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  1. suzymax

    Friday Fun Day!

    Late morning all! Have managed to do a little bit of ironing this morning but have had to stop and have a cuppa and a sit down. totally chuffed by the fact that I only have 5 more presents to get for people and one of those include a birthday present. Its my work xmas do tonight and I can't wait, although the dancing will be at a minimum for me with the crutch but hey ho! Progress is slow on the lace scarf from SK but thats more down to me not being very quick with the pins more then anything else! Hope your meeting goes ok Su2ie. Thinking of setting one up in the village as the closest one in 23 miles away and I am sure that there will be a few knitters who are on their own like me. Enjoy your day everyone.
  2. suzymax

    finally its thurdays day of fun???

    Morning all! Oh dear Natalie it sounds like you have been through the mill a few times. I hope everything gets sorted in time for Christmas! Going to go for a little walk around the estate today and will try not to use my crutch but will take it just in case. Then i will go to Tamworth for some retail physiotherapy! One question, has anyone else got cats that are acting out of the ordinary? For the past few days my cats have been running round the house like kittens when normally they would go straight to sleep after breakfast. Max is on his back playing with a toy mouse! He looks so cute.
  3. suzymax

    yarn forward or yarn over, are they the same?

    Thanks guys! I will let you know how I get on.
  4. Posted this earlier on the wrong forum so apologies to the administrator people. I have tried several times to do this lace scarf pattern but am having great difficulties. You initially cast on 57 stitches and the first row reads as follows. *P2, yon, sl1, K1, psso, K5, K2tog, yf; rep from * to last 2 stitches then P2. I am ok with what each one means but have been unsuccessful with finding the correct way to yon from purl to knit and also yf after k2tog followed by purl stitches. I have looked on youtube and the letsknit videos but am still confused. Is yf the same as yo or yrn? Help! I really want to make this scarf!
  5. Hi there peeps, Having a problem with a pattern for a lace scarf. The pattern calls for yon after 2 purl stitches followed by a sl 1 and K1. I have looked on youtube and have found a video for that. The pattern then calls for K2tog then yf to P2. I have found a video for yf before K2tog but not after and before purl stitches. How do you do it. I have been trying since the weekend to get it right and am starting to get frustrated. Does anyone know of any videos or can anyone instruct me on how to do it?
  6. suzymax

    Cerulean Fashion Show

    It looks fab, I can't wait to finish my other projects to get started on mine. I love the colour!!! Well done!!!
  7. suzymax

    What project are you working on?

    I am working on a tunic in sirdar click DK, i also have 2 scarves on the pins too. One for my FIL and one for my MIL. Although i had to frog the tunic and this is my second attempt at it. Fingers crossed.
  8. suzymax

    2nd Havana - the blighters are breeding!

    That would look really sweet, 3 generations in hand knits!
  9. suzymax

    2nd Havana - the blighters are breeding!

    Well done Annie, that looks wonderful. I bet you are really proud of it! Especially as sometimes a second project is not as enjoyable as the first time round. You must really like it to want to try a 3rd.
  10. suzymax

    Superb Sunday!

    The cardi sounds lovely! And nearly done. Pity you didn't get another cupcake though. Hope you manage to get the sewing up done. What have you got planned next?
  11. suzymax

    Superb Sunday!

    OOH Annie, you are about to hit 200 posts!!! Wonder if you get another cupcake. Well done on finishing the sleeve. What are you making? How much more do you have to do?
  12. suzymax

    Superb Sunday!

    Morning all! Bit cloudy here in Leicestershire, was meant to be going to the World Superbikes at Doninington today but its a bit expensive, £45 pp not including any food or drinks. So OH has gone for a bike ride and i am going to be doing housework and then some uni work (maybe) but will find time for some knitting. Can't wait to see your shrug Su2ie, I was checking it out in Lets knit and i think it will look fab. Enjoy your day
  13. suzymax

    Sensational Saturday

    Thanks for that Su2ie. May have to have a go at that at some point. My brother has just sent me photos of my nieces. They are growing up so quick!
  14. suzymax

    Sensational Saturday

    Jake is a lovely name. How heavy was he when he was born. My nieces are finally over the stone mark and they are 4 months old now. The body warmer sounds a perfect knit, quick and easy. Can i ask what cerulean is? Never heard of it and it sounds interesting. OH is going to go the chip shop for his tea and get me a bag of chips as i plan to have a peppered quorn steak. Yum!! Watching Murray at the minute. Has inspired me to have a go on Wii sports after he has finished his match.
  15. suzymax

    Tea Potty!!!!

    They are wonderful! So cute yet functional! Well done busy