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  1. Janiceloti

    back again too

    :-) Hi all I used to chat on this site regularly and enjoy the conversations on here, tips and such like. I don't know why , but I haven't been on here for a while, So I thought I should introduce myself again. I am an avid knitter, but I also enjoy other crafts such as card making and scrap booking. I also have been learning to spin over the last year or so, however after a fall last year I damaged my hand, so the amount of crafting I do has been scaled down. I live in Burton on Trent, in the midlands. My family; I have 3 sons, in their 20's,have all grown up and have moved out, and I live with my wonderful fella. I love playing my flute, and organise a small flute group looking forward to chatting with you all and taking part in events :-) Janice
  2. Janiceloti

    Here again :)

    Hello Beowulf I am returning to this site after a while, I have just read your post I am from Burton on Trent, not far away from you I hope you enjoy the site and the forum,
  3. Janiceloti

    help with grafting a seam

    great thanks i knew you people would come up with the answer kind regards J
  4. Janiceloti

    help with grafting a seam

    hi can anyone advise me on how to graft a shoulder seam? the pattern I am just finishing leaves the shoulder stitches on a needle/ stitch holder instead of casting off then the instructions are to graft the shoulder seams together how do I do that? many thanks J
  5. Janiceloti

    Breezy Easter Monday ....

    i hope everyone had a good easter monday OH and I were working on the narrow boat again today, and got VERY filthy. my hand s are bit sore now but that hasn't stopped me.. did a few rows of crochet on the shrug I want to wear over a summer dress... (got to hide those flabby arms) knit and Flee... I love the Holst's planets suite.
  6. Janiceloti

    SEB - Photo Gallery & Thank Yous ....

    I cant get a photo of mine done, yet but i would like to thank Jenny 60 for the assortment of fabrics, knitting yarn and beads you are so clever with matching the colour ways together. I am going to have fun putting them together in a project. I will let you know what I made. I love the foal note-lets.... are they your photo's? and what a great Idea of including the New Milton town Guide it give an idea of the area you live in Thankyou J
  7. Janiceloti

    new knitter

    try a square just a bit longer than your mobile phone. knit in garter stitch (or add a combination of knit a row purl a row) fold it in half, sew it up, and you have a mobile phone sock J
  8. Janiceloti

    new knitter

    hello have a lovely journey with your new knitty hobby. J
  9. Janiceloti

    Easter Sunday

    happy easter everyone enjoy the chocolate the day. it is dull and overcast here, but OH and I are going to spend the day on the narrow boat that we are renovating. not much knitting for me today, my hands will be in a mess. J
  10. Janiceloti


    hello all. great party thanks to Jenny 60 for my Easter bunny pressie, a lovely matching assortment of yarn, fabric and beads, some pony cards and an information brochure from the New Forest., that is a nice touch. I will photo and post them tomorrow. this is my first virtual party too, so..... can i do a virtual shimmie across the garden?
  11. Janiceloti

    A Very Quiet Thursday!!

    hello all, it has been a beautiful day here in the Midlands, i have been out in the garden pottering about most of the day. I have done a few rows of knitting this morning, but mostly I wanted to ply the yarn I spun yesterday. I was so proud of the result. its red/pink and blue and even managed to balance it , pleased with my spinning progress, and pleased with the result, you should have seen the mess it was after the dyeing mishap. but I was determined not to waste it. it hasnt quite made 100g, I am not sure what to make with it but I might just fetch it out and hug it every now and again. of to crafty night with my sisters tonight. parchment card making ... a wedding card for my son and fiancée ...(sh!)
  12. Janiceloti

    Birthday Thread

    mine is on the 10th May (its a round number this year)
  13. No peeking, everybody! lol J
  14. Janiceloti

    TOOOOOOO Early Tuesday ......

    hello all and what a beautiful day i hope you guys get over your sleep deprivation, and Suzie, I am glad you are feeling better. goose - you have a lovely time tonight watching and listening to the orchestra. I have been up early, due to the lovely sun, but the Jacobs fleece is washed and rinsed and is now laid out in the sun to dry.... I hope the birds don't nick too much of it. i am now deciding what project to do today... I love holidays from work. j
  15. Janiceloti

    Chilly Sunday!!

    hello all. I survived the Hen do, learnt some jiving and made some nice friends. it has been a lovely morning here, and I didnt have a hangover! I am from the Midlands too Princess, but the other side of Birmingham to you. hope you are feeling better really soon Suzie have a good day all