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    Another summer cardi!

    Love them!!! X
  2. love2knit4meboys


    Afternoon ladies. Well all is calm here so far lol. I have 30mins to spare before I have to collect the boys. Done half the HW .. I start with good intentions, and end up doing something else far more interesting. Although I've done a couple bits here and there and will do the same tomorrow. Washing Aaron's pirate outfit for tomorrow's non uniform day. The older two just have a plain noon uniform day. Then it's Aaron's fun day after school then the schools fun day Saturday. Which I'm only going to bother to attend if it's not raining as we have a forecast of rain and thunder from tomorrow, for the weekend. The boys have youth centre today so they will have the left over beef curry from Tuesday. Not sure what hubby and I will have mmmmm... I saw the vintage programme which has given me some inspiration. Su2ie- sounds like you have had a couple days of it. Glad you got your eyes sorted. Suzzana- your granddaughter sounds adorable. I loved the boys at that age. Crafty Nannie- have a great day. Knit&flee- enjoy the tennis. Hope works hurry up for you. Eliza- I'm def liking the short hair and all the perks of it lol. I know what you mean with TRYING to be strict with how many WIPS you have on the go. I only have 4 which I THINK is quite reasonable lol Bud- fingers crossed for your results!! Enjoy the Chinese mmmm I love a Chinese.
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    Morning ladies Hope we are all well. Thank you for the lovely compliments . It's soooo nice to wash n go Today is more or less of the same. Oh what a glamorous life I lead! Cleaning washing, Hoovering pfffft blergh. Aaron is half day day today so will pick him up at 12.. I ordered some wool yesterday, for the next project I have in mind, and what do you know it's for me lol. Redheart 4ply Miami cotton in Apple for a lovely cardigan in SK. I always check for a post and it didn't show up then after I post it shows why I why does this do this to me. Lol. Silly me. Eliza - sounds like a lovely evening. Glad you had a great time. Loo I might see if I can watch it on catch up
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    Sorry didn't see post

  5. love2knit4meboys

    Crochet box with ring pulls

    Great work x
  6. love2knit4meboys

    Kitten Blankets

    They are great
  7. love2knit4meboys

    summer wreaths

    Very nice x
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    Work-at-home Wednesday

    Afternoon ladies. Hope all of you have had lovely days . Well I've chopped off all my hair feels cooler and it's nice for my hair to be finished in 10 mins. So decent hair days for the school runs. I've had quite a busy day. Making blueberry muffins for the boys pack lunches, School run, cleaning of kitchen, shopping delivered, doctors for Aaron's finger, putting washing away, hanging out washing out blah blah blah. Looooool. No crafting today as of YET MIGHT I ADD.. Lol. Dinner done and dusted. All I have to do is bath the boys then make flapjacks for the boys pack lunches tomorrow. Knit&flee sounds like a better afternoon than morning. Su2ie- sounds like you have had a day of it to. Hope you get some craft time tonight. Eliza I love you thinking. Endless possibilities Crafty Nannie- Ooooo I'm going to have a butchers.
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    Morning ladies Overcast here but humid .. The two eldest boys are at school and Aaron doesn't attend nursery on a Monday. I'm refusing to do HW today! Looool. So I will be relaxing on the sofa with my needles and an endless supply of mochas and cappuccinos till 11am, then I'll be hitting the teapot...I to will be watching Andy Murray with my needles. I have another cardigan lined up. Susanna- I do hope you get to sneak out to knitty club Eliza- have a lovely day with your daughter, and I to love that wool for a cushion. It looks fab. Stakreem- sembra fantastico! Looks fantastic. It's coming along nicely.
  10. love2knit4meboys

    Swell Sunday

    Good morning. Sun is beaming here already!! The boys and I are just having our breakfast. Will put the washing on and potter around cleaning.. I finished the right front of the cardigan last night so will start the left front today. Goose- that's great news
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    Baby cake

    Mmm. Looks great. Love the concept
  12. love2knit4meboys

    Patchwork ball

    That's lovely
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    Swell Sunday

    Buona notte (gonna night) x Thanks for the cuppa Tracey.
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    What a cutiev
  15. love2knit4meboys

    Swell Sunday

    Corrrr Tracey can I have a cuppa I usually make one and get side tracked with jobs
  16. love2knit4meboys

    Swell Sunday

    buonasera Well the boys are bathed and in bed as of 7pm. I'm comfy on the sofa with the needles making progress on the left front of cardi. Stakreem - mackerel sandwich Su2ie- I hope your having an easier evening! Glad you found an alternative to your transfer problem. Suzzana- sounds like a great day. Love an Aran cardi BBL
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    Swell Sunday

    Afternoon ladies. Well I've been in the garden most of the day. Just came in for a cuppa and mini strawberry tart (Stakreem)..... Played football with the boys, tennis with the hubby. Castes on the left front and done the rib waistband and started on the 5th row of pattern. Will have to continue later as I've marinated all our meat for a BBQ. Mustard and honey pork chops, hot n spicy chicken, mixed salad, flatbreads etc. my slimming world has gone out the windows this weekend!! Well i have put on 4lbs since I started 3 weeks ago I will start again on Tuesday (weigh in) looooool Stakreem- what is the app called? Su2- that is a rip off for the transfer!! Hardly worth it!!! Pfffft Eliza- I'm glad your daughter is recuperating. Sounds like quality family time with the grand kids. Tracey- I like your thinking
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    Happy Saturday

    Rib edging on neck and front panels
  19. love2knit4meboys

    Happy Saturday

    Sorry I've forgotten what everyone has said xxxx
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    Happy Saturday

    So far so good
  21. love2knit4meboys

    Happy Saturday

    nessun problema (no problem) Stakreem. Wow that looks huge. We had one a couple years back. Tracey a girl can try Well the boys have gone for a bike ride with daddy which I got of so sunbathing in the garden x Aahhhhh I do love the boys but peace at last
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    Happy Saturday

    Stakreem - How Do You Say "buongiorno"? bwohn/DJOHR/noh No sadly they didn't do too well Strawberry tart maybe? Pavlova? I like a bit of formula 1 to. What time does it start? Susie- I'm the the same hair all over the gaff in my pjs putting the bins out, getting the post off the postman ahhhh I hate those morning when you can tell what mood the children are in the minute they wake up!!! I'd love to be able to use a sewing machine and make all my own clothes! Your very talented. Tracey- we must swap a day Well jakes homework is done, and Charlie has two pieces left to do on the computer which he is in progress of doing!! Third load is on. Housework done. So time to enjoy the garden and my needles hurray!!!!
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    Happy Saturday

    I don't know how yo delete that post
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    Happy Saturday

    Buongiorno The boys have been up since 6.30, but hubby sorted their breaky out, and sent them back up to watch Saturday morning Telly so I could rest in bed love him. Yes we are talking lol Washing is in the machine but I'm afraid I'm still in bed The sun is shining and it's supposed to be a nice day today. The plan is the boys homework, reading and then out in the garden. I've made progress on my cardi determined to finish the right front and start on the left front. I'm in the mojo. Eliza. I'm the same hanging the washing in my nightwear hope the op goes well, and have a lovely weekend.
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    Afternoon ladies. Well I got the housework and washing done. Even prepped the dinner, but when it came to picking up my needles I fell asleep again for 2hrs!!! I have no idea what's up with me these days! I got up at 2.30 and done some crocheting. Collected the boys and they are up on the wiki as they only get to watch Telly or go on their wii at the weekends. Feel like they should be in the garden as the weather has picked up here once afternoon hit, but they have been in the playground most of the day. Just put the game on as my team is on, ITALIA and I suppose all the ENGLAND supporters will be routing for them to Suz- sounds like you will be enjoying the table space, and yes I'm trying to change,negatives into positives Goose and Stakreem- us crafters all think alike ey Tracey - your food sounds GREAT I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone. BBL