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  1. knittingporky

    So Close Saturday

    no knitting done so far - I fell asleep! :red: sat down for 5 minutes i swear, and 2 hours later woke up to DD2 saying I didnt want to wake you but Im hungry. Rang the lady I was getting the spearmint root from to apologize for being late and whizzed straight over. Will plant it out later if I get the chance. Just had tea, sliced gammon and chips with a huge mixed salad and coleslaw. Its easiest to let the girls help themselves . DD1 has just made me a coffee :bug: and Im going to grab myself a home-made lolly from the freezer for pudding then defo knitty time
  2. knittingporky

    So Close Saturday

    Afternoon All, Had an early shift at work today, 8-12, as Id swopped with a collegue who has a wedding to go to to-day. They've got a lovely day for it here in the South West. Came home to discover that he girls had done absolutely F all > , so I made myself some lunch and started on the HW. DD2 took the dog for a walk,but only after some prompting (ok, I admit it, nagging), while I did the dishwasher, got tea started (gammon joint), did an hour in the garden sorting some logs for a wood burner owning friend and put the vacuum round. DD1 sat on her a**e fiddling with her laptop, before disappearing upstairs with her latest fella (to whom I HAVE NOT been introduced!). Im now cream-crackered and quite stressed. Need some knitty time. ;-) Going to pop out some to collect a spearmint root, but want to read up on it first. I have a felling its one of those plants that has to be put in a container or it takes over, and Ive got enough of that going on with bind-weed in the garden. That is If I dont fall asleep first. TTFN
  3. knittingporky

    Thursday thoughts

    Do you have any? I know I dont, apart from trying to decide what to have for tea tonight - Sausage bake I think. Must remember to get the sausages out of the freezer before I go to work. Been busy with work and knitting and kids and Hw and the parents. Dads not too well and I had a very teary phone call from my Mum Tuesday evening. Shes caring for him on her own and he had had a bad day brain-wise. thinking it was 40 years ago and very confused with the time of day and so on, wanting to go to bed in the middle of the afternoon and what-have-you. Really dont think this new 'wonder drug' the Docs have put him on is doing any good, or if it is hes not getting a strong enough dose. Tried to chivy her up a bit and she seemed better when we finished out chat. Also tried to get my brother and one of my sisters to give her a ring, but they didnt > . I know she could have done with the moral support Anyway she seemed brighter yesterday when I called her and my eldest Sis phoned her yesterday too which helped I think. Works busy - as you'd expect - with lots of very stressed parents and bored kids while m own two are back into their old routine of sleeping till lunch-time, then spending the rest of the day in front of the tv or laptop or both! Im trialing some contact lens - not sure on them yet its only day 3, but I find my eyes very itchy with them in :-S Knitting another commission for the LYS - another cardi to show off some rather nice yarn called Donegal From Langs. Its 100% merino and seems very fine, but works on 4mm needles. Its a rather yummy shade of dark purple with little flecks of colour in %-P . Jane the lady that owns the shop was so pleased with the way the sock yarn had knitted up into the shawl that she gave me a skein of FIvemoons Khonsu 4ply in Halcyon days as well as paying me - its gorgeous, just hope I can do it justice. ( www.fivemoonsyarns.co.uk ) Well promised myself Id get these lens in by 9 so Id better get on Have a great day everyone TTFN
  4. knittingporky

    wish for silence wednesday

    Oh Dana, hugs, keeping my fingers crossed that everythings fine, Clever MIL. Last time I ended up in hospital I had 24 hours with no knitting and I very nearly cracked! If I was ever in an interrigation, all they would have to do is remove my knitting and Id sing like a bird No need for Chinese water torture or bamboo under the fingernails with me. And you can knit with a drip as long as you're careful, Ive done it with one in the back of each hand and with one in the crook of my elbow.( also knitted with one hand in plaster, so it is possible) Lets hope you can get a nap in later. Got work later so going to do some HW in a bit.. Strange hows theres SO much less to do this week, but the things Ive been finding (shudders) - mouldy cups are the least of my worries and Ive managed to unblock the shower. Couldnt do it before because there was always someone needing/wanting to get into the bathroom. Made the body part of a little Moo-cow baby bonnet last night while reading a book on the computer (no not 50 shades), just got to put the neck edge on and the lacey bit round the front Coffee time, good luck Dana, you'll be going in soon. sending positive vibes
  5. knittingporky

    Mellow Monday

    Hello All, Another day over and done. Work was ok and I took the dog for an extra long walk when I got home, which resulted in me finding another wild apple tree. Its a bit off the beaten track, so hopefully this year I will be able to get some free apples. Last year the two wild trees near me were stripped of apples very early in the season, well before they were ripe and the sloes were all picked much too early too. Have noticed that the blackberries are starting to come in, so I might take a pot with me tomorrow to gather a few. Have loaded up the brown garden compost bin ready for collection with cut branches from the hedge I attacked and loads of bind weed. You can now see my blackcurrant bush, before it was another bind weed mound. Theres still plenty left out in the garden, but I cant get any more into the bin and I crammed it down as hard as I could. One of my collegues was saying(in the tea-room) that her son and his missus are expecting their first baby at C and she was looking for baby stuff for them. She claimed she couldnt find nice baby blankets any where. I just sat and looked at her, while I knitted. It took her a few seconds before she twigged and suddenly declared 'Oh! I could ask you to make me some. Couldnt I!' So it looks like Im going to be rattling off a few blankets for her in the next couple of months. You can never have too many baby blankets, or so they say. Right off for a firkle on Kemps to see what they have in Baby yarns, then some tea (takeaway again - leftovers from last night - oh I LOVE chinese food!) ;-)
  6. I'll knit anytime, anywhere, including early mornings on the bus to work. Evenings is when I seem to do it most though, after work and the dreaded HW are done and like Goose I get very fidgety if I dont have something to do with my hands.
  7. knittingporky

    Too good to last

    Hello All, First full day of being childless and it hasnt been brilliant I must say. Got off to a bad start when the nose bit on my glasses dropped off this morning, I can still wear them, but the little bit keeps digging into my nose and my 'spare' pair are the old prescription and give me a headache. Then I discovered that one of the girls has nicked the wet-wipes out of my room and, In the process knocked my name badge off my dresser - suffice to say I coulddnt find it this morning, so Ive had to borrow a spare one - Hello everyone from Steph :roll: Then I missed the bus - ARGH!!! Arrived at work in not the best of moods I must admit, sigh Got a compliment from a customer this afternoon tho, which helped to cheer me up. She was French and didnt understand when I asked if she'd like any stamps, so I asked her in French,lol (translation curtesy of my Swiss knitty friend). The customer was delighted and told me I had a very good accent. Just waiting for tea to arrive, didnt feel like cooking tonight and Ive ordered enough for tomorrows tea too. Rains finally arrived here having threatened all day. Get well soon Dana Hope things went OK with the builders Twinkle See you later folks
  8. knittingporky

    Today is Sunday isnt it?

    Im all turned about and dont know what day of the week it is! Had yesterday off, which is a bit of a rarity as they shop usually like all hands on deck on the last Saturday of the month. Its not only Charity Fund raising weekend but pay-day for loads of people too, so its mega busy, but they rota'd me a day off, so my body clock doesnt know what to do with itself today as Im all out of step with myself. Spent the day (yesterday) over at the folks house as I havent seen them for a couple of weeks and I like to check up on them in person at least once a fortnight. Ring them a couple of times a week but its just nice to see them sometimes. Dads no better, these 'wonder' pills seem to be no good at all, but then he is in the worst stage of Parkinsons, so theres very little that cna be done really. Mums just found out shes got Pagets Disease (which Im going to have to look up) which could mean that she'll be in a wheel chair pretty soon, and then they'll be in real tooty as she refuses to move from the cottage and theres noway she'll be able to cope wit Dad on her own. :down: On a good side, while I was there my eldest sister and her hubby arrived with Ma & Pa's new car :cheese: As Dad has problems getting in/out of cars and uses a wheelchair when they are out and about, Mum thought an adapted car might help her (she cant lift his chair into or out of the car anymore - well she is 82! Anyway My BIL is a bit of a car whizz and he found them a converted Berlingo car, with a dropped floor, ramp and winch for just £4000 :wow: Its second hand, but has only done 8000 miles and is exactly what they need. All Mum has to do is drop the lightweight ramp, hook Dads chair onto the strap and push a button and him and his chair get winched into the car. She just then lifts the ramp and closes the door. Once he has his belt on they're ready to roll. :cheese: BIL also had a looky at my car as its been sounding a bit tappity but couldnt find anything wrong, apart from the fact I have the wrong dipstick in it, so I wont get an accurate oil reading as my dipstick dont reach! Well, when you consider the dipstick I bought it from (the EX) everythings explained. The girls go off on their week with it, sorry I mean him in about an hour, so after 10.30 I will be left to my own devices, Yay! Finished the little shawl for the shop, adapted a basic pattern, and its shows the colours/strips off very nicely, just got to block it so the edges dont roll up and pop it back to the shop during the week. Finished off another little hat for my new baby friend, pink again with just one strip of cable up the front, must drop that into her during the week too, So just got the poppies to finish sewing up, and my jacket to work on. OMG! only 2 WIP I must be slipping :-) Off to get some clothes on before the Ex arrives, have a lovely day all of you Hope the house move went/is going well Dana TTFN
  9. knittingporky

    Warm already wednesday

    Hi all, Feeling a bit miffed today, when I got home from work I discovered that the girls had been out to the beach with some friends, come home and stuffed themselves silly with junk. Nothing cooked for me, nothing even put away from their binge, so I had to start by cleaning the kitchen of their c**p and then start cooking some tea for me. I was going to cook anyway, so thats not whats annoyed me, more the disregard they have for me and the environment they live in. And if I say anything I just get that 'Wot?' look that teenagers excell at. Boy am I looking forward to next week when they go to their Dads >:-( Long shift at work, only 5 hours but it felt like 10, and my foot is really painfull today, for the first time in ages. Moan,moan,moan. There rant over. :-/ Nice to see a post from Giddyknits isnt it *Pushes door open and tentatively waves....* Oh well I suppose Id better get on with this pizza, it should be nearly ready by now and to be honest, I could eat a horse.
  10. knittingporky

    *Pushes door open and tentatively waves....*

    Hello Katie, Nice to see you on here again, Been following your posts on FB (as you know). Dont know if I told you, but the Nappy Cake I bought during your charity auction a couple of months again was received with delight by my friend, her little one seemed quite unmoved by it all however, being more interested in having a cuddle (or was that just me)
  11. knittingporky

    (Be)Twixt & (Be)Tween Tuesday

    Oh you lucky things. Its only 24 here. I was right, when the mist burnt off (about 9) we had glorious blue sky, just in time for me to get my uniform on and go to work. Home now and just grabbed a bite as Ive had nothing but a single biscotti today, before thinking about tea for me and the girls. Salady things spring to mind, although getting DD1 to eat anything other than cheesy instant mash atm is almost impossible Realised I had made a huge hole in the shops shawl at some point yesterday, so had to frog it back and pick up the stitches > . Only about 150 stitches at the moment, but its the principle of the thing. glad I saw it now though and not in a couple of inches time Keep cool everyone. lots of hydration is the key
  12. knittingporky

    (Be)Twixt & (Be)Tween Tuesday

    Ha-ha see what I did there? ;-P What a misty moisty morning in Devon. Theres not a breath of air and quite a heavy mist lying in the Exe valley this morning. Consequently everything is very still and even the sound of the motorway is muffled. Its never LOUD loud, but theres always a rumble in the background, but very soft this morning. So its twixt bleugh and between Yay as Im sure it will burn off later and be lovely again. Well had a long day yesterday at work, 8 hours. I know it doesnt sound a lot, and pre-kids I did it every day, but Ive gotten out of the habit since having children. DD2 cooked - well she put the pre-made meal into the oven, so that was nice to come home to. Caught the sun on Sunday, forehead and fore arms a bit pink yesterday, but I kept loading on the cream so its all faded and I hopefully wont peel. Legs a bit achey too, but that all seems to have faded. What a shame about you expo K&F, this manky 'summer' really has put the mockers on events lately. Lets hope we get some more of the good stuff to help dry out venues. Luckily for us on Sunday they'd managed to lay a pretty dry course. Its was only spongy in a couple of places, but I know a lot of venues have had to postpone or even cancel. And what shame you suffer in the heat. I love it the hotter it is the happier I am so (as far as Im concerned) bring it on! Time for a second coffee I suppose and to get ready for work (only a shorty today - 4 hours) . Hope you all have a wonderful day
  13. knittingporky

    go to sleep sunday!!!

    Hi All, from as medal touting Knittingporky. Today was Race for Life day and we did it, in blistering sunshine and not a breath of wind, in 1 hour, 1 minute and 30 seconds. Would have been less but the others refused to run the last 10 foot. 8 of us took part in the end, 3 runners and 5 walkers and it was a great day. Really feeling it now though, now Ive stopped and had a cuppa, Im starting to seize up. Caught the sun a little too, across my cheeks and lips mostly. Theres some pictures posted on Facebook, if any of you are 'friended' on there, Im the one in the white t-shirt. Got knitty club tonight, so (if I have the strength) I will be making up some more of the poppy brooches and maybe having a bit of a go at the shops shawl. Not sure I like how its going, had several false starts and have now got a triangle about 6" along the centre 'seam', Its stocking stitch as this shows off the yarns qualities best, but ... I still feel a bit 'meh' about it. Hope everyones making the most of this cracking weather.
  14. knittingporky

    Spam saturday

    Hello ladies What an pain in the whotsits for you Goose to have to faff around with all that spam. Been a rather busy few days work/family wise, but now grabbing a few minutes to peruse what you lovelys have been up to. Im doing the Race for Life tomorrow along with a group of ladies from work, so think of me at 11 tomorrow, thats when it starts. Work have been great about it, the Manager let us dress up in pink yesterday and today and put out collection buckets, covered in shiny pink paper, to help raise awareness/money for it and hes said that anything we raise in sponsorship, the company will match, which will be great. Stayed late on Thursday evening decorating the buckets and sticking up balloons all over the place to give it a bit more oumph. The girls have now broken up for the long holidays and will be spending a week with their Dad starting next Friday (woo-hoo) although where they are going to go is a bit of a mystery. The lady they were going to borrow a static caravan from has sold it at the last minute and they cant go there now. Anyone know of a REALLY cheap place to stay at very short notice? Ive suggested they try some of the holiday firms as they sometimes have cancellations/unsold places at the last minute, but the Ex is a bit of a wally when it comes to stuff like that. Have taken the jumper into the LYS and been given a challenge this time. Jane - the shop owner - has given me a skein of sock yarn and asked me to design a triangular shawl to show off how the yarn. Been trying out various things and think I will just stick to a simple garter stitch shawl with a central increase. Right - getting worried now DD1 has just gone into the kitchen and is attacking things (food ) with a large knife. Think Id better go sort her out
  15. knittingporky

    De-creasing wednesday

    Day off for me, which means loads to do as always :cheese: Had a bit of trouble getting motivated this morning but by 10 and after my second coffee I was ready to do some work in the back jungle, I mean garden. Ive cleared the stuff DD1 lopped down yesterday, what she lacks in ability she makes up for in enthusiasm. And the brown composting bin is crammed full with most of what she chopped ready to be collected (at some point today - honestly those brown bin men NEVER come at the same time each fortnight). I have made a start on clearing some of the bind weed and brambles that have taken over everything. Ive cleared along the back wall of the house and taken the hedge down to about waist height for about 6 foot. It doesnt sound much but when you realise that I have now uncovered an entire window (my bedroom/the old dining room) and taken it back to the boundary line all along that length, it comes into perspective. There's easily 2 more bin loads of 'cuttings' to go for composting. Includes masses of bind weed and brambles as well as privet (argh!) and a 12 foot alder tree that was threatening my window and next doors conservatory. Im now pooped and more than ready for a cuppa and some lunch. Also had a quick chat with next door, who said he'd attack what was his side and drop the bits over for me to dispose of. Thats fine, its my responsibility as its planted on my side of the boundary and Im the one with the composting bin. Have finished all the pieces for the poppy brooches, now all I have to do is find the oumph to sew them together. Might do it in stages though. In the mean time Ive cast on for a jacket (whispers - for me). using some of the lucky dip yarn I got from Kemps last week. Its a rather unusual green/brown twist DK acrylic. But its perfect for me to run up a little pop over top for when Im chilly (which is always) Other than that not a lot going on Hope the packing goes ok Suzie. Have fun with the de-creasing Goose. The only thing I do now is my uniform shirt, and more often that not I do that at work, so my de-creading board has cobwebs, lol %-P