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  1. Hi Everyone Yes i am still about!!! I am currently making myself very jealous looking at all the American craft rooms on utube - they are amazing But I came across this as an idea for arranging punches that I have copied with a very Cheap £3.99 shoe rack It works great Love Deve XXXX
  2. deve

    Has anyone got the new Grand Calibur.

    I wondered about the Grand Calibur myself as I like the thought of the bigger dies, then looked at the price, fell on the floor and then kissed my cuttlebug with an apology that I had thought about deserting it !! Although Sssshhhhhhhhhhhh I have heard a rumour that our favourite bug is getting a bigger manual friend to accomodate bigger dies! Hmmmmmm Still love my bug though! Deve XX
  3. deve

    Rupert cd rom mistakes!

    Well I spoke to customer service on Saturday and my complaint hasnt been logged, so I have been back onto them and asked to speak to head office as I dont think i will be the only one complaining when people realise !!! But really the quality is shocking, the cd rom is blurry, and basic doenst even describe it ... it had the potential to be lovely, after all Rupert is adored by many, but it looks like they got the licence and rushed this through as quick as possible, basic i accept,there is however no justifying spelling mistakes. Love Deve xx
  4. Hello my lovelies I am hoping this doesnt come under advertising or the not allowed bracket! I have just contacted Create and Craft - I bought the rupert Cd rom a few weeks past because my mum loves him - I have never been so dissapointed The quality is terrible, everything prints pixalated and not only that there are SPELLING MISTAKES!!! i cant believe it,did spell check not work ? I looked at six years so far and found FOUR spelling mistakes I realised that this is on EVERY CDrom, not just mine, because that is just basic error and you cant have that, unfortunately its not changeable text either! I am gutted, its a special birthday of my mums this year and i was really looking forward to presenting her with her favourite bear, as i was going to give her her the cd rom too oh well!!! Love DeveXX
  5. by INK!!! Whaddaya think I meant !!!! Had some alcohol inks and mixatives for about five months and they were gathering dust, I hadn't even tested them until today!!! Wowsers I have found some new toys, needless to say EVERYTHING is covered!!! Luckily poochie saw liquidy stuff and made a swift exit, glitter is one thing, being dyed red pepper and raseberry is another !!! I am making what I call stock cards, simple makes that are for every occasion because I seem to be low! Also some christmas cards which is bizarre at Easter, but saves at least a couple of hours mad panic 24th December!! But I may be going back to my alco inks to make some jam jar waspinators and citronella candle holders for the garden, lets just hope I dont get the inks mixed up with the wine, I don't want to be at the doctors tommorrow with a blue tongue, i could give him a heart attack !! Hope you have all had a good couple of days Love DeveXX
  6. deve

    My Tidy Craft space

    wowie Zowie !!!! me likey a LOT!!!! I love your new Shelf unit - STill in love with the Black plastic and rainbow boxes myself! - see how it all fits in and coordinates and looks soooo delicious !! I am green with envy me dear !!! love Devexx
  7. deve

    My Tidy Craft space

    wowie Zowie !!!! me likey a LOT!!!! I love your new Shelf unit - STill in love with the Black plastic and rainbow boxes myself! - see how it all fits in and coordinates and looks soooo delicious !! I am green with envy me dear !!! love Devexx
  8. deve

    Hello me lovelies!!!

    no, i didnt craft because I just couldnt get started so I had my cuppa, walked the dog and then zumba'd the night away !!! NOW i have the ideas, and I am too exhausted !! haha ha !!! tis life! love DeveXX
  9. I dont know what to do with myself, I have had all morning and most of the afternoon to myself and I just cant settle into doing anything !!!! I was really looking forward to having a days uninterrupted craft and I just cant seem to settle and start !! Think i will make a cuppa and then force myself to sit at my desk and see if anything happens ! oh what a palaver !!! love Devexx
  10. deve

    What a glorious day !!

    Well I havent got much crafting done, then realised I had to make several cards for tommorrow, in the last few minutes!!! Poochie is still snoozing, although she has one ear listening waiting for the sound of her treat tin opening ! I Love DeveXX
  11. What a lovely day it has been today, I have had my poochie out for a good long walk, fed and watered her and she is now unconcious at the open conservatory door !! I have even put off the hoovering incase I wake the sleeping beauty !! I have done the washing, forgot the ironing and am now going to sit down with a nice cuppa and some crafting! Ahhhh bliss, i would love to say I can hear the birds singing outside, but all i can hear are rather loud snores from the doggie lump of fur at the door !!! Love DeveXX
  12. deve

    Hello hello hello !!!!

    awwww thank you lovely ladies Yes I found the tin, normal poochie service resumed !!!! I wish it was a craft room ! At the moment its just a pile of boxes spilling out of a corner of my bedroom, hence the tidy up !!! Its amzing what you find ... I even found a hairbrush underneath it all, so at least I look a little more presentable and less like a wild banshee off the hills, I was beginning to scare the kids at school, just that little bit too much! Oh well off to glitter me pooch, i mean my card oops ! love Devexx
  13. deve

    Hello hello hello !!!!

    Aaaawwww bless both your cotton socks !!!
  14. deve

    craft area re-organization

    I love love love the black plastic frame with the rainbow drawers, however if one drawer breaks, you cant replace where as that wooden one is just shelves and you can replace the boxes if needs be ! But I do love those rainbow drawers !!! love Deve XX
  15. Just thought i would let you know I do read all the messages, but havent been posting - How rude does that make me ! Anyway I am still alive and breathing, and i can just about see the top of my desk once more as I was inspired to clean my crafty area after seeing how wonderful all yours were ! ITS TAKEN WEEKS !! I thought it would only be a couple of days, but once I started I havent been able to stop, and I have found that once I start one area, it has lead on to starting another and another !!! My Dog isnt happy because underneath all the old or the new boxes ( Im not sure where) is her box of doggie treats I keep so she comes and keeps me company, yes, I resort to Bribery !!!! But all my rubber stamps have been taken off the wooden blocks and are now stored neatly in CD cases inside a CD rack box that holds 30 cd cases, two of these boxes have been filled already, but what a lot of space I have cleared by just getting rid of the wooden mounts which havent gone to waste as they will be going in the chimnea !! But the cd cases actually came from my CD's which have now gone into a set of those CD books which hold 240 cds - so the jewel cases havent gone to waste ! I am trying to condense all my gear into better storage so I gain some space back - I am going to be moving back on my own soon and as I cant afford a big place, things have to compact ! My Dvds are getting the same treatment and will be taken out the plastic casing and popped into a dvd case, it keeps them out of sight anyway - not sure if I can reuse these cases as I cant get rid of the circle bit like yu can in cd jewel cases and make them flat so I think a trip to the recycle centre with these !! See how a job leads to another - I havent even started on organising my papers yet, but I better find that doggie tin first looking at the miserable poochie sat next to me ! love Deve XX