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  1. debbie the knitter

    newborn knits

    just started knitting for my daughter who is expecting her first baby in september. Very selfishly (!!!!) she wont find out the sex of the baby. I'm getting fedup of knitting the same plain cardi in white, lemon or mint. Any ideas suitable for a boy or girl?
  2. debbie the knitter

    How do you disguise your stash?

    in the cupboard above the bed hidden under some sheets and in the chest at bottom of stairs nobody takes any notice of. Have big panic tho when hubby wants to rearrange house!!!!!
  3. debbie the knitter

    any east yorkshire knitters?

    Hi :-) , dont know if you still want info but i live not too far away near Howden. Did you find any clubs nearby? Been looking for ages.
  4. debbie the knitter

    Any knitwits in Selby?

    Ta chuck. It is just a little too far away. Its hard enough getting a bus into town nevermind 30 odd miles away!!!
  5. debbie the knitter

    Any knitwits in Selby?

    Anyone know of any craft, knitting clubs in the Selby, East Yorkshire area? :question:
  6. debbie the knitter

    What do you most LIKE about knitting

    I love all the processes involved, from choosing the yarn & pattern, to conquering a difficult pattern and finally sewing up. The totally best thing though is that it keeps my mind busy and my fingers out of the biscuit tin!!!!! ;-)
  7. debbie the knitter

    Under the bed

    Hi!!! No room under the bed with all my past copies of Lets Knit being stored under there.
  8. debbie the knitter

    whats a girl supposed to do?

    Hi Stacey Plenty of time to build the stash, its taken me 4 children and 20 years!!!! Wot you working on at the mo? xx Im trying to decide between a rather large aran caedi for my dad in law or some kwik knit cushion covers for my daughters first flat Debxx
  9. debbie the knitter

    whats a girl supposed to do?

    Anyone else have the same problem? A massive stash ( so big that you darent tell your husband how many bags of wool you really have!), fantastic patterns but no time to knit - unless f course I dont go to work!!!!
  10. debbie the knitter

    MY LK Mag has ARRIVED!!!!!!

    Still waiting for mine to be delivered. Must take lnger to get to the back of beyond!!! Anything quick and easy to make? :-)
  11. debbie the knitter

    debbie the knitter

    Hi. Thought id reintroduce myself withthe new forum! I enjoy knitting and crocheting, mainly for my 4 children & growing number of pregnant friends!!! My kids think its hilarious watching me trying to fathom out how to use a laptop. Im much happier with needles & wool!!!!