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  1. love2knit4meboys

    My cardi is finally finished

    Oh yes!!! I'm very. Im looking forward to it. lol thank you x
  2. love2knit4meboys


    It's rain rain and more rain here. I took the boys to school in my Wellington boots. Had breaky a full English mmmm.. I will finish my cuppa, and that horrible basket of ironing will just have to be sorted today waaaaa Alien- I don't blame you with the pj day jealous much. Angel_ it's alright for some. Well enjoy your day. Fingers crossed your wool arrives.
  3. love2knit4meboys

    My cardi is finally finished

    Thank you x
  4. love2knit4meboys

    Stash busting

    Ahh well cute
  5. love2knit4meboys

    The iron wins on Thursday

    Yes def let us know.
  6. love2knit4meboys

    My cardi is finally finished

    Thank you all of you. I'm very pleased with it. It's the first thing I've made for me to wear that wasn't a scarf of gloves.
  7. love2knit4meboys

    The iron wins on Thursday

    Crafty Nannie what does the flowers look like
  8. love2knit4meboys

    My cardi is finally finished

    Thank you very much.
  9. love2knit4meboys

    The iron wins on Thursday

    Thank you serendipity- sounds like you had a girlie day today. Ana - how annoying about the supplies I'm stuffed Put a beef curry in the slow cooker this morning mmmm Castes on my next project. A lace cardigan in green apple.
  10. love2knit4meboys

    My big blanket

    I LURRRVVEE the colour combo.
  11. love2knit4meboys

    The iron wins on Thursday

    Buonasera Well I've ignored my decreasing all week!!! I will however have to tackle it tomorrow. Went to my youngest boys graduation from pre school today. He looked rather cute. Finally finished my cardigan. Yay!!! Alien - you make is fab. Love love love the wool. Su2 - glad your fabric went far Goose- can you come do my basket . Will ave a butchers at your blanket. Crafty Nannie - I'm with you on the ironing pfffft lol Ana- how you had a lovely rest
  12. love2knit4meboys

    Torrential Tuesday

    Afternoon ladies. Here in Stanmore the sky looks as if it will cave in with the rain very soon. I've been pottering around tidying. Took my friends two girls to school today so had 5kids walking to school/nursery today. Dinner prepped, but still avoiding the ironing upstairs loooooool Nearly finished sewing up cardi so will post tonight or tomorrow. Sorry can't remember what everyone said BUT NAVE LOVELY CRAFTY DAYS WITH LOTS OF TEA OH AND CAKE BBL
  13. love2knit4meboys


    Goose - bummer about the rain.
  14. love2knit4meboys


    Ana so sorry to hear about your accident but glad your ok!!! Suzie- your blanket looks great. Love the colour combination. Are you following a pattern or just going with the flow. Bud - I love toad in the hole mmmmm lovely meal Alien great shirt and progressing bump Well I have Moroccan lamb simmering on the stove. I've made choc brownies and choc chip cookies. I only have Aaron's new class teacher to meet at the school as he will be starting school in sept. That's at 6.30.
  15. love2knit4meboys


    Morning Alien. Poor you x
  16. love2knit4meboys


    Morning ladies. Well I think I awoke with a rocket up me bottom as I'd done a wash load and the housework before I left for the school run at 8.20am Got back made breakfast for myself and put a second wash load out.. Will do hubby's paperwork for his accountant then I'll be pepping dinner. Still have a basket of ironing upstairs that I'm avoiding Will hopefully be starting to sew up my cardi today to yay Suzzana - hope your day at work goes quickly for you. Eliza - you have been busy all that stash busting only means one thing! Trip to the LYS to reload Goose- enjoy your lunch out the weather seems perfect for the beer garden.
  17. love2knit4meboys


    Well ladies. The 3 boys were in bedby 7pm... Sitting room and kitchen are messy, but I will not be touching either till tomorrow. Dinner for the hubs and I is a concoction puff pastry cut in two, spread with half pizza topping and half fiery pesto mixed together. Then left over lamb and finally topped with Parmesan. Then folded over like a pasty. Finished second sleeve and will start borders and neck band. I can SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL WHOOP Alien glad you got you "me time" us women need it. Arty def a good game Goose glad you made some progression with your farmers quilt.
  18. love2knit4meboys

    Buying more crochet hooks

    Lol I'm constantly losing needles :/
  19. love2knit4meboys

    I've started crafting again

    Love it
  20. love2knit4meboys

    A to Z in Movies and TV

    Ice age
  21. love2knit4meboys

    Updated pic of my WIP Afghan

    Love the colours
  22. love2knit4meboys

    Smiles By Wendy

    This is lovely
  23. love2knit4meboys

    needle felt another purse

    Lovely x
  24. love2knit4meboys


    Not a great start to the race (F1)... Just knitting while watching. Goose- thank you very much. I'll have a look. Your muffins sound delizioso mmmmm. Thank you very much for the link. I will have a look as I'd like to add crocheting to my craft skills. Then I will learn to use a seeing machine. I did take textiles in school but I wasn't very good. Enjoy your time with your sister. Crafty Nannie - one day my days will be my own .. I'm in awww I love your flowers I'm learning to crochet.. Well trying.
  25. love2knit4meboys


    I know I feel you on that one alien! Jake my eldest always seems to be up the earliest