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    thankyou everyone for all the help. I can now finish off my daughters jacket and then start on my other two unfinished topics. am on a mission at the minute as want to get the things dealt with before the summer holidays. like most of you i have a stash of wool which i am gradually working through. I use to knit years ago and then too many other things got in the way. last february I decided to start again as i spend so much time waiting around for my daughter at, dancing, swimming etc. so all my items come form waiting around time. I love all the aspects to each piece apart from like many the tension squares and to be truthful the finished product until about a month afterwards and then i start to like it again. I have just done a few items from the midas touch rowan catalogue. the venus tunic which I made longer into a dress in the gold. then the other day i went to a place called emmaus and managed to bag myself 6 up to date RY books. he was only charging me £1 for each so i gave him £15 for all of them, (Emmaus is a charity for those who find living in our society difficult) as they are that much each anyway. so I have plenty to go one with. I am still obsessed with buying more and more wool though. then of course three months ago i discovered kemps wool and that was it. Just where can you store all these things. I have evn got enough wool to make a coat for this coming year. Right off now to do jobs. Having an endoscopy this afternoon which will be good for the waist line. take care all . I am going to get my son to teach me how to use this ofrum properly if he ever stays in for more than two mins that is. x
  2. janelizbeth

    lets knit march 09 janey

    you absolute angel what a star thankyou so muuuuuuuuuuuuuch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. janelizbeth

    What do you hate most about knitting?

    I hate losing my pattern when all i have to do is one silly neck line arhhhh
  4. janelizbeth

    lets knit march 09 janey

    sorry to be so repetative. have not quite got the hang of the forum yet. i wondered if anyone has the lets knit march as i have just lost it. i am knitting the teenagers short jacket and all i need to do is the neck line has anyone got the instructions for the smallest size please
  5. janelizbeth


    how do i get to knitty please
  6. janelizbeth


    has anyone got march 09 lets knit magazine please
  7. janelizbeth

    please could someone help

    thankyou am i not on the right bit then or is it a general free for all. not too hot on this kind of thing, a bit like looking after my patterns
  8. janelizbeth

    please could someone help

    I have been knitting the teenages short jacket from a couple of months age and have finished it all apart from the neck. I took my daughter swimming and have lost the magazine. has anyone got the very last lot of instructions for the neckline smallest size. it was the time the magazine had the gree wool to knit a bag or a little doll etc. hope some one can help jane