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  1. hatfull

    Hello from me!

    Hello Dreamy! I've only just found this, so sorry for the delay. Wishing you lots of love, hope your poor leg gets better soon. I have something like 5 WIP (never get a craft room...it just turns into a dumping ground!) so no FO from me for a while either Take good care...I've missed you (and your yummy recipes!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. hatfull

    Tuesday Happiness!

    hello all had a frantic day at school and have litrally just stopped all the work I've brought home with me to do...hmpfh! Giddy: nice to see you here! I feel your pain. Bloomin' Bagpuss nearly finished me off! I made 2 for twins and it may never be repeated (though I finally tracked down the lying down pattern so I now have both. Might end up doing it one day!) Goose: hope you're enjoyin The Apprentice as much as I am Buzy: we've had another gorgeous day today, but we could do with a little rain. Maybe over night :cheese: Dreamy: get you! 1lb left! I'm not far behind now Knithulu: how irritating. I'm wondering if I've made the same mistake with the cabled nightmare of a hoodie I've been making myself for the last 2 years. Right, I'm having a sweet craving...best find a yogurt or something to munch on!
  3. hatfull

    Have you ever read knitting fiction?

    I certainly have and I still do! i read about Debbie Macomber in a knitty mag, and I couldn't resist a fiction book about a knitting shop which came with a pattern for knitting socks! I really enjoyed 'A Good Yarn' and have read 5 or 6 of her other books. I hunt around the charity shops and car boots and then save them for when I'm on holiday...perfect reading for sitting in the sun with a chilled glass of something beside you!
  4. hatfull

    Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

    I echo Susie B...wishing you lots of love and I will remember you in my prayers xxx
  5. hatfull

    Sunny Sunday Morning

    Well done! How far are the cycling and swimming sections? If I survive the half marathon at the end of the year, I might be tempted to do a triathalon.
  6. hatfull

    Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

    Wishing you lots of love, Twinkle xxxxxxx I'd defo mention the accident, tho, you never know it might help.
  7. hatfull

    Sunny Sunday Morning

    Afternoon! Got up and finished school reports, then headed out to car boot sale...only to find it had moved a looooooooooooooong way away! Oh well, at least it's saved me some money. made some little cheescake/cupcake things, which look lovely, and just had lunch. Going to get in some knitting in a bit, I think. Buzy: the rain woke me up in the night, but I was just so glad it came! Goose: hope you manage to get some knitting in Right, off to pick up the needles x
  8. hatfull

    Soggy Saturday

    Evening all! I'm being a very girly girl tonight...dyed my roots, had a long hot bath, had a yummy tea of steak, onion rings, oven chips and gorgeous fresh asparagus, done 3 coats of new nail varnish on my fingers and toes and am mid face mask with a vodka lime and soda in my hand! Had a bit of an upset this afternoon...the ex posted back some jewelery i left behind after the wedding with a looooooooooooooooong letter, which wasn't intended to upset me, more him explaining a few things which led me to sitting blubbing in the kitchen for a good hour this afternoon so i felt I needed a bit of cheering up and pampering :cheese: I probably needed to get it out of my system, tbh, just a bit sad he couldn't have said these things to me in person at the time...then we might not have ended up in this situation! Oh well, everything happens for a reason Buzy: bloomin' laptop gremlins! it was really my own fault because my poor computer was fine until i decided to downlad a film from a site I wasn't 100% sure of. Oh well, I've learnt my lesson! Susie B: hello *waves* hope you're ok xxx Right, i think my glass needs topping up...I have a feeling I may be dancing round the living room to the human League later
  9. hatfull

    Soggy Saturday

    Afternoon all! Woke up to a very soggy garden, which meant a very grumpy housebound cat. I set off for kickboxing in winter gear and by the time I arrived, it was summer again! Kickboxing half killed me today, so hoping it shows up on the scales next week. Su2ie: Poor A! I'm lucky as my eczema is very mild. I hope it gets better for her soon Goose: hope you're having a good day. Buzy: Don't ever stretch yourself! Hope you have a good day. Right, I'm STILL hungry, so need to find something to eat...see you later all
  10. hatfull


    A very belated happy birthday! I've had computer gremlins so I've not been around, sorry!
  11. hatfull

    Fun day Friday

    Hello ladies! I've had no internet and a poorly computer for the last few days...it seems to be running a bit more quicly now and one of the broken keys is fixed, but really I'm going to be needing a new one fairly soon, I think Good news...I am now under eleven stone! Woohoo! AND...I tried on a size 12 and IT FITTED ME! And I wasn't even breathing in! :cheese: Buzy: hope sleep comes tonight Michelle: I definatly think an extra case is needed. And find out if they deliver! Goose: lovely wool Su2ie: I can't believe A is 4 months old! Poor little mite with her eczema...I feel her pain Buffy: I hope that you found the cotton Right, time for tea
  12. hatfull

    May Day Monday

    Evening all! I'm sitting here with a bag of fozen peas on my foot: I was moving the (thankfully cold) grill tray out of the way when I knocked it and it fell on my foot, right at the joint connecting my big toe to my foot. The air was blue and so is my poor foot! Thankfully I have some ibuprofen gel left from when my wrist was playing up, which took the pain out almost instantly, but it is very swollen and bruised. I was just lucky it didn't hit me on the toe rather than the foot joint, because I'd almost certainly have broken it, I think. It's my own stupid fault though, and at least I now have an excuse to lie here and knit :cheese: Goose: I certainly did have washing weather today! It's been gorgeous again, even the cat has ventured down to explore her new garden. Plus, steak...mmm. Buffy: what sort of veggies? We're growing spuds at school. Buzy: Great minds! I've been having a rummage through sewing patterns this weekend
  13. hatfull

    May Day Monday

    Afternoon all Have had a mad busy weekend entertaining, so I'll be taking it easy today so i don't go back to work tired! Just had a yummy lunch of left over picnic food from yesterday (featuring my new favourite things...pickled onions and picallilli! mmmmmmmmmm) and will be cracking on with clothes for school dollies this afternoon at a quite liesurely pace. Got an easy dinner from the freezer for tea (trying to save money by eating out of the freezer this week) Su2ie: hope you get plenty done on the top Goose: fancy coming and doing som washing for me Michelle: just think though, one day she will come out the other side as a well adjusted, lovely girl Buzy: hope you manage to get your knitting finished Buffy: hopefully you should be back to normal after this week right, needles are calling me...
  14. hatfull

    Royal Wedding Friday

    hello all! I had a fairly early night last night, so was up bright and breezy at about 7.30. managed a good swim and a dash round tescos before settling down with brekkie to watch the wedding...I'm not a big royalist, but it was a beautiful wedding, she looked gorgeous and he looked the spitting image of his mum. She would have been very proud today, I think Just waiting for brother and girlfriend to arrive so we can have a yummy late lunch...mmm! i'm starving, I have to say Buzy: hope needles is ok Buffy: hope the tidying doesn't take too long Susie: have a big *hug*...hope you get a rest xxx Princess: wow! I bet you're excited!
  15. hatfull

    Happy Birthday Knittingqueenuk

    I echo what Dee said...hope you had a fab day and enjoyed all the pampering!