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    A few miles north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
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    Reading, Beading, Reading Beading Books. . . there's a theme here ;-)
  1. Be A Darling Helen

    Uber sparkly kumihimo bracelet

    Thank you ladies :-)
  2. Be A Darling Helen

    My latest makes

    More lovely work Marie, well done on your first sale :-) I use 2mm crimp tubes mostly, as I find them very secure xx
  3. Be A Darling Helen

    Japanese braiding and more lampies!!!

    I totally echo what MT said :cheese: xx
  4. Be A Darling Helen

    A coupe of my new pieces

    No criticism here either, they're all gorgeous :-) xx
  5. Be A Darling Helen

    New One or Two!!

    Beautiful work Ronnie :-) xx
  6. Be A Darling Helen

    Broken finger FIXED! Back at the flame...

    Fabulous work Dee, love 'em, so glad to hear your finger has mended :-) xx
  7. Be A Darling Helen

    turquise and brown set

    Utterly scrumptious Chris :-) x
  8. Be A Darling Helen

    newbie sharing latest make

    They're gorgeous Hazel, love a bit a bling too :-) Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing more of your makes ;-) xx
  9. Be A Darling Helen

    My FIRST jewellery makes :-)

    What a gorgeous array of goodies Dawn! You do realise that you're at the start of a beautiful addiction now don't you ;-) xx
  10. Another beautiful make Marie, you and Jade really have an eye for jewellery making :-) xxx
  11. Be A Darling Helen

    Jade's makes from tonight

    Well done Jade, you're doing brilliantly with your jewellery making, I'm so glad you and your mum are enjoying yourselves so much and you're making such beautiful things, love Helen xxx
  12. Be A Darling Helen

    Help finding a bead :)

    You could try making your own with fimo or similar :-) x
  13. Be A Darling Helen

    Help finding a bead :)

    It does make sense but I can't think of anywhere you might get one, I'll keep my eyes open for you :-) x
  14. Be A Darling Helen

    Help finding a bead :)

    Can't say I've ever come across one sorry Louise, loads of 3 hole spacers though, can you post a pic darlin' x
  15. Be A Darling Helen

    Best bead sales

    That's true, in fact there are at a least a couple of discount codes in the Little Book of Shopping that came with this months MJ mag