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  1. squeakiemouse

    My First Ever Socks!

    I have been knitting for 30+ years but have never been brave enough to try socks in the round. My hubby bought me some knitpro Dreamz for christmas so had to give them a go. I think I have a new passion
  2. squeakiemouse


    Wednesday used to be my study day and I could use it to do HW but my MIL says I should use it for me! So I am planning to use today to knit. Hope you have better luck finding your sewing machine Eliza. Goose have a good day with your hook. Our weather is bright and cold but I'm still not going outside
  3. squeakiemouse


    Start of a full week back at work and I think the children think they are still on holiday! Su2ie, as a student, you can get low cost software from a company called "software for students" We used it for DD when she needed specific software and the savings were quite substantial. Loved the comment that 75 year olds can't knit because they forget things. Most of the knitters that I know, in that age bracket, knit from memory and don't need patterns! My sewing machine was a second hand one that my mum bought me. I know it laughs at me, with manic glee, every time I take it out. I would love to be able to quilt but get my self tied in knots whenever I've tried it. I too have quite a few projects on the go but tonight I am going for sock knitting and some Silent Witness. Hope everyone else is safe and warm inside.
  4. squeakiemouse


    After a damp start it has brightened up and dried out a bit, here in central Scotland. We have definitely had it easier, weather-wise, than most. Hubby was back to work today but I am off till Thursday, so plan to do some washing, catch up on some TV and carry on with the socks I am knitting. Hubby gave me some Knitpro Dreamz for Christmas and I am now onto the foot section of my first ever sock! Goose I take vit D supplements as my levels are low. They helped with the tiredness but the decrease in muscle and joint pain was also a bonus. Su2ie enjoy your time before going back to college. What are you studying?
  5. squeakiemouse


    Thanks everyone. I had the carpal tunnel ops in Jan and March and they were both successful. Not being able to knit or crochet drove me nuts! I did a psychology degree K & F. I did my last project on the male experience of knitting!
  6. squeakiemouse


    It's been quite a while since I posted here (4+ years) though I have lurked when I have had the chance. My knitting time had been drastically reduced, between doing a degree, carpal tunnel syndrome (in both hands) as well as arthritis, at one point I had to give it up completely. Now that I have completed my degree and had both hands operated on, earlier this year, I am getting back into knitting and crochet big time. Look forward to chatting and catching up with you all. Pauline
  7. squeakiemouse

    Farm themed Blanket

    Thank you to everyone for all your help. I may have a go at designing some motifs myself later on but DD has decided to go with the four seasons blanket. One trip to lys and my living room now looks like it has been yarn bombed! Now have to teach her how to do intarsia.
  8. squeakiemouse

    Farm themed Blanket

    Love the crochet blanket but I need it in a knitting pattern. DD saw the Debbie Abrahams "In the country" mystery blanket and has decided that that is what she wants to make for a pregnant friend. Unfortunately the pattern is not available. I have trawled the internet yesterday afternoon - but to no avail. I know there must be something out there, I just don't seem to be looking in the right place.
  9. squeakiemouse

    Farm themed Blanket

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a farm themed blanket pattern that can be knitted in separate squares. Can anyone recommend a pattern/book or advise a source that I can check out. Many thanks in advance. Pauline
  10. squeakiemouse

    circular needles

    Addi do short circulars(30 cm) for socks. THey are quite tighgt to start with but get much easier as you go along.
  11. squeakiemouse

    Fine Weather Thursday

    What an evening I have had and it's all GOOOOOOOD!!! I have finished my last assignment for my ou module: cue happy dance :lol: :lol: Still have an exam to do but I will face that when the time comes, and now that I have figured out how toget the computer to read the book to me I can study and knit at the same time. yipeeeee!!!!! I am now going to sit down with a glass of wine, a bourbon cream (No chocolate in the house unfortunatly) and the pait of fingeless gloves I am currently working on and watch some Shark. Hope you feel better Su2ie and good luck to all those on the school run tomorrow morning.
  12. Thanks su2ie, I was so happy I did a little dance round the table! My DS wanted to know what I had won and when I told him I didn't know, he commented that it would probably be more wool and where was I going to put it! He grows more like his father everyday I am planning to do the scarf in the galexy sparkle wool that you did yours in, with a hat and fingerless gloves as a "C" present for a friend daughter. I think the sparkles will look really good on it. squeakiemouse
  13. Love the cardigan and the vibrant colour, Maritrez. I've knitted it and dont' remember there being any corrections, though I may have followed what I thought should have been done rather than what the pattern tells you to do! Goose the tea cosy is amazing, the owls are so cute.
  14. squeakiemouse

    Silent Sunday!!!

    We don't get the BH in Scotland. Boo! Hiss! Though I shouldn't complain I have just gone back to work after 7 weeks school holiday. Enjoy yours though and think of me slaving away in a very hot classroom.
  15. squeakiemouse

    Silent Sunday!!!

    Just finished my tea, pot roast and all the trimmmings, and having a sit down before I head back to it. I will be glad to see the back of it and then it will be revision for my first exam in almost 30 years. Oh! That makes me sound sooooo ooooold, I'm not really, only 45! I have figured out how to make my computer read the books to me so I can knit and revise at the same time. Not sure how that willl work but knitting definitly de-stresses me.