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  1. Im so sorry Ive not been around. My laptop blew up and am waiting for work to get me a new one. Ive been browsing using an iphone, but I find it so painfully small and impossible to type long messages. DH has left his laptop behind today so I have a day of browsing in luxury!!! Hope everyone is well and Im going to enjoy looking through everyones makes. Hope you are all bust preparing for the Christmas rush. Good luck to those of you doing craft fairs and parties xxxx
  2. charlienics

    Huge thank you MT

    WOW! I love the stamps you sent me for the holiday challenge prize. Needless to say, Freya, my daughter, has had the first play with them as soon as they arrived! They are gorgeous and perfect for our little craft emporium! Thank you so much. I will get round to taking a photo as and when my laptop decides to play nice!!! xx
  3. charlienics

    Back from holiday and just thought I'd say Hi :)

    SOunds like heaven! Glad you had a good time., but even better to have you back x Happy bead time !! xxx
  4. Wow! They are fantastic. I have just bought a watch face and have had a blank with what to do with it....you have really inspired me. Thanks. Welcome to the forum xx
  5. charlienics

    Some fantastic news.

    Thats fantastic news. COngratulations x
  6. charlienics

    More pandora style makes

    Fab! As always xx
  7. charlienics

    Sorry not around much...

    Sorry to hear that Dee. My sil is currently going through the same, but she is refusing to go back to the doctor. At least you have made a very big step in the right direction. I do hope things improve for you soon. Sending huge hugs xxxx
  8. charlienics

    Just HAD to get LLB

    Those are fabulous. Such gorgeous papers and patterns and the templates look great. Can't wait to see what you create.
  9. charlienics

    I caught my neighbours burglar !!

    Tee hee! Ooopppssssss. How brave of you to want to catch him in the first place!! What a fab neaighbour you are. Hope your neighbours find your story as good as we do! x
  10. I have voted and Id like to enter this one please x Very nervous, but I'll give it a go!
  11. charlienics

    Thank you sooo much Maritrez

    How exciting and how lovely of MT. Enjoy x
  12. charlienics

    My niece's new baby's sweater

    Gorgeous! And perfect for the fast approaching winter x
  13. charlienics

    one for today

    Beautiful. Lovely colour xx
  14. charlienics

    Threading advice needed...

    I too have often wondered what they use too Bev. Glad you've done the research for me! Look forward to hearing your reviews of it x
  15. charlienics

    A few more makes

    Wow. beautiful. I love the heart pendant - really stunning. Never seen those before. Great makes xx