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  1. ursula62

    Medieval Mice

    Surely this is copyright? Isn't copying a pattern illegal? Did you look on Ebay in the books/magazines section? they often have back issues for sale there.
  2. Sometimes a knit 2 together through the back of the loop is tidier than SKPO, as it doesn't let the stitch stretch so much. Otherwise, if you're on top of rib, why not move your decrease one stitch along so it is less obvious? (Unless it's a lace pattern in which case that won't work).
  3. ursula62

    Any suggestions for beginner’s project?

    Knitting premature baby sized hats, booties and cardigans is great because you only need small amounts of wool and they are very quick to knit up. There are lots of free charity patterns on this American site. http://www.p2designs.com/Links-CharityPatterns.htm. Just one word of caution - the crochet patterns are written in US terminology not UK... that means that where they say double crochet or DC they mean a UK treble, where they say single crochet or SC they mean UK double crochet. Oh, and HDC is a half treble. The knitting instructions are much the same in US and UK, apart from bind off instead of cast off, the rest can be worked out easily.
  4. I just wanted the website details for someone - I think she used to post as Auntie Jane on LK. She had a website about knitting for hospitals - particularly premature babies. I tried googling, but the old LK posts are still coming up on google and if you clikc them you end up on the home page for this forum. As I don't remember the name of her organisation I'm a bit scuppered!
  5. ursula62

    dpns question

    It depends what you are knitting, but usually with the larger diameter needles it's easier to use a circular needle. I used to use 5.5mm circulars to knit those Icelandic yoke sweaters back in the 80s! I did get some 5.5mm dpns from ebay, had to buy a set of all different sizes - they will come in handy though!
  6. Thank you Michelle. Why didn't they tell us it was going to happen? I was relatively new on LK, but it felt like home. This place doesn't. And all the posts are bundled in one place, there aren't sections like there used to be on the old forum.
  7. I needed some information that was on a post I replied to last week. Tried to get in on LK forum and ended up here. Somewhat surprised as there was no announcement this was going to happen as far as I remember. What has happened?