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  1. blinx

    Poopy poppy

    Excellent advise Busy. I don't know if you have joined one shoulder or two. I have done similar things and I would say it's best no matter what they say to only join one,that means it's a lot easier to get around a neck and if you don't have circulars(sometimes the case) should cause less problems. I think there are quite a few ways to pick up and knit. sometimes I just pick them up like little holes instead of proper stitches. is it in stocking stitch? I wanted to do that vest and I know what you mean I had problems with that stupid Evie pattern. I ended up wasting it totally. Busy is probably right and I think she has given a far more through explanation. Also I'd go on Yout ube video jug or instructables even when you have donea thing a load of times you might just have forgotten a tiny step(especially if you are good knitter and it sounds like you are!) ps hope that ddn't sound patronizngI have often been reduced to near tears by this matter.
  2. blinx

    Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

    thanks I'll look in Waterstones or similarx
  3. blinx

    Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

    Thanks I have been meaning to read some of the new wave of knitting related fiction so I'll keep an eye out as I haven't read friday night knitting club either. Isn't it going to be a film? maybe went straight o Dvd? Hope not.
  4. blinx

    Over the moon

    Sorry we are a red family so we'll have none of that talk.
  5. blinx

    sparrowhawk taken this morning

    wow I have never seen one of those birds
  6. blinx

    Show us Your Makes!

    Jennie you are not serious? You have only been knitting a month that is absolutely great. I only attempted a teddy last year and I have knitted for ages(ps was not as good as yours!) well done.Must get my stuff photographed and popped on website. I am quit :-) e jealous
  7. blinx

    Not quite Jerry!

    they are great making me hungry for cheese and chocolate
  8. blinx

    Night night folks

    hehe,am saying nothing!
  9. blinx

    Night night folks

    great idea.
  10. blinx

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi sequin just back from tesco(and other places). They are 12 and 8. my son is starting Year 8/2nd Year and my daughter is going into Year 4. I am really needing to do a clothes sort for my daughter and a shoe sort. So that is what she will be doing later.
  11. blinx

    The Good Morning Thread

    morning lovey. off to shops now.getting kids organised.x
  12. blinx

    Night night folks

    Yes it was just like that missing for a good four days or so. lifted the cushions on the couch checked beside the fire beside the telly on the bookshelves beside my bed .I think at one point John said maybe in your knitting stuff I thought "don't be so silly as if/.................". doh
  13. blinx

    The Good Morning Thread

    morning all .is a bit windy here.nothing exciting to report but the day is young
  14. blinx

    Night night folks

    i found my mobile in mine one of the days. I had insisted it wasn't lost. Well it wasn't .............just in the stupidest place ever.
  15. blinx

    The Good Morning Thread

    lovely cake jealous!!!!!!!! :-)