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  1. purly_princess

    Lace knit shawl

    Here are some pictures of a shawl I have just finished making. Took me a few weeks to make but am very pleased with how it turned out!
  2. purly_princess

    Get your makes in Let's Knit!

    Here are some pictures of a shawl I have justo finished making. I was very pleased with the end result!
  3. purly_princess

    Minion Hat

    aww that is cute
  4. purly_princess

    Knitting clubs in Sale / Altrincham

    Does anyone know of any knitting groups that meet in the Sale / Altrincham / Manchester area? I am looking to join a knitting group again. I am 26 years old so it would be nice to join a group with people of all ages. It would also have to be on a weekday morning or a weekend as I work mon - fri 4pm - 10pm. Thanks!
  5. purly_princess

    Ripple Blanket

    Ah ok my bad sorry! But still love the blanket though!
  6. purly_princess

    Ripple Blanket

    Thats so pretty I love the colours too. Don't mind me asking where did you get the pattern as I may like to knit it myself at some point,
  7. purly_princess

    Get your makes in Let's Knit!

    This is a hat I made from also taken from the website www.knitty.com. It uses fair isle knitting with a multicoloured yarn. Was very pleased with the finished result!
  8. purly_princess

    Kindle Case

    Am loving the pattern and the colours used.
  9. purly_princess

    first blanket

    That is very pretty looks like crochet to me am I right? I am much more of I knitter myself only know very basic crochet but it is on my to do list to get into crochet too at some point!
  10. purly_princess

    My first attempt at a jumper

    Thank you for the compliments I have been knitting a few years now but this is the first time I have got round to knitting a jumper purely due to the expense of it. I like the colour too though!
  11. purly_princess

    Get your makes in Let's Knit!

    Here are a few more of my makes, the cushion I made for a friend as a birthday gift. It is from a book called Midwest Modern Knits. The octopus pattern came from the website www.knitty.com and was made as a present for another friend. The lace shawl also comes from the Knitty website and was made for myself.
  12. purly_princess

    Get your makes in Let's Knit!

    This is a jumper I made from the website www.knitty.com. I made it for myself and altered the length to make it loner (I am 6' 3!). As it is knit in the round there is no need for sewing seams. I was very please with the finished result!
  13. purly_princess

    My first attempt at a jumper

    Hey everyone, This is the first jumper I have made finished it nearly a week ago and am very pleased with the final product. The pattern is called Amused and may be found on the website www.knitty.com!.
  14. purly_princess

    My Frosty Friend

    Aw he is so festive and cute!
  15. purly_princess

    Aeolian lace shoulderette from Knitty

    Thanks everyone, glad you all like it!