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  1. selmoon

    Slow cooker recipes anybody?

    Hi everyone Haven't been on the forum for ages and just thought I would check in and see what was happening and I am soooooo glad that people are experimenting with the Ras el Hanout spice mix I introduced to this thread. I made it this week for the first time in ages and I realised that I looooooooooooove that spice mix. Happy New Year to you all. Sel x
  2. selmoon

    Slow cooker recipes anybody?

    Hiya Dreamy and Ickle Pickle Glad you are experimenting with the Ras el Hanout, everyone I have given it too has loved it. I also bought some at Christmas and everyone who has used it has adored it. As for using fruit in recipes, I use alot of apples and cider with pork recipes and they are lovely.................. I have also used sultanas, currants and apricots in recipes but have yet to use figs. Oh, I have also used prunes in beef recipes to great effect. (getting hungry now) Enjoy experimenting, that is what it is all about. Sel
  3. selmoon

    Such sad news (possibly sensitive)

    Hiya Katy Just catching up on threads as was galavanting in Yorkshire Dales. I am so sorry to hear of your news, my thoughts go out to you and your family. I always light a candle at night for my people who have passed on. I will mention your Daddy tonite when I light it. Lots of love and huge (((((((((hug)))))))) Sel x
  4. selmoon

    Friday 25th December!!!!!

    Here Here Su2ie Oh and also be safe and careful on the snow and ice. Sel x
  5. selmoon

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hiya Dreamy and Giddy and everyone else thereafter Both of you have hit it on the head (or is it nail? crickey my brain is still sleeping....lol) I know I haven't been on much lately due to bits and pieces and knitting like a loony but I have to say also that everyone of you has helped me through a really hard year. I may not post all the time but I do read threads and laugh and cry with you all. If it wasn't for my knitting, my knitting mags and you my knitty buddies I probably wouldn't have an outlet to get away from it all. I want to wish you all a happy jolly time with you and yours and a lucky prosperous and wonderful knitty 2010. And yes, I can't remember who mentioned it before me but wouldn't it be great to meet in person? What a party we would have right enough. Lost of love best wishes and hugs Sel x PS gonna be in the kitchen today, and have a fingerless mitt to finish........................is there enough time? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. selmoon

    Latest finished order............

    Love them Buzy, and the colours are great. Yeah I remember thinking at the time that I would love to knit one of those. Well done S
  7. selmoon

    Snowy Saturday

    Morning all First post at the weekend for a while. Yipeeeeeeeeee orders finished so I can now relax a little and get back to knitting stuff for moi A cold and frosty moring in Glasgow today and no snow as of yet, supposed to hit at 3 this afternoon (or thereabouts). Enjoying a cup of tea and contemplating making a Christmas loaf for hubby, have an idea will let you know how it goes. Have a great day one and all and keep warm Sel x
  8. selmoon

    Jan LK Mag not arrived yet

    Hiya Danno Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my mag arrived yesterday. Thank you. Selmoon
  9. selmoon

    Easy-peasy Yummy-scrummy Mulled Wine Recipe

    Looks good Dreamy, wish I could have a sip just now. I generally put a wee tot of Brandy in mine too, some folk use Rum or whatever. Def a day for Mulled Wine or Gluwein. Sel
  10. selmoon

    Knitting in PJ's Club ............

    Yeah, been mega busy every night and usually at the weekends too, had quite a few orders from folk Have popped in occaisionally to see the chat but not posted. Glad to see the usual folk still here As for knitting in PJ's, a cup of tea usually goes down a treat at the same time S x
  11. selmoon

    Knitting in PJ's Club ............

    Hi Buzy Long time no speak. I have been knitting like mad for the past month or so doing we bits n pieces for pressies, hence I haven't been on much. I usually knit in my PJs at night in my recliner!!! It is soooooooooo comfy. I'll be in your gang :) BTW your teapot jumper works a treat Selmoon X
  12. selmoon

    Jan LK Mag not arrived yet

    Hi Danno PM received, thank you. Looking forward to my mag soooooooooooooo much. Will let you know when it appears. Cheers Selmoon
  13. selmoon

    Jan LK Mag not arrived yet

    Hi Danno My LK mag hasn't arrived yet and it has been out in the shops since the 11th. Can you please look into it for me. My mother has got hers and she lives not far from me. thanks Selmoon PS I will PM you my address
  14. selmoon

    How many WIP's have you on the go?

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................now that is a question..... :-/ 1 My tank top that I started in May, done the back, just got to start decreasing for the armholes, it is in Wendy 4ply.......that is my excuse....hee hee 2 Halfway thro no 2 sock knitted with Noro Sock wool, again 4ply....................haven't touched that in a couple of months just got to pick up the stitches at the gussett not much left of that really I could get that done in a weekend if I put my mind to it......! 3 Doing a load of Jean Greenhowe Christmas Stockings for hanging on the tree for folk for part of their Christmas, this is great fun, designing different ones for everyone and adding wee bits and pieces on to them.........and they only take about an hour to do. That seems to be it.............I honestly thought I had more...........mind you I have finished my ghosties and pumpkins for le weekend. Selmoon x
  15. selmoon

    I dont like Mondays

    Hiya everyone Haven't been around much, I am usually on at the weekend but was visiting friends for a change. The best bit was actually having a whole train carriage to myself and knitting away happy as larry. When it was time to get off I was soooo disappointed as I was enjoying myself that much. I have had a laugh reading all the tights/knickers stories and it made me think of my tights/stockings moment. It must have been about 15 years or so ago when I was seeing the boyfriend that night (now husband) I remember making a big effort and getting all dolled up with make up, wearing a skirt and stockings ( the ones that are supposed to stay up themselves without the suspenders) ................... anyway after getting off the bus and walking down the busy main road with loads of people and traffic I was struggling to keep one of the stockings up as it kept slipping down no matter how many times I kept howking it up.........the other was ok...............eventually the blinking thing fell down. I was mortified as this thing was lying on my foot......I just bent down took my shoe off and stuffed it in my jacket pocket. The other stayed up and I just took it off when I got in. Embarassing then, but easy to laugh at now. BTW, I have never worn them again because they do not stay up, better with the sussies... Anyway, have a good night everyone. I am busy knitting wee ghosties and pumpkins for the office. Ohhhh and my subscription confirmation came thro with my freebies..........yipee..... Selmoon