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  1. amewat

    no mag?

    hi i was wonderingif you could help. i havent recieved this months mag yet, it usualy comes the last week of the month but none has come so far, is there anyway u coould check if it has been posted? thanks
  2. amewat


    can u still get the free bead kit with that offer? and is it not 11.95 per 3issues after? i must be doin ure head in just want to make sure ive got all the facts right b4 subscrbing *BIG CHEESY GRIN* :cheese:
  3. amewat


    just another question can you still get the 3 issues for a pound?? and if so how? thanks
  4. amewat


    A HA well done that was what it was lol my mistake thank you!!
  5. amewat


    anyone know what im talkin about lol when you go to subsribe it says £75 for 12 issues
  6. amewat


    why does it say 70 pound? for 12 months would it not be 47.80 for 12 months if it was 11.95 per quarter lol im confused
  7. amewat


    so how do you subscribe to the 3 issues one?
  8. amewat


    was thinking of the 3 issues for 11.95. i also saw the mothers day offer for 10 issues for 29.99 so i dont no which one to get arghh does anyone know what the free gift is for the 29.99 offer? so i can decide if i want that or the beadsunlimted bead kit
  9. hiya im just wondering when you try to subscribe to the mag it only gives u one option which is the dearest one (£70) which is a bot much to pay f or in one go
  10. hiya is there any chance that someday you will be able to enter on line to save on postage and the enviroment?
  11. amewat

    new mag?

    thanks for replying cant wait!!
  12. amewat

    new mag?

    hi everyone just wanted to ask when the new issue is out??? thanks
  13. hiya just wondering what month issue 7 is? i want to subscribe but dont no which month to start thanks