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  1. DarkAngelKnits

    LET'S KNIT - QUESTION OF THE MONTH (February 2014)

    We have a small collection of cuddly toys that have been hand-knitted which invariably gets added to every birthday, Christmas, Easter and Valentines. The favourite at the moment is cuddly bunnies, one is even getting his own holiday album this year!
  2. DarkAngelKnits


    My New Year's Resolution is always to use up a reasonable amount of my stash before I buy any more yarn.... New Year's Sales mean I don't tend to do very well
  3. DarkAngelKnits

    Discontinued Yarn SOS

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help, I was given some yarn by OH's cousin in the summer, it was from her OH's nan's stash as she had passed away so decided that I'd crochet him a scarf for Christmas using this yarn but I've run out with literally about 20 stitches to go! Does anybody possibly have half a ball to a ball of Emu Snowball in a sort of sage colour kicking about at all? I'd be more than happy to swap or pay for the yarn, otherwise I'm going to have to frog which I'd rather not do.
  4. He's so sweet Maritrez! Not like the evil ones we get round the hen house. Glad he's sticking to the Pepsi!
  5. DarkAngelKnits

    My new craft room :)

    It's so pretty! You lucky lady! X
  6. DarkAngelKnits

    granny squares help

    I feel really lazy reading all your posts! I have joining so have a tendency just to make one giant square in as many colours as possible.
  7. Denise, LOVE your minions! :-)
  8. DarkAngelKnits

    Count to 1,000,000

  9. DarkAngelKnits

    Embossing advice?

    A friend has recommended giving embossing a go as I've started stamping and just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. For a beginner what things are essential and what are not? Thanks D x
  10. DarkAngelKnits

    Count to 1,000,000

  11. DarkAngelKnits

    The New Word Association Thread

  12. DarkAngelKnits

    The Celebrity Name Game

    David Tennant
  13. DarkAngelKnits

    A to Z in Movies and TV

    Van Helsing
  14. DarkAngelKnits

    The fictional character name game

    Alice Kingsley
  15. DarkAngelKnits

    The Food Game

    Egg plant