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  1. pinkbead

    Gold wire wrapping beads

    they are gorgeous !! i think they will make lovely pendants or even great keyrings
  2. pinkbead

    And a few more Lampies!!!!!

    gorgeous makes, the red and white ones remind me of strawberry swirl cheesecake yum yum !
  3. pinkbead

    More button makes (hope I'm not boring you all now, lol)

    they are stunning makes, i love button jewellery but then i have a thing for buttons lol x
  4. pinkbead

    The winners of my Insect Inspired Challenge are.........

    congratulations everyone there was some truely gorgeous makes in this challenge x
  5. pinkbead

    a new bangle and some help needed

    that bracelet is stunning !! sorry I haven't a clue what you should charge for it. not sure where you can get those crimps, have you tried ebay ?? pam x
  6. for the gorgeous selection of beads and findings you sent to me for being one of the winners of your challenge, you have been very very generous and i can't wait to use them up many thanks, pam x
  7. pinkbead

    Thankyou Shirley (golfer)

    p.s meant to say i love the card you made too it is beautiful x
  8. pinkbead

    Display solution

    Just thought i'd share my idea with you all, i have been struggling for ideas on how to disply some of my cheaper necklaces at an up coming fayre, i didn't want to have to take up precious table top space as i want to display my busts with my better jewellery on and i didn't want it to look cramped and messy, Floor standing diplays are very expensive and out of my price range so i come up with the idea of using an artists easel with a cork notice board (which i think i will cover with fabric) on it. i found an easel in the works book shop for just £7.99 and i have to say it works really well. i will up load some pics when i go to the fayre to show you all how it looks. pam x
  9. stunning entries from everyone !! Hennie, i love that snail he's so cute
  10. pinkbead

    Wedding Challenge winners

    Thankyou everyone and thankyou golfer for choosing my entry as one of the winners, everyones entry was so fab so big well done to everyone pam x
  11. pinkbead

    First fayre coming up

    I have just booked a table at my sons nursery summer fayre, It will be my first selling jewellery (i have done a few selling soaps) I'm not sure what to expect as we only live in a small village, I'm a little nervous to be honest lol so any tips on displays or anything really would be greatly appreciated x
  12. pinkbead

    Wedding Challenge (closing date 30th June)

    wow that cake is stunning !!
  13. lovely makes, this is going to be a tough one to judge i think i'm so glad it's not me who has to do it !! lol
  14. pinkbead

    Wedding Challenge (closing date 30th June)

    gorgeous entries, i too am glad i'm not judging this one !! here's my entry. It's a set intended for the bride to wear on her special day. i have used rose quartz as this is said to be a true love stone (amongst other things) and fire polished cystals as i think they have such a lovely sparkle to them
  15. some great entries here, especially love the ladybird lampwork beads and the cake looks very scrummy !! here's my entry, it's my first go at this style of charm bracelet and i love it so much i have been wearing every day since making it a couple of weeks ago
  16. pinkbead

    First fayre coming up

    thanks for the advice, i will deffinately be taking my business cards and i have some fliers too. Also i really like the idea of having some items in gift boxes (like my pandora style bracelets) got a couple of weeks now to make sure i've got enough stock x
  17. pinkbead

    first ever beaded flower!

    that's stunning hun, i can't wait to see the whole thing
  18. pinkbead

    Question about wire

    i don't really use wire but i have read somewhere that if you put tape (can't remember if it was masking tape or electrical tape) around the jaws of the pliers that this helps prevent scratching, hope this hass helped pam x
  19. pinkbead

    I found this on the beach!

    that's gorgeous hun, i love shell jewellery x
  20. pinkbead

    Reporting on my first sale today

    great news, well done x
  21. pinkbead

    Makes from a newbie

    they are all gorgeous makes, i love them all
  22. pinkbead

    Gold and Olive wire knitted,crochet cuff

    that's stunning well done x
  23. pinkbead

    Charm Bracelet- my first ever jewellery make

    stunning make, can't believe it's your first go !!
  24. pinkbead

    A few makes from me

    haven't posted in a while (sorry) i have been lurking though lol. I lost my mojo for a while but now the sun is out i think it might be back !! so here are a few makes i have done over the past few days, hope you like them (the second pic is a childs bracelet)