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  1. Drop in with your knitting and crochet projects, browse patterns, swap ideas and tips, and enjoy a tea or coffee. For more details call Emma on 01724 860161. Central Library, Scunthorpe - Every Wednesday from 10am Park Library, Scunthorpe - Every Monday from 2pm Riddings Library, Scunthorpe - Every Tuesday from 10am (starts 24th July) Barton Library, Barton-upon-Humber - Every Wednesday from 10am (starts 1st August)
  2. buffyflump

    Searching for a pattern help

    Thanks guys. I've looked on Ravelry and trawled the net, it was a long shot to be honest. My friend is going to see if she can contact the person who gave it to her. If we find out i'll let you all know
  3. buffyflump

    Searching for a pattern help

    Thanks Maggie. Not sure Goose, my friend received it in 2007.
  4. buffyflump

    Searching for a pattern help

    Evening all I wonder if any of you could help. I have been asked by a friend to knit a baby top for her to give as a gift, she would like one like she received when her son was born. I have attached a pic of the top (the bit at the bottom is from a blanket, not part of the top) Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. buffyflump

    Time to Party :-)

    I should have explained Buffy, they are supposed to be over gloves. I had some last year which I wore over my own gloves and coat sleeve. They really helped against the snow. hth xxxxxxxxxx That explains it, thank you very much, they'll be perfect for that They are lovely and soft too
  6. buffyflump

    Time to Party :-)

    Evening girls Thank you to Giddy for my snuggly purple hat and gloves, the gloves are quite big for me so I hope you don't mind but I think i'll use one as a muff :cheese: Merry Christmas everyone.
  7. buffyflump

    Is this pattern (still) wrong or am I?

    Me again :lol: I've now found my copy of the pattern and looking at it there's definately a problem with the number of stitches as all the way through the number of stitches for sizes 4 and 5 are the same and yet the pattern instructions for them are different.
  8. buffyflump

    Is this pattern (still) wrong or am I?

    Me again, i've just noticed from your write up ( I can't find my booklet at the mo) that the cast on stitches for sizes 4 and 5 are the same, I guess this is where the problem comes from.
  9. buffyflump

    Is this pattern (still) wrong or am I?

    I've just had a look and worked it out and I agree, I am left with 4 stitches too. Hopefully a mod will be able to get in touch with HQ but that will probably be after the weekend now i'm afraid.
  10. buffyflump

    Knitting-related injuries

    Definately Adrienne, think I did it to prove to my mum I thought she was weird Only joking. Now then, injuring OH happens occassionally, if he starts snoring too loudly (he has a habit of falling asleep on the sofa!) when it starts to get annoying and I can't concentrate on my stitches I have been known to poke him with my needle (wouldn't want to do it too hard, I might damage my needles )
  11. buffyflump

    Knitting-related injuries

    I knit completely differently to my mum, I knit with my needles in front of my (a bit like handlebars) whereas my mum put the needles under her arms. I once tried to knit like my mum just to see if I could and pulled the tendons down the sides of both thumbs, needless to say i've stuck to my way of knitting since
  12. buffyflump

    Tartan dog :)

    He's adorable Louise, well done
  13. buffyflump

    LK Question of the Month: Is knitting your main hobby?

    Knitting is my main hobby at the moment with a bit of crochet thrown in. I used to knit, then stopped. I used to cross stitch, then stopped. I then started card making, then this eased off I've also done a bit of sewing and jewellery making in my time. Every time I stop (or ease off) a hobby I still keep everything, just boxed up as I know i'll go back to at some time Recently my stepdaughter, Charlotte, and I tidied her bedroom (she visits every week but only stays occasionally so it becomes a bit of a dumping ground!) We now have a wall with 4 sets of plastic drawers full(!) of crafting stuff, mainly papercraft related, a corner full of (empty!) scrapbooks and another corner with her old chest of drawers with wool, and material in. I have a bag full of cross stitch patterns somewhere and lots of wool
  14. buffyflump


    Just letting you know, some times charity shops have the knitting needles hidden! Some consider them an offensive weapon and therefore they are often under the counter so you may need to ask.
  15. buffyflump

    Smelly Sunday!

    Doggie looks adorable Suzie. I want a dog but Dave won't let us get one, i'm going to keep working on him