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    Knitting, cross stitch, cooking, writing. I play the piano and viola and used to sing in a band many moons ago.
  1. Juliebubs

    Sensational Saturday!

    Morning all! Buzy, I felt rotten too this morning - my DH had to fetch me painkillers in bed before I could even contemplate getting out of bed! I have so much to do today too! Alex is off to a party tomorrow so have to go out for a present and card, have to get groceries and pay some bills. We have friends over for dinner tonight (grown-ups! Real grown-up conversation! Yey!) but DH said he would cook, bless him, by that he means he'll order Chinese! Nearly finished the back of my Just Bamboo top - I'm racing through it as I'm aching to wear it, the colour is Oriental Blue and I have the perfect cream dress trousers and white wedges to go with it. I had a delivery of silver beads today - feeling inspired to give it a try as it didn't look too daunting in the LK mag! I live just around the corner from Kemps shop so I may have to pop in again today! They have Wendy 100% wool for 99p and some beautiful alpaca. I'm thinking of starting Christmas presents, gloves and socks with it. They have a bargain bin too and I love rummaging through that. I got some Eco Wool in grey for 59p last time! Will make a lovely hat for my wee boy. Have a great day everyone! xx
  2. Juliebubs

    Happy Friday

    Dietgirl - It's not so bad camping as the girls are 16 and 14, then we have Alex who'll be 5 by the time we go away. It was great last year as we went to Haven at Mablethorpe and there was plenty for them to do, especially as their ages are all out of sync. The girls just went off and done whatever teenage girls do and my wee boy just wanted to play footy and frisbee, ride on the free train and follow the characters around! It was awfully expensive though and pretty "pushy" - we had to walk through an amusement arcade just to get to the centre of the resort where all the shops and pool was. Anyhoo, I'm digressing! It's really not that bad - we are definitely getting an electrical hook up this year though and staying away from the more commercial sites. (Off to Castle Howard in Yorkshire) My little one tended to play all day and wear himself out so settling him at night was pretty easy! Knit&flee; - My problem is I hardly ever pace myself - it's difficult as when you're having a good day, the temptation to launch into all the stuff that needs doing is too much! I'm off to see a specialist on 17th July, so maybe I might get some advise on the pacing! Do you ever suffer from "mind fog"? I find this extremely hard to cope with - I'm like a 36 yr old with senility sometimes, it's awful. The worst thing I've ever done is take my medications twice in 2 hours as I'd forgotten about the first dose. Now I write them down and DH (bless him, he's wonderful!) keeps an eye on me!
  3. Juliebubs

    Happy Friday

    Kemp's is my local yarn shop! They have a huge sale on the moment too - I have Just Bamboo taking over the bedroom! Paton's Sorbet is only 79p too! The shop is fabulous - I could live in there! Staying home today, I'm feeling a bit icky with the ME (done far too much yesterday!) so I'm going to attempt the ironing with a seat and I'll hopefully finish the back of my Just Bamboo top. I've just started a lovely chunky jumper for DH as we're off camping (I know - mental!!) at the end of August and the mornings were pretty nippy last year. The girls and my wee boy already have plenty of warm woolies but I've never got round to finishing a nice one for DH. Wish me luck! Have a good day everyone - it's nearly the weekend! Yey! xx
  4. Juliebubs

    Think they need to invent a "Stasher's Anonymous"!

    Anniebabes - it was all on sale! I couldn't believe my luck! The same shop is still doing Just Bamboo for 89p! It was almost impolite not to buy loads! I love knitting toys too, especially Jean Greenhowe's lovely designs. It's a great stashbuster and my little lad is inundated with little animals!
  5. Juliebubs

    Think they need to invent a "Stasher's Anonymous"!

    I know exactly what you mean knit&flee;! I adore the warm glow you get when you've just replenished your stash, and I can't wait to have "just a little knit" of each and every one of them! My DH thinks I'm bonkers! (Doesn't mind when he gets all these lush one-off sweaters though!) Yes, RC7, there's always something behind the logic when I'm picking up me bargains! I do have some impossibles in there too though, usually the bright day-glo stuff and the hand spuns I've ferreted away. I read a great article in "The Knitter" where the lady called these her "Saffron stash" as her mother always had a jar of expensive saffron stashed in the kitchen, but couldn't bring herself to use it!
  6. Juliebubs

    Its Thursday Sleepy Heads!

    Happy anniversary Buzy! Well, I've been to see my lovely mam and presented her with the little knits for her dressing table and she was thrilled, feel all smiley inside now! :-) I actually forgot about Royal Ascot too, oh well! Just about to start tea - we're having chilli cheese wraps and onion rings. Does anyone else feel a bit miffed when they have to put the needles down and do proper mammy stuff? (Don't mention the ironing mountain in the spare room...!)
  7. Oops - I've gone and done it again! I found a twenty pound note in my jeans when I was doing the wash (Isn't it fantastic when that happens?) so I innocently popped into my local yarn shop to pay some off of my laid away yarn. I ended up walking out with Luxury Soft Cotton, Snowflake, Rowan Cotton Rope and Wendy 100% wool too, all bashed onto the credit card! What's wrong with me? I already have far too much on the needles and projects backed up to keep me busy until next June! Going to settle down now with a cappucino and my patterns and have a think...(Bliss... :red: )
  8. Juliebubs

    headband for my bezzie!

    It looks fab - love that pink!
  9. Juliebubs

    Rachael's Bow Top

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, you are all so nice! :-)
  10. Juliebubs

    Sun hat and felted bag

    Oh, what a cutie pie! Wish I had a little girl to knit for again. I think Alex would definitely object if I tried puttin him in frilly things! I love your makes, wish I had the patience for dpns! (I shudder at the mention of the word!) I'd love to make socks but I am terrified of the dpns! I've made the Sirdar Crofter socks but they only use two needles! I've never tried felting either - guess I know who I'll be bugging when I get round to that one too! :-) Hope your little one's nose heals fast but try not to worry - kids are pretty resilient and I've lost count how many times I've dusted off the Sudocrem and witch hazel!
  11. Juliebubs

    Rachael's Bow Top

    I really enjoyed making it, first time using circular needles too which was actually really easy!
  12. Juliebubs

    Rachael's Bow Top

    Hello everyone, I thought you might like to see the bow top I've just finished. My lovely daughter Rachael is the lucky recipient and model here. I made the top in Patons Smoothie DK (quite a nightmare to work with - very splitty!) But I think it was worth it as she's very happy! Happy knitting!
  13. Juliebubs

    Lacy Headband

    Yes the mag is fab! I love that there are all sorts of different projects in there and some are very quick! I'm not sure about Tesco but I'm certain you can get it in Asda. Speaking of quick projects, I'm currently racing through a Birthday set for my mam. I'm making her some stuff for her dressing table - a glasses case, a scented sachet, a bookmark and a soap sachet, all in baby pink with little bow embellishments. Her birthday is on Thursday! (Not much time! Agh! ) She's like the mam who has everything so I hope she likes them!
  14. Juliebubs

    Lacy Headband

    Hiya everyone, Just finished "Lacy" from LK and thought I'd share. I made it in Patons Washed Haze DK in Denim and it's more like a mauvy/grey colour and very soft. I've started one in white too!
  15. Juliebubs

    Lacy Headband - LK Issue 20

    Just knitted it up, following the rows and ignoring the fact that the row is missing and it works. Just a row number mistake I think. It's looking nice too! Going to whizz up a few now that the weather is warming up - they are very chic!