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  1. knittynana

    Another bag and more .....

    Hi sue and Goose, thankyou very much for your advice, i got my needles sorted and even had a pair of 12mm in my bag, I am going to use mainly dk and one ball of chunky boucle,, how many strands of dk would i have to use on 12mm needles to get the chunky effect and will it work just on 12mm as i dont want to buy 10mm in case it doesnt!! I,ts really great having so much help at the press of a button, many thanks
  2. knittynana

    Another bag and more .....

    Hi Sue,, i am quite new to the forum and not very adventurous, but i want to try and knit your lovely bag. My question is , the bag looks like it is knitted with chunky wool but you give the wools used as 3ply, 4ply, and some dk.are the needles the thin 10mm and 12mm that are used for dk, and if so how does the end result look "chunky"? Sorry if i sound thick, but i couldnt make it out, i really love the bag and would be so pleased with myself if i did one , as well as using up some stash. thanks sue knittynana (pat)
  3. knittynana

    lots of little dresses

    hello sukes , i am new to the website , and have been looking at your gorgeous dresses you made for your grand daughter. i used to make a lot for my daughters but i got out of the habit of sewing , but you have inspired me to get the machine out and start again. well done !!
  4. knittynana

    Finished Cardie

    mollie, back again,, the wool shop i mentioned is called MADE, not MAKE, anyway, i typed in google stockists of the yarn and it came back as stocked in MADE,, and the pattern is by artisan,, so i will be there at the weekend to suss it out, thought you and other readers may be interested.
  5. knittynana

    Finished Cardie

    thanks mollie for the info about your cardi, we have a very good wool shop here in wallasey called MAKE , i am sure i will find it there , my star sign is Libra, same shade as the wool you used, so i just have to make it now. i am knitting a little jacket for my granddaughter at the moment in a yarn called splash by king cole ,, i have done one in lovely autumn colours and it knits up like fairisle, it looks really clever and complicated , but its not. will let you know how i get on.
  6. knittynana

    Finished Cardie

    hello mollie moppit! am new to the forum and i just love looking at everyones makes,, i loved your cardi, can you let me know what pattern and wool you used please , i would love to be ambitious and have a go,, i think its so unusual, and so well knitted, well done
  7. knittynana

    Wrap thingy!

    just love the wrap, you must have some patience, is the mag called BUZY? that you got the pin from and is it still on sale??
  8. knittynana

    Heres one I made earlier.

    hya suzie, have just looked at the picture of the matinee jacket, its lovely, so intricate, i cant follow a pattern like that, if i lost my place, i wouldnt be able to know where i had gone wrong, i would have to be in a room by myself with no one talking to me, well done !!
  9. knittynana

    sundress and a vintage bag

    hi Sukes, I am new to the forum and i love seeing other members makes, knitting or sewing, i loved your sundress, did you gather the top of the dress yourself ?, it looks very professional ,well done . I also just loved your vintage bag and you have inspired me to get my sewing machine out and make a bag,,as if i havent got enough bags already, but a girl can never have too many bags!! It,s good to get a bargain too as dress fabrics can be quite expensive.
  10. knittynana

    Special Delivery

    Tina,, that is so gorgeous, your so talented, well done, so professional,
  11. knittynana

    sooo soft

    hi Joanne,, it,s just lovely being a Grandma, i am Nana , i have Lily quite a lot to give my daughter and son in law a break , she is nearly two and such a delight to be around,, enjoy it, you,ll love it best wishes
  12. knittynana

    White Gypsy Skirt

    your skirt looks lovely for your hols, lets hope you get a chance to wear it during our English summer, it,s not looking very promising. i have been down your part of the country, its very pretty, my son lives in Stamford. I like playing golf too, have got very wet this year every time i go out, it rains . best wishes knittynana{pat}