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  1. teenknitter

    Has anyone done the sundae patern form a old issue?

    Nah its a bag (cabled) its called sundae cos the yarn is patons sorbet and i have the right yarn so i just think it might be the fact its my 1st time at cabeling so it was abit slack.
  2. teenknitter

    Has anyone done the sundae patern form a old issue?

    dont worry about it its not a big issue i was just wondering thats all!! but thank you anyway
  3. teenknitter

    Has anyone done the sundae patern form a old issue?

    Its between 3 and 6 ( and the ones in between) so quite early on this year im pretty sure
  4. teenknitter

    I think someone is trying to burgle us...

    does sound bad doesnt it?
  5. teenknitter

    Does anyone know where I can find a snood pattern?

    Theres a very simple one int he book "yeah i made it my self" by ethne farry but you wouls have to sew on embelishments.
  6. I have only just stated this pattern and found the needles too large just wondered what everybody else thought?
  7. teenknitter

    Harry Potter???

    I will be dragged to it by my sister who loves Harry Potter she's only 24 bless her (I'm 19 but way more mature) . The next one is in 2 halves. Any way my sis gets very exited so much so that last time she tried to get the paper bit off her straw by blowing on it and it hit a guy 3 rows infront who fortunately didn't see us sniggering! well funny!
  8. teenknitter

    i dont understand these instructions please help!

    hol was ok even though we had an unplanned day at sea oops! UK airport staff were very touchy feely!! A bit boring but i suppose it was because it was a adults only ship not many interesting teenagers aboard nor many single ones for that matter lol!
  9. teenknitter

    i dont understand these instructions please help!

    I am back! hey hey! how is everyone and well i got through coustoms! they did x-ray my bag 3 times and had to poke each other with the needles to decide wether they were sharp or not.. however i didnt try it going through greek coustoms lol
  10. teenknitter

    i dont understand these instructions please help!

    RC7: i know what u mean and it is true i do like helping people and it tiring especially when you get little or nothing back like getting your sim card stolen! yeah the yarn is nice expensive but nice! Maritrez: thank you very much i will try but cos its such a big project i,m taking a little break from it to do a hat for my dad and something little on hol like i said by the way i am going next monday(6th)
  11. teenknitter

    What do you most LIKE about knitting

    the fact that i dont understand how it works its like magic slightly!
  12. teenknitter

    Under the bed

    well in my mums friends house we found everything!! you name it, it was under there even a wok with cooking set in it including sauces that had been there for over 3 years!
  13. teenknitter

    Knit Kit

    welcome back i have been on to tompsons and i can take even metal knitting needles on their planes although i will be using plastic and packing some metal ones just in case
  14. teenknitter

    free yarn; issue 16 March 09

    i have lost mine under a heap some where in my room and have no intention of searching through my room to find it unfortunately i may also get lost if i try and look for it lol
  15. teenknitter

    Oh boo hoo!

    im worried that i wont have time to knit when im at uni or have room to put it! let alone not be able to get to it! its scary how much that actually worries me lol