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  1. MsFraggle

    Info on how to upload pics

    Noticed that some new members are getting a bit stuck on how to upload photos. So I put this together. To upload photos 1. Use something like Microsoft Picture Manager and shrink to 100-200mb in size 2. Come on here and post a topic 3. At the bottom you will see a browse button click on that and pick the phot you want 4. Click preview 5. Repeat 4 & 5 until you have all the pics you want 6. Click submit post Hope this helps Jan xx
  2. MsFraggle

    The wild animal game

    How many wild animals can you think of....I'm starting with aardvark Hugs Jan xx
  3. MsFraggle

    A busy weekend

    Hi, hope everyone at CB is ok. Made these lovelies over the weekend. Jan x
  4. MsFraggle

    Hada great day at the fete with my jewellery!

    Sounds like you had a fab time. The bracelet bar looks fab but it looks a bit stuffed, which might have put peeps off buying as would needed to have removed some to get to. Hugs Jan x
  5. MsFraggle

    A quick hello!

    Hi Everyone, Hope all is well here at CB. I've been really busy over the past few months. After a bit of a lull, thngs are picking up again! The pics are just some of the makes from the past few weeks. Hugs Jan xx
  6. MsFraggle

    A quick hello!

    Thank You Helen. It's great catching up with CB stuff again x
  7. MsFraggle

    all change

    Gorgeous make! Love the shades of blue. Jan x
  8. Can you add me please? Love Jan xx
  9. So happy you liked it Helen and that it cheered you up. Hope you are feeling lots better. Hugs Jan xx
  10. MsFraggle

    very quick limerick challenge! ** now closed**

    Mags is a giirl who is witty whose makes are oh so pretty lets give her a beer cos shes been here a year and thats the end of this ditty!! Happy anniversary xx Hugs Jan xx
  11. MsFraggle

    Info on how to upload pics

    If you right click on the phot a little menu list will pop up. Look for the 'open with' and you will see Microsoft picture Manager. Click on that and it will open with the pic ready to be edited. If you click on Edit picture s, then compress pictures (near bottom of list) then click on the web pages then ok. This willmake the pic small enuf to be uploaded. Hope it helps Jan x
  12. MsFraggle

    Recent Makes

    Hi Peeps, sorry for not being around on the CB forum of late. Been reallty busy with all sorts of nee ventures. Including one with my best mate Dee!!! Pics are just some of the stuff I've made over the past few weeks!! Hugs Jan xx
  13. clever clogs! %-P were you prepared for the other options too? I'm just jealous, as my mojo has upped and disappeared for the moment. xx It will comeback again Maggie. Just concentrate on getting better and other things too. Hugs Jan xx
  14. YAY!!! I already have an Ocean themed bracelet I made this weekend, so will post this off to you ASAP!! Hugs Jan xx
  15. Can you add me to Bev! I'd love it to be Ocean!! Hugs Jan xx
  16. MsFraggle

    is ebay good to sell on?

    I personally would not recommend Ebay for selling handmade jewellery as there is a lot on there and very hard to get noticed. There are other Sites that specialise in the UK Handmade Market. Etsy, Folksy, MISI and the new one WOW Thank You are just a few that are out there. Jan xx
  17. MsFraggle

    Mothers Day makes

    just a few little makes for Mothers Day! Hugs Jan x
  18. MsFraggle

    Mothers Day makes

    Thank you for the lovely comments. The bookmarks are tibetan silver and bought from B for Beads. I think they are on offer at the moment. Hugs Jan xx
  19. MsFraggle

    Mothers Day makes

    Thankyou for the lovely comments Sarah and Debs Hugs Jan xx
  20. As some of you may know from FB, I am making an exclusive range of jewellery to be sold through WOW Thankyou in aid of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Some of these pieces will be sold witha small percentage going tot he Charity whilst other makes will be sold with all proceeds going to the Charity. Beads Direct have beenvery kind in donating a hamper of semiprecious stones to me to make some gorgeous creations! I hope you like what I have made so far. Hugs Jan xx PS. I am aware that you are not allowed to promote any form of business on the Forum, but as the sale of these will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, I thought it would be ok. My sincere apologies in advance if not.
  21. MsFraggle

    Some recent makes

    Hi Everyone, sorry i've not been on for a while. Hope you are all ok. This is just a few makes from the past week. Hugs jan xx
  22. MsFraggle

    Some recent makes

    Thank you for the lovely comments. The purple butterflies are ceramic and were a freebie from Just Beads Hugs Jan xx
  23. MsFraggle

    More big birthday thanks to Jan aka MsFraggle :)

    Those beads are stunning Helen!! They go brilliantly with the silver conrflakes. I am so happy you like your pressie and cant wait to see the finished makes. Hugs Jan xx
  24. MsFraggle

    A Busy 2 days

    Despite gossiping with Dee on the webcam, I made all these over the past 2 days. Hugs Jan xx