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  1. MrsHobson

    Hello again

    Hi all - well after my laptop dying I have not been on since before Easter. For thoise who have seen me on facebook that's been my DD2 using my profile as she is too young for one of her own so she's been on mine to play games etc. I've felt like I've been locked away in prison not having all you lovely ladies to talk to but I'm back now and will spend the weekend catching up on you all and what's been happenin as well as uploading pics. If you have any news and want to catch up please post below. As for me my news is I found a job after only 10 weeks of searching. I start on 3rd June for the new Debenhams opening near where I live in Bury and can't wait to start. It's part-time (20hrs per week) and I'm in the shoe dept, which tbh is my next fave thing to a yarn shop. Anyways just a quickie to catch up cya in a bit Andrea.
  2. MrsHobson

    Bright & Breezy Thursday

    Morning all - just a quick line from me at the mo as busy busy busy today but thought I'd pop on to let u all know I'm back online after almost two weeks of no laptop due to it deciding it was too tired to play. Anyhoo after a wait od what seemd forever we got the part that needed replacing and hubby has now fixed it thank god so I will be posting a pic of my SEB pressie later along with a couple of other FO. Hope everyone has a good day and love to all Andrea
  3. MrsHobson

    Happy Easter

    Morning ladies - well I was really upset last night, I'd spent all day running round so I could join in the party. Signed on around 7 ish and my damned laptop decided it didn't want to play and suddenly crashed on me leaving me logged in but not there. It looks like I missed a very good party and must admit I'm a bit miffed. By the time hubby got it sorted it was too late to join in and I was ready for my bed. Anyway there be others I'm sure but I was soooo lokking forward to last night. Got nothing planned for today as both girls have their own plans with friends, boyfriends etc. and as they let it til last minute to decide I have nothing to do today so plan to spend it knitting and chatting on here. Will post a pic of my SEB soon as need camera from dd2 who is currently in the shower so could be a while lol. It's a beautiful knitted white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland dressed in his uniform for the croquet match. He is soft squishy and soooo cute. Cassie thought he was lovely and was a bit miffed when I said no to playing with him, DD1 said "wow that's cool whoever made it is really clever" (compliment for Hatful) DD2 fell in love and begged me for him so he is currenlty in her bed (14 and still sleeps with a soft toy) and hubby thought he was fab. I was totally thrilled and a bit reluctant to let him go but kids have a way of getting what they want lol. Thankyou to Hatful for my lovely gift I am very happy. Had a look at the pics on last nights threads and will add mine to todays later. Glad you liked your surpises Suzie and that evryone else did as well. Hope everyone has a fab Easter and love to all. Andrea
  4. MrsHobson

    Good Friday

    Morning buffy posting at same time. Love the party idea would definitely be there with my needles. Andrea
  5. MrsHobson

    Good Friday

    Good morning ladies - wasn't around yesterday due to a stonker of a headache but it's gone now so I'm much better. Already walked Cassie and got a load of washing on. It's bright and sunny here if a bit breezy so perfect for washing. Would do the bedding but eceryone is still in their beds so will have to hope tomorrow is the same. Dreamy - you definitely must get your knitty time in don't let those nasty pots talk you into stopping lol. Su2ie - weekend on your own eh, no-one to nag you about how much time you spend knitting. You could knit all weekend then cram all the housework into the time just before OH gets home. A bit like easter hols at school - play all week then cram in the homework at the end K&F - love the limerick and congats on the 1000th post. My cat used to howl and not meow if left out. He also used to make a sound that was a cross between a purr and a meow sort of sounded like the little furry animal that turned into Gremlins on the film so we called him Gizmoe. He's no longer with us as he went to cat heaven nearly 2 yrs ago aged 17. Hope everyne has a fab day and love to all. Andrea
  6. MrsHobson

    Windy Wednesday!

    Aw Sharon hope all is okay and you have a better day tomorrow. Been lurking a bit myself bu just because been a bit busy today and only wanted to pop on to catch up so I can get back to my knitting. Had to take Cassie to vets for her second onjection and to be chipped today so that took up the morning then the housework, cooking tea and walking Cassie took up the rest of the day. Poor lil doggie yelped with the chip as it was rather a big needle and she now has a bit of swelling where it went in and is feeling a bit sorry for herself so I am playing doggies nurse maid as well.. Hope everyone is well and love to all, Andrea
  7. MrsHobson

    Secret Easter Bunny - how's everyone doing?

    Mine arrived yesterday and I am very pleased but will wait til saturday to reveal. The one I made was sent in the post early last week so hope it's got there. Andrea
  8. MrsHobson

    Tipping it down Tuesday

    Right ladies I'm off to pick pick up my needles, I would stay and chat as well but my laptop is not where my comfy sofa is and my blanky is calling my name. Will probably pop on later. Hope your PC gets better Dee. Love to all have a good day. Andrea
  9. MrsHobson

    Tipping it down Tuesday

    Hi again Sharon - hope work goes well and quickly for you. Dreamy - will pray the snow stays on the hills for you so your errand shopping and easter egg hunt don't get too chilly. Sounds a bit strange to talk of snow and easter eggs in the same breath lol. RC - glad your head is better and hope the fog clears up for you. Jennie - oh yes join me in a lazy knitty day I plan on snuggling under my blanket, feet up on my sofa with a film and my needles to keep me company. Love to all Andrea
  10. MrsHobson

    Tipping it down Tuesday

    Good morning Su2ie and everyone after me. It's pouring with rain here today and my poor Cassie does not like it. I took her for a walk this morning and she looked at me like I was mad when I opened the door and she saw the rain. We went anyway but she wasn't at all as happy as she usually is and when I et her off lead she just sat at my side looking at me as if to say can I just go home pls mummy. Gonna take some more pics of her so you can see how big she's getiing. Got a lazy knitty day planned for today as I speny all day yesterday run off my feet hence no posts from me. I'm glad you're feeling better Su2ie and the tummy bug has gone. Take it easy tho cos when it left my house the first time when hubby and both dd's started getting busy again it came back to all 3 so be careful. Hope everyone is well, love to all Andrea
  11. MrsHobson

    Skip-an-hour Sunday

    Good Morning - Had a lovely day yesterday, it was bright sunny and breezy all day so managed to get all the laundry done and dried. Went for a couple of walks with Cassie as she can't go out for too long with her being so young. We have to build up to the four or five hours we do with Oscar until she's fully grown. So instead we had a walk around the local park where she met lots of people and dogs but was kept on her lead at all times, then a trip to the nearby canal, it's ten mins away and there is an enclosed field just off it where we could let her off lead. She was very good and responded really well to all commands. Was up at 7 this morning with her so have done the ironing, walked Cassie and cleaned the kitchen and front room so far today. Just got to hoover but everyone else is still in bed so will wait til they get up. Gonna chill for a while with a coffee as Cassie is now slepping and I've run out of chores until everyone else gets up. I intend to spend the afternoon knitting once Cassie has had her afternoon walk and as I'm not cooking today that will probably take me through to the evening as well. Buffy - hope the car is okay. Giddy - hope you get your knitty time K&F - hope OH thunb is okay and you recover from the shock. I can understand the stress it caused must have been scary. Jennie - the curry sounds lovely and you sound like me with the books. Over the years I have collected so mnay I could open a book shop. Maggie - good morning hope losing an hour hasn't caused too many problems. Hope everyone has a good day and love to all Andrea
  12. MrsHobson

    Too early Saturday

    Good morning ladies - and here was me thinking I would be the only one here at this time lol. I'm up early cos of Cassie seems 6:45 am is going to be my get up time from now on but hey ho I don't mind too much as I was usually up by 7:30 am before we got her anyway. Not got much planned today other than laundry and walking Cassie. Giddy - hope work is not too busy for you. K&F - hop you got a bit of sleep after your coffee. Have a good day and love to all Andrea
  13. MrsHobson


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZY - You share your day with my hubby. Hope you have a fantastic day hun full of oomph and happiness. Andrea
  14. MrsHobson

    Finally Friday Again

    Morning as well to knit&flee; and Sharon. Sounds like you've both got a busy ahead of you. Hope you have a good day and get some knitty time as well Andrea
  15. MrsHobson

    Finally Friday Again

    mornin giddy - not sure about the birthday on here, it is my hubby's today so maybe it's cos I mentioned his earlier. Andrea