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  1. emmilou

    super Saturday!

    i know, sometimes it takes a bit for me to type so by the time i have finished more people have typed... :-S so morning to everyone else as well.... :cheese:
  2. emmilou

    Look out! Theres a lot of it going around

    - how true, dee...hahaha!!! :cheese:
  3. emmilou

    super Saturday!

    morning all katy and suzie - (((BIG HUGS))) to both of you, really hope you find your mojos... ;-) ...you're probably right, suz, it could be the poetry letters thing, i lost mine a while back when that thing happened with alysa's tunic but i'm getting there... :cheese: katy - enjoy your day with warwick and hope you get some knitty time tonight... :-) suzie - good luck with the party, maybe jeans with a blouse (causally smart)? and for ellie, some summer pants with a pretty top? i know what you mean, it's ickky when you don't really know the people properly...i gather the OH told you that she's a loose cannon, which if so, doesn't help... :-S really hope it goes well... well, the hubby is starting the loft conversion today... :wow: so you can imagine how dusty it's going to get... :-S ...oh well, at least he's getting it done...lol!!! hope everyone's day turns out really well...
  4. emmilou

    latest going'son.

    hi there blinx hope your daughter is ok now...what a naughty little girl, like suzie said it does make you wonder what else she has witnessed... :long: well done for saying something and good luck with the nit blitz... i hate it when i had to get rid of them out of amber's hair when she was little... :-S ...the chemical stuff never worked so i always had to use the conditioner and comb, it took me 4 hours once just standing there going through bit by bit...my back was done in by the end and she had a numb bum from sitting on the chair that long, poor little mite... :roll:
  5. emmilou

    Fabulous Friday

    morning moo, hope you enjoy the film...what is it you're going to watch again..?? fi - ...i just made it with some chocolate milkshake mix stuff, it was about 1/4 bottle of 70cl vodka, 2 pints of chocolate milkshake (quite chocolatey... :cheese: ) and then the ice...nobody complained so it must've been ok...
  6. emmilou

    Fabulous Friday

    morning to you too, fi... :-) we must've been posting at the same time...that's why i never go to the hairdressers tbh, you always end up skint... :-S am sending big ((hugs)) to you...
  7. emmilou

    Fabulous Friday

    morning all the weather's nice here today, thank goodness... dreamy - less husework and knitty club...woohoo!!! :cheese: hope your DS gets better really soon... suzie - good luck in town...like busy said, hope it's UNeventful...hahaha!!! busy - hope the poorly tummy eases up very soon for you, there's nothing worse than getting bad tummies from something that you like to eat... :-S (it's chilli for me...sorry, tmi... :red: ) and well done on the teapot beanie order... well, i'm starting a hot pink hat for alysa so will post piccy on the other thread later, my head's a bit delicate as we had friends round last night so the vodka was flowing quite a bit... :blank: ...1 of our friends mentioned a drink she'd had which was basically vodka, chocolate milkshake and ice cubes so i made it up in our big juice jug... %-P ...it was very nice tbh but i'm feeling it today (i keep pressing the wrong keys by mistake...hahaha!!! )... hope everyone has a really good day... :-)
  8. emmilou

    Teapot Jumper Parade

    busy - i've even found 1 for you in lovely autumny colours...lol!! http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70448AD.html?noImages= no, but seriously, your teapot jumpers are absolutely brilliant... :cheese:
  9. emmilou

    thanks so much, dee!

    thanks barbara and mt...i was thinking of maybe making a slouchy jumper with it (very festival like...hahaha!!! ), probably in crochet as it grows so much quicker than the knitting... :cheese:
  10. emmilou

    Where's Thursday? Oh here it is!

    morning all suz - ooh, good luck with the migraine and the potty training... busy - good luck with the acupuncture... fi - hope you have a good day with everyone coming round... liz - have a good afternoon in work... heather - hope your rash eases, it might be good to get to see the tall ships esp. if the weather's meant to be good... and to anyone else that i've missed, hope you all have a good day...
  11. emmilou

    Totally off topic but funny!!!

  12. emmilou

    Teapot Jumper Parade

    busy - your latest jumper is gorgeous and the accessory is very fitting...hahaha!!! ...mmm...kitkats...i just love them... %-P
  13. emmilou

    alysa's hats "just like ambers"..!!!

    aww...thanks liz and busy... :red: ...i've still got to finish her school cardi and bag so i just wanted to do them quick as i'd said i'd make them at the end of may... :roll:
  14. emmilou

    Pink Fingerless Gloves

    right, just read what it was...patons boucle type yarn...will have to look out for that 1, suz, it looks so soft and ((huggable))...hahaha!!!
  15. emmilou

    Modern Quilt Wrap

    ooh that looks lovely and warm, good luck with getting it off archie...lol!!!