torch is not on the metal for long to solder the jumprings(very quick) it is possible to clean up the jumpring with fine sandpaper and then polish instead of pickling in some cases. However have looked at the video for this project and it does look like an easy way to solder jumprings. But if you are going to solder other stuff as well I would stick to traditional soldering and just use the paste. Rather than buy another epensive tool. Hope this helps? :-) Debs xx
  5. Debbie JK

    Pearl necklace and more :)

    Lovely sets, but the second one is a bit special love the crystals. Debs x
  6. Debbie JK

    Bail help....

    I would wire it on Gaynor. Be good for security as well :-) Debs xx
  7. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the lovely necklace I received in this months jewellery swap. The colours are gorgeous, will take a pic as soon as I get a minute. Thanks again Debs xxx
  8. I am glad you like it. I am glad it went to you :-) Debs xxx
  9. Debbie JK

    October Jewellery Swap RAK thanks to DebbieJK

    You are very welcome! Just realised I forgot to enclose the S.A.E!! Thats how long it is since I have done one. Sorry (Hangs head in shame). Love Debs xxx
  10. Debbie JK

    Pearl necklace help!!

    Because she said 'modern' pearls maybe do something a little different. I would associate a basic string of pearls with maybe old fashioned. Maybe thats why she said modern? You can buy some beautiful freshwater pearls in all shapes and sizes. Good luck, have fun Debs x
  11. Harrogate bead fair is the best I have been to. You can get loads of great stuff there. Go for it you will love it! Debs x
  12. Debbie JK

    First attempt ... at polymer clay beads

    Yep pictures attached and looking good. Well done Debs xx
  13. Debbie JK

    Some more new stuff from me :-)

    Get you!!! Designer flair here, love all of them :-) Debs xxx
  14. Debbie JK

    Glitter for fimo makes???

    You can but fimo with glitter already in it. How's that for easy? Lol Debs xx
  15. I got this gorgeous card and bracelet through the post yesterday. I have only just taken the bracelet off to take the picture :-) Thanks so much Caroline. You are so thoughtful and always there with a kind word. Thanks again Love Debs xx