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    Thank you, I will have a look
  2. jojo33


    I have almost perfected the fit for making leggings for myself (my wardrobe staple) but have yet to find somewhere to buy fabric with stretch in both directions. So far I have made them with available fabric which has a lot of stretch across but not so much lengthwise, which means they are not as comfy as they could be. The only two way stretch I am finding is material suitable for dance/gymnastic wear (and I am neither a gymnast or dancer!) Any suggestions???
  3. Wow, fast work on the bracelet! it looks great. What thoughtful and beautiful gifts and cards. The suaded paper is fab! Love your earrings, Helen - I can e you the instructions for the lace jewellery if you like...
  4. I have just bought a brand new machine (on-line, much as I regret it now..) and cannot get it to work. It is a drop in bobbin different to what I am used to, and I just cannot get it threaded right and so it just sews a mess and make a bad noise. To return it I have to pay return shipping and a re-stocking fee, so I am not kean to do that. Also, it is the Singer 3321 which was the magazine model of the month, so I'm sure its me that is the problem and not the machine! I have tried 1) Following the instructions in the manual 2) Looking at on-line video for threading, but it just doesn't show you close enough what to do 3) Getting a sewing friend to look at it 4) Trying to book a brief (paying) lesson at a specialist shop (one shop v uninterested, the other could only do a Tues or Thurs morning ?!). Has anyone got any other suggestions, or anyone experienced the same problem with this model???
  5. jojo33

    Cath Kidston Bag

    Lovely job on the bag... I have the same book and kit and you have inspired me to get on with it!!
  6. jojo33

    Singer 3321?

    Thanks for your thoughts - I went for the 3321 in the end (very excited!) as it was at the top end of my budget. I was also pleased to see that it was ranked as a top model by Sew Magazine!
  7. jojo33

    Singer 3321?

    Hi I am thinking of buying this machine - I am coming back to sewing after a loooooooong break, so am kind of a beginner. Hubby will buy me a new sewing machine for Christmas, but I am stuck for what to buy! I thought that Singer has a good reputation - and this looks like a good mi-range model - that will do me as I progress beyond being a beginner. Does anyone have one? Would you recoomend it, or is Is there a different machine /brand that you would recommend instead? I am initially interested in making basic childrens clothes and bags. Any feedback would be gratefully received...
  8. Thanks to you for your lovely card - I have sent a pm to everyone else but did not have your screen name!! The card was really sweet - lovely pink colour (my fave!) and the pretty little girl and rose made me think of my Rosie. Thank you too for the stamped images - my christmas cards are almost made! Thanks again for thinking of me. Jo xx
  9. jojo33

    See tresure :)

    What an absoulely exquisite set - I am jealous!! Did you drill holes in the shells yourself? I have bought toho seed bead mixtures for only a couple of £ss - often on Ebay, can you buy from Ebay?? I hope you don't mind me saying you have a very beautiful name too!!
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    September Card Swap: Closes 20th Sept

    Glad you can join in, Shirley.
  11. jojo33

    September Card Swap: Closes 20th Sept

    Pleased you can join in, Karen.
  12. jojo33

    Bag Kits?

    Hi I am new to sewinng (well, making a come back after about 20 yrs!) - I am also interested in making bags and saw in my magazine some complete kits by artgalleryfabrics.com. Does anyone know if you can purchase these or something similar here in the UK? Thank you
  13. jojo33

    September Card Swap: Closes 20th Sept

    Added two more to the list - thank you for joining in
  14. jojo33

    September Card Swap: Closes 20th Sept

    Thanks for joining, Laura.
  15. jojo33

    September Card Swap: Closes 20th Sept

    Thank you for joining, Lacey. Hopefully there will be someone to send it to soon. x