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  1. Judy A  Ivey

    Two more things I've made

    Hello ya'll I was taught how to make a headband when I was in Home Ec back in 1971 by the teacher she said to just cast on 10 stitches and make it 16 inches long , bind it off and sew it together , and you've got a headband. http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  2. Judy A  Ivey

    What do you most LIKE about knitting

    Hello ya'll , I like knitting for when you show your little grandson the sock that you have finished and ( he is 3 ) he says "cool" , and when I ask him does he want mamow to make him a pair and he says "yes " . http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  3. Judy A  Ivey


    Hello everyone , I was reading about your crochet hooks and their prices . Here in the States we usually buy them at Wal-Mart where they run about $ 1.29 in US dollars . I knit and crochet both , though I have a daughter that is good at crocheting and fast too. She can read a crochet pattern , where I have trouble with reading them . My point is that she is always loosing her crochet hooks . She'll just go and buy a new one . I have several crochet hooks and unlike my daughter I always know where they are . How old is your son Stacy that got your crochet hook ? Maybe he will bring it back when he see that you need it . Those are nice hooks that you got on e-bay and a good price too . http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  4. Judy A  Ivey

    Why can't I knit in public??

    I have always took my knitting when I take someone of my family or me to the doctor . One time I took my sister and I had some finished caps with me and I sold 2 of them to a woman there for $ 5.00 each . So you never know who you are going to incounter when you have your knitting with you . http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  5. Judy A  Ivey

    What project are you working on?

    I have never knitted with wool . Is it easier to knit with than what we get here in the USA ? http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  6. Judy A  Ivey

    Wire n NET flowers

    Your flowers are beautifful . They will brighten up any room . Judy
  7. Judy A  Ivey

    Two more things I've made

    That looks very nice on you Buzy and will be warm too . The tea pot cozy is really pretty , I like those flowers . Judy
  8. Judy A  Ivey

    WIN A BUMPER STASH OF YARN! Knitting Challenge closes 20th July!

    Hello everybody , I just wanted to say that I finealy got my socks done . They are made out of baby yarn . I have started another pair for my grandson . I am using a size 3 needle which is a 31/8 mm . The DP needles are 7 inches long . The DP needles that I made my socks with are Clover Bamboo 5 inches long , and I am finding the 7 inch needles hard to work with as they only have 4 needles in the set . The Clover needles have 5 needles in the set . I find that I do better making socks with a set of 5 . I would like to make 2 socks at a time . Have any of you made them 2 at a time ? http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  9. Judy A  Ivey

    Ahh Sunday Lie in Folks!

    Hi good morning to you all , and I just wanted to tell you all that I don't even own an iron , and wouldn't iron with it if I had one . I swore off ironing years ago I didn't even iron when I only had a wringer washer . Now I just put them in the dryer , and if they get wrinkled oh well. My bf does the washing and hangs the cloths before they get wrinkled most of the time anyway . I hate to iron . I'm just not going to . Thats just me . Lol Judy
  10. Judy A  Ivey


    Thank you Buzy it helps that you understand . Judy
  11. Judy A  Ivey

    Subscription Query

    Thank you Danno . As I live on a fixed income I will have to save up the money before I can get a subscription for the LK magazine . Judy A Ivey
  12. Judy A  Ivey


    Thank you Su2ie and Blinx yes it is a sad thing to have happen . I appreicate your concerns . Have a nice day. Judy
  13. Judy A  Ivey

    another lot of bracelets

    I too think your braclets and earrings are beautiful . I have a friend here in the States who makes earrings . You can't hardly make things and be able to sell them around here . Maybe we could at a flea market . I knit , crochet and I can sew when I want to . I've quilted quilts on a sewing machine , but it's been awhile . http://judy-tishomingo.blogspot.com Judy
  14. Judy A  Ivey

    Subscription Query

    Hello Danno , my question is this how much does it cost for a subscription for the LK knitting magazine to be shipped to the United States , in Tishomingo , Mississippi 38873 ? Judy A Ivey
  15. Judy A  Ivey

    Two days and counting

    Does it really cost over one hundred and eighteen dollars for a subcription to be sent to the United States ? Judy