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    Hi on the Lets Knit site there were some jewellery patterns where you crocheted round a hoop to cover it. I don't know whether this technique would work for a horseshoe, but it might be worth a look. I love the idea - would be a super wedding memento!
  2. Angel-B

    Hi from Let’s Knit

    Hi all, finally finished work for the week and yay - I can explore the new forum!!! Susie sorry you're not feeling so good - I come from a family of migraine sufferers (dad, me and my son) so can sympathise big time. Not heard of facial migraine before, but I start to lose my speech and get pins and needles in my arm with mine. It just seems that half my body gives up for a few days. Hope you feel better soon. Am half way through a hot water bottle cover which I hope to finish this weekend (finally got the right needles now the weather has warmed up). Also wating for an order from Kemps (a stock of lovelyness to start on Christmas presents for a cluster of teenage girls). have a good weekend all x
  3. Angel-B

    Hi from Let’s Knit

    well - fancy seeing you guys here!!!! I'm glad I found everyone and can't wait to explore the new site. Have I got it right that we can still go to the LK site for patterns, competitions and stuff? Its just the forum that moved? That bubbly is on chill waiting till I can put the car away for the night :coolgrin: