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    Morning. It's overcast here and by the looks of the sky rain!! The house is empty so will get the upstairs cleaned up and everything in its place... Will then put a wash load on and prep dinner. Minted lamb chops with garlic and rosemary sautéed potatoes and veg. I've started a blanket for Charlie in crochet. Only doing it in DC as that's all I know as I feel I need another project in between to keep me interested. 3/4 way up the front of my cardi. Finally picking up the needles ABIT more after all the bleaching and washing! Hands red still dry :/ Tracey. Sounds calm your end BBL
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    Morning Feeling rubbish today. Loads to do as per usual! Hubby and I are not really talking pfffft. Not a very happy bunny Today will be tidying, washing, cleaning and that's it really. Goose- I really hope your friend is ok?! Any news? X
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    Afternoon ladies. The boys are on their leap pads which is educational! Pork chops with rice and salad for the the boys this evening, and steak, SW wedges, corn on cob and salad for the OH and I. I've started my first ever crochet item. I thought I'd be a wimp and start with a blacket with one stitch DC. Something g I can do as a break from my cardi. The match is on this evening so no doubt what will be on the box this evening. Goose fingers crossed your friend remains safe! Suz- I can relate I gave up smoking and alcohol a couple days ago. Stakreem. I'm glad your on the mend. BBL
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    Wilting Wednesday

    Have they found her yet?
  5. love2knit4meboys

    Wilting Wednesday

    Oh no!!!
  6. love2knit4meboys

    Wilting Wednesday

    Knitting queen - yes the cardi is for me the wool is a lovely colour. I don't usually go for pink I'm more purple/lilac kinda girl. Oh my goodness was this with your granddaughter? I'd be scared like you to. I hope everything is ok now? Suz- I know all about in feeling you should record your voice. Puffy the boys do drive me Barney at times. Goose- your dinner sounds lovely!!!! Sounds like you have had a lovely day. Eliza- you do make me laugh is that in reference to me saying about Charlie's finger? No doubt it will be the first of many!!! I do hope you found a craft shop?! A crime not to
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    Wilting Wednesday

    Afternoon ladies. I've done the bits I was supposed to do, but when it came to knitting I konked out for well over and hour with Aaron next to me. I just feel so drained lately, no oomph, and throw in heartburn all day and well I'm a little fed up!!! CN- I just realised! They cancelled it AGAIN! Tracey- sounds like your having a fab day. I hope you found a wool shop. Goose- sounds like you've had a fab day x Knit&flee - love a lay in what did you get from the postman then? Suz- fabric sounds great.
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    Wilting Wednesday

    Morning. The boys are back at school today Jake has a trip to a canal, which makes me feel uneasy!! Can't help it so gave strict instructions. Sit on the inside of the boat, no messing around near water etc. I've also had to redress Charlie's fingers and send him in with a note! About not doing P.E and that he can. It get it wet. Sent him in with hand sanitizer to use. I'm cleaning down the kitchen and bathrooms again then Hoovering, but other than that I'll be finally picking up my needles after a couple days and cracking on with my cardigan. Halfway up left front. Looks great the blacker Susie. I must try crocheting again. Send some sun here. It's cold and overcast . Oh and I have been creaming my hands LIKE MAD LOOOOOL
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    The Food Game

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    LK 81 Lace scarf

    Looking great
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    Afternoon. Thank you for all you kind words. Yes my house is sparkling!! Looool. Suppose silver lining lol. Charlie has a hairline fracture on his finger and he can't get his dressing wet he has to be sponge bathed for a week which couldn't be the worst timing with the hygiene precautions with our current situation!!! So I'm. Stressed to the max :* Goose- I hope you had a lovely time with your sis. CN- sorry to hear about the sports day Suzie- hope the glasses help... . K&f - would it work if you hanger it on a trouser hanger higher up?
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    Sunflower bell pull

    It's fab x
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    LK 80 - TWIN TEDS

    Really cute
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    Lovely work Hun x
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    Round loom hats

    Great hats!
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    Morning My middle boy has threadworms!!!!! So the whole household had to be treated with medication. So having to keep boys off till tomorrow. I've spent all day yesterday wiping down sides, door handles, bleaching everything in sight! Hoovering of mattresses, washing bed linen towels and cleaning toys. I'm a very miserably FIona today. Already this morning bleached handles and the rooms down stairs didn't take as long. Washing sheets and Hoovering mattresses again this morning. Etc etc etc etc etc etc waa waa waa. To top it off Charlie tripped over the bleach bucket and somehow caught his finger between the bucket and handle causing the handle to jam under the lip of the bucket. I didn't think anything of it apart from being badly bruised, but this morning it's ballooned and looks really sore!!! So Andrew is taking him a&be this morning ( Eliza- your finds sound great. Glad your enjoying your holidays x
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    special Sunday

    Afternoon ladies. Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there. The boys have given daddy cards, presents and now he is passed out on the sofa after I made him a full English. He works 6 days a week so he needs it bless him plus I think staying up to watch the game played a part in it! He wasn't to happy with the score, but I was!! Italia abituato il calcio!!! It's overcast here and slightly cooler. Not much is on the agenda today, apart form taking my middle boy to a party, as I done most of my chores yesterday. So knitting and making dinner!!! Nonna spaghetti and meatballs. Eliza- glad your grandson is on the mend Tracey- enjoy your knitting I'll be joining you shortly Tina- enjoy your day Suz- I'm the same as you when I come across older projects. Anyway have a lovely day x
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    LGC finished makes, share to be featured

    That's great
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    Afternoon ladies Rain, rain and more rain here in Stanmore! Well my eldest boy had his mate over for a sleep over for the first time :/ the joys! No seriously it wasn't bad until I put them bed at 8pm as that's the time my boys go bed at the weekend and holidays, and they were chatting away til 10.30!!!!! Jake has gone with his friend to play tennis. Then they have another friends birthday party today! Lucky for me it's around the corner as I don't drive and the weather is pants! HW, prepping dinner, ironing of uniforms and homework is the agenda today with some knitting later until the football starts!! Suz- oh what a pain! Power cut etc. Tracey - ahhhh I'm in awe, would you like to swap?
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    totally tropical tuesday

    Well we have been a a chatty bunch this morning Sun is beaming in stanmore. Took the boys to school/nursery in school shorts and tops leaving their jumpers at home. Lotion on, hats on, and pack lunch made...Then I walked in my summer dress, sandals and big shades (yes it was warm enough) to the supermarket and picked up a few bits. Home, upstairs tidy two loads of washing on the line... Just a quick tea break then downstairs tidying. Will put the boys pool up and fill it so its warm betime they're back from school. Then BBQ with my SW burgers as I had quite a few left over from last batch to which I decided to freeze. Once all chores have been completed I'll be sitting in the garden with my needles Su2ie - yay you got your bread maker! Let us know how the bread turns out! Eliza - I get the same I see a yarn I've forgotten I had I'm like ooooooo Stakreem- hope you sell your makes Goose - enjoy your trip into town Suz- enjoy your day Knit&flee- sounds awful about work X
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    The Name Game

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    The fictional character name game

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    The Food Game

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    stash busting scarf

    Looks fab
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    Evening ladies. You sound like you all have had great days! Stash busting, bread makers, birthday cake, OH being discharged! Sounds great. Well we went to my OH Nan's 92nd birthday in pangbourne, and the weather was fab!!!!! Never got home and the boys in bed till 9.30. Picture is the birthday girl who looks too cool for school with all her great grand kids around her ) Sorry I haven't remembered all that was said, still feel pooped from yesterday!