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    Morning Overcast here and looks as if rain isn't too far behind. The two eldest boys were up from 7am. We have had our breakfast and have been watching astro boy on the soda under quilts I've been through a pot of tea already. Aaron (my youngest) has just surfaced and is eating his breakfast at the table... Will be finishing the second sleeve today and I only have the border and sewing up after that yay! I have like 5 projects in mind already Eliza your cushion cover looks really pretty. Sorry to hear they are on the wiser with what's up with your aunt Goose- yes please on the link Alien your wool is fab!!!!
  2. love2knit4meboys

    A soaking Saturday

    BUONGIORNO It's rather a wet Saturday here in Stanmore. Todays agenda is a calm and lazy day. Well only homework, ABIT of house work and some washing. The middle son has a party this afternoon, but other than that nothing. Finished first sleeve and will be starting the second this morning with a pot of tea. BBL !
  3. love2knit4meboys

    Anyone else into amigurumi?

    They are on about this in the latest LK and have some books advertised in there as well
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    What a great idea for the poppy tea coasie
  5. love2knit4meboys

    A soaking Saturday

    Evening ladies. Been an ok day... Charlie enjoyed his party. Dinners been sorted and now watching the football while the boys play with Lego. Half way up second sleeve. Slow but progressing. Alien I love the wool!!!! Looks fab!!!! How old is the teaching g for? Bud- seems like the ice cream was well deserved Knit&flee- poor you with the sleeping. Trip back to the des then! What an inconvenience for you. Stakreem - can't wait to see your bag!! Crafty Nannie - look forward to seeing your purses Goose- agree with the patience with the blanket although I've started a side project of using up all the funky colored wool I have to make a blanket in crochet. I can't crochet that much. I only know DC will that work well with a blanket or will be be more like a mat?
  6. love2knit4meboys

    May knits and crochets

    They are fab
  7. love2knit4meboys

    Frog prince finally finished

    This is sooooo cool. Love the yarn design
  8. love2knit4meboys

    I think it's friday

    Now I'm being subjected to watching the iron giant with the boys for the 100th time A movie night in our household on a Friday. So sweets crisps, popcorn, and mummy bakes at the weekend.. Well I bake there healthy snacks during the week for pack lunches and the not so healthy stuff at the weekend So this weekend it's an apple pie, devils food cake and cupcakes:) my weight is SLOWLY going down Crafty Nannie- great news about the first operation. Good to get these things sorted.
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    I think it's friday

    Hello ladies Today the boys had there sports day and it was roasting 26 or so. My neck is crisp got home about 1.30 had a sleep then went back to collect the boys. Quick and easy dinners which didn't involve the oven being on too long. Homemade pizzas for the boys and a chorizo salad with pitta for me. OH is working late this evening so I think I will be laying on the sofa with the windows open, knitting this ever lasting cardi!!! Goose- enjoy sorting through the stash. I love seeing what I've got that I've forgotten about. Stakreem- glad the builders are finished so you regain tranquility. Alien- awwww lovely hubby hope you recover quickly. Su2 you to with the cold chicken sounds great. Bud- blanket sounds great.
  10. love2knit4meboys

    Thinking Thursday.

    Afternoon ladies. Well what a very hot day we've had here in Stanmore!!! The last couple days I've been busy painting the hall upstairs :/ I have no idea why I decided to start it in this heat .... Although I did have the summer holidays in my head which is looming in a couple weeks lol. This morning I went to town with a friend to help her choose an outfit for the concert she she going to on Sunday. I then picked up youngest from nursery. Then my other friend popped over this,afternoon for some lunch. Then picked up my other two boys, and finally made filled fresh pasta with sauce. Phew!!!! OH turn to bath the boys and I think it will be undies to bed in this heat for them. I will do a bit of knitting tonight! I will, I will finish this cards Stakreem- your circle looks fab!!!! Bud- Hope the nose heals quickly for you x Su2ie- well earned quiet time. Goose- enjoy knitty club.
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    JULY SWAPS to be with me by Friday 25th July.

    When do they have to be in by and the box can be made by knitting it as well? No lid required. Just a box shape with stiffening.
  12. love2knit4meboys

    Two words game

    Priced alot
  13. love2knit4meboys

    Anyone else into amigurumi?

    Was it a snowflake wool? If so I completely agree I made a baby beret with it once and hated working with it.
  14. love2knit4meboys

    Anyone else into amigurumi?

    Love love love the Cookie Monster. I've made a few toys. Unicorns, doctors and nurses, teddies etc. I do enjoy making toys want to make some dinosaurs for my boys.
  15. love2knit4meboys

    makes for christmas

  16. love2knit4meboys

    TUESDAY. A new month

    Morning. Today is a lovely day weather wise. I'm on day two of having a painful headache . I went bed at 9pm last night as it's was throbbing Although the boys cheer me up. I did get some knitting done but not much. I will crack on with the housework upstairs then I'm done for the day. Then hopefully finish the first sleeve and get the second caster on. Stakreem - enjoy the tennis. I'll have a butchers at the swaps thread. Alien wear knits- looks great.
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    Morning ladies. The sun is shining here in stanmore. The boys are at school. I have a basket of ironing to do and one basket to put away but I'm just not going to do it lol. I'm just not in a very good mood today. Aaron is home today. Feel bad on him as I should get him out but I haven't the energy. I will take him out tomorrow. Although I will venture out into the garden and have lunch out there. Nearly finished the first sleeve. BBL
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    Buonasera Well I did do nothing most of the day. I've had the most annoying headache all day. I even had a nap about 2pm before I had to pick up the boys. The headache is still looming. So I'm going to knit in bed with a cuppa. Been very quiet on here. Crafty Nannie- sorry to hear about the funeral. Your granddaughter looks happy. Glad it was a great day out. Alien wear knits - enjoys your crafts
  19. love2knit4meboys

    SUNDAY 🌹

    Morning ladies Having my morning coffee in bed with my knitting. Halfway up first sleeve. The boys have had breakfast and are now in their room playing with Lego while watching Sunday morning Telly. The plan for today is to get the boys out. Maybe a family bike ride. Can't venture out too far as our car is in the garage still.
  20. love2knit4meboys

    7" tall traditional bear

  21. love2knit4meboys


    Afternoon ladies Tracey Ooooo a new tv. And definitely do not pass up a chance to have some knitty time as that would be a crime. Su2ie 9 weeks!!!!! Eeeeeeeeek. I will enjoy the tales as the weeks progress!!!! I will keep an eye out for the dresses. Well we gave the school fete a miss as it's been raining since 11, alternating between light and heavy. We decided to go to the local supermarket to get some movie treat bits and stuff to make some cakes. I'll be picking up my needles after this as all my jobs are done.
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    Morning ladies. In bed with a coffee. Saturday mornings have to be a more child affair. They boys get a cereals oat so simple bar and a banana till 9am then we go downstairs for breakfast! The sun is shining. I give up on the weather forecast as it says one thing and does another. It's the schools fun day today so fingers cross for the weather. This is the older twos one. So bigger and should have more to do.... Today is homework, washing and prepping dinner, then we are off to the school. I'm on the first sleeve for my cardigan. Feel like it is taking me forever. Eliza- I hope your aunts pain is subsiding. The fabric sounds great! Suzzana- enjoy your walk, supervising and knitting Goose- those dresses are fantastic x
  23. love2knit4meboys

    Sophie's new dresses

    These are fab!!!!!!!!
  24. love2knit4meboys

    Friday (Venerdì)

    Buongiorno ladies I've been up since 6am. I just woke up and couldn't sleep, so a mocha in bed then I'll have a shower. My friend is treating me out to lunch today lucky me!! So no HW today .. Shame that My cardigan is taking longer than expected. Will try to move along with that later. Hard to fit knitty time in with all the stuff I have to do around the house and for the boys. Aaron's fun day at school today from 3pm, but don't hold much hope for the weather. Well have a nice day
  25. love2knit4meboys

    Friday (Venerdì)

    Buonasera So I went to my friends this morning to have a relaxing day pfffft. Walked into her house and she was knew deep in decluttering and her OH left all the kitchen stuff in the hall and only done one coat of cutting in on the walls. So bags over trainers and I started finishing off the first coat in the kitchen. Then we went to lunch and had a very filling pie and chips Went to the school for the fun day and the weather held out. Then home and made dinner. Now the boys are on the wii. I offered to give hubby a foot massage (what a lucky man!) Then hopefully get some knitty time in. Knot&flee- hope you had a lovely day Su2ie- 8 WEEKS!!!!! I feel,for you. Bud- I'm glad your nose is easing up Tracey- Hope you had a lovely chilled day. I still say we swap a day hair sounds lovely. Craftynannie- fingers crossed for your granddaughter for Sunday. Eliza- love the rainbow knit!! Bet you are glad it's finished. How sad about the care home. The workers have to be resilient I guess. When I am at work (oct) my profession is caring for terminally ill children usually with end of life or palliative care. Suzzana- awwww bless her! Love the pattern on the cardi BBL