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  1. WOW!! What great entries.. Thanks for hosting this challenge. This is my entry:- It's an Easter basket which I've done for my cousin.Hope that she will like it.I painted the egg myself and decorated the basket with roses. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Happy Easter Erica xxx
  2. wow what amazing entries !!!! :bug: can overseas members participate ??Thanks Erica xxx
  3. ericadingli

    CLOSED ~ Easy as One Two Three Challenge ~ CLOSED

    can overseas members enter this challenge?
  4. ericadingli

    Things for boys - Winner

    congrats.. its a great gift for a boy well done!!
  5. ericadingli

    Spring Challenge Winners

    thanks alot !! well done Papercate and Knittingqueen i really liked your entries, gorgeous, beautiful & original
  6. ericadingli

    things for boys closing date 19:00 7th March 2011

    here is my entry.. I've just made this card for my uncle!! I forgot that his birthday was next week!! hope you like it.. Erica xxx If overseas cannot enter, tell me so i will remove it.Thanks..
  7. ericadingli

    things for boys closing date 19:00 7th March 2011

    can overseas enter? sorry for bothering, when is the closing date?? thanks for hosting this challenge and welcome to this amazing site!! Erica xxx
  8. ericadingli

    Spring challenge closes 28th Feb

    This is my entry.I made this card for my granny for her birthday which is next month. it's great because it can be folded easily and posted ;although the post is quite expensive!! Soo good luck everyone I really like your entries!! Erica xxx
  9. ericadingli

    [CLOSED] Simply Stamped Challenge - March 20th

    can overseas enter?
  10. ericadingli

    Fairytale Challenge - Papercraft - CLOSED

  11. ericadingli

    Spring challenge closes 28th Feb

    Are overseas members welcome? Thanks alot golfer for hosting this challenge.. Erica xxx
  12. sorry for my late entry can i enter?? i had a test and i didn't have time to go on the pc here is my entry...
  13. how do you enter?? thanks and overseas members are allowed to enter?? thanks erica xxx
  14. ok.. I will choose one of my crafts.. good luck to all Erica xxx
  15. can over seas members enter?? if yes, can we do more than 1 entry.. thanks erica xx