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  1. victorialouise27

    Child's mittens

    Finished! So that's one off the WIP list! I think they look nice in stripes (in the round) but they got a bit fiddly round the thumb with a lot of ends to sew in. I think also they'll be a bit long in the hand, but that will all add to the fun of the little chap being able to make his fingers disappear. I didn't know how old he was when I was making them, turns out that he's about 18 months, so he might have to grow into them! Victoria x
  2. victorialouise27

    My Creations

    All my new year's intentions of keeping a project list and not starting new things...... Here are all my WIPs: A pair of child's mittens for a friend of my sister, who was entranced by the way sis's fingers kept disappearing up inside the mittens I made her for Christmas. Surprise socks - I don't like the way these are turning out so might rip them back and do something different. Started them for a train journey to London when I needed something small to carry. Hot water bottle cover - using the yarn I recovered from a child's aran jumper I'd started but got bored with. Beanie hat - needed something small to take to Spain a couple of weeks ago. Scrappy blanket - you've seen this before but its now quite a bit bigger - I took it to Spain as well as the beanie hat because I wanted something I could do if my hands were a little less than spotless. Then there's the cowl, which I was going to take to Spain but it need a bit of tweaking with needle sizes so I've kept it here (haven't actually started it yet) and the cable jumper which is all lined up ready go to as a treat for when my spring cleaning is done :-P Finally, I have a crochet blanket on the go, nearly finished, there's no pic of it here as it's so beautiful I want it to be a surprise! Happy knitting everyone Victoria x
  3. victorialouise27

    Bargain Purple Hat

    Looks gorgeous! I can't walk past a Hobbycraft..... Good luck with the challenge. Victoria x
  4. victorialouise27

    It's Magic

    Aw Michelle that's so clever - well done you. I'd love to have a go at something like this but I don't know what I'd use it for, maybe a cushion cover. Thank you for the web link - I checked out the video of the da Vinci paining (Lady With Ermine or something like that) and its astonishing. Not just the technical wizardry of the illusion knitting but the expression on her face. I was lucky enough to be treated to a visit to the da Vinci exhibition in London and remember the painting very well - this chap has got her expression absolutely spot on, which must be very difficult to do with knitting instead of paint. Proper masterpiece. As indeed is yours Michelle, what a fantastic clever foray into this weird world. Victoria x
  5. victorialouise27

    Stash Busting

    I've not heard of the Zhu Zhus but the little pet and bag look so cute! Lovely makes :-) Victoria x
  6. victorialouise27

    Baby Ugg boots

    Wow, they've come out really well :-) Hollie will love and adore them. Victoria x
  7. victorialouise27

    My LK Sherberts, and FEB makes.

    Fantastic stuff - and a winner in there too! My favourites are the little sherbet socks, they are adorable and such lovely colours. Victoria x
  8. victorialouise27

    LK Sock challenge - deadline 1st March

    Oh wow Michelle, they are totally fabulous. And 2AAT - fantastic! Victoria x
  9. victorialouise27

    LK Sock challenge - deadline 1st March

    Ooh K&F, they look sooooooo cosy-comfy :-) Victoria x
  10. victorialouise27

    1-ball dilemma

    What about a shawl/wrap? You could use biggish needles and an open stitch (suggest 3 rows ordinary garter stitch then row 4, you wrap the yarn round the needle twice, then on the first row of the 3 garter stitch rows, you just drop one of the loops and you get a great bit stitch) and have plenty on a ball for a whole wrap. It can get a bit frustrating working out how many stitches to cast on though! Good luck with the project. Victoria x
  11. victorialouise27


    Oh Su2ie, it's really, really lovely. Victoria x
  12. victorialouise27

    Aaron's Shawl Cardigan

    Very smart! Well done for sticking with it, it's a fab piece of work. Victoria x
  13. victorialouise27

    Candy jumper - well, ish!

    Absolutely beautiful K&F. Lovely colour, looks so snuggly, really wonderful. Storage tip - the big plastic zipped bags that some pillows come in! I'd offer you mine but it's in use %-P already with stuff I've made! Victoria x
  14. victorialouise27

    3 Triceratops teddies

    Wow. What a fabulous project. Very much look forward to seeing the finished dinos Victoria x
  15. victorialouise27

    LK Sock challenge - deadline 1st March

    Wow hannonie, these are fantastic. I've never seen such a construction, I love it! Victoria x