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    Steady Sunday... so far!!!

    Morning ladies. Well house is clean and tidy! except the three baskets of washing to put away in my room , but that can wait till tomorrow. Football pitch cake in the fridge phew just need to decorate with football goals etc. it's the calm before the storm as I'm having a cuppa.. My youngest will be dropped to his Nan's soon. Then the party starts at 2pm. We have jakes friend over for a sleep over so no doubt they will take a while to go sleep later (chatting away) I think it was 10pm last time Thank you for all your well wishes and I'm very jealous of all your craft activities!!! Will try to pop in a bit later
  2. love2knit4meboys

    Steady Sunday... so far!!!

    Afternoon ladies. Well the party and cake was a success:). I'm now relaxing on the sofa! Oh how I've issued it. I'm pooped!!! Knitting queen- I know he has grown well quickly. Too quick Ordered a curry for tonight. Lol. Along with all the cake, I'm scared to weigh in at WW on Tuesday. Hope you had a great time at your uncles party! 92!!! Sorry my brain has been on overdrive for days that I'm frazzled. I'll be back on for and reply to everyone after a peaceful night sleep with no to do lists in my head. Looool
  3. love2knit4meboys

    This old vintage thing!!!

    Check you out!! Well done x
  4. love2knit4meboys

    Swamped Saturday

    Morning I'm having a quick breakfast of tea and toast then the madness begins!! I've got to rush around tidying, washing, Hoovering, the works!! Then shower and dress the boys! I still have to bake a football pitch cake for tomorrow as I was too tired to do it last night! Family will be turning up about 12 onwards eeek I now have three projects on the go my lace cardi, Jakes cardi and a hat for my cousins birthday next week. I'm stressed today BBL
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    I've been loving that vintage program to!! Inspiration! Thanks I'm doing WW so REALLY trying to avoid the cake!
  6. love2knit4meboys


    Evening ladies. Well it's been a busy day. It's my eldest's birthday who is 7. So up early to give presents before OH left for work. Then I baked a birthday cake.... Prepped dinner, tidied up, showered the boys and rushed out the door to meet his aunties and cousins at an outdoor pool. Finally got to the park sat down, had our picnic, then whoosh! It absolutely chucked it down! Thunder and lightening, the works! So we rushed to the park cafe. . I think the whole park was in this cafe. Hubby came and picked us up. So we went to their aunts for a bit. Then came home. Had some dinner, birthday cake, and we are now watching a film. Tomorrow family is over and Sunday is his party at laser tag. I will be making a football pitch cake for his party, and putting together his party bags. I'm POOPED!!! I love the cushion!!! And sorry about your aunt!!! I do hope everyone is feeling slightly cooler? Craft in hand and which ever beverage takes your fancy in the other
  7. love2knit4meboys

    Big blanket update

    That looks FAB!!!!!
  8. love2knit4meboys


    Morning ladies. Preparation for my sons birthday weekend is under way! Made cake pops for his class as last day today! Will take just before the end of the school day so they don't melt. Family are coming over Saturday so will make a rainbow cake then with a some sandwich bits. Then to make a football pitch cake for his lazer tag party on Sunday! Party bags done. Presents done. Decorations done. Just need to do it on the day now! Now to today house, washing, decreasing, Hoovering and washing of floors and tattemt to tackle the junk cupboard under the stairs. I'm dizzy already. Hope you all have lovely days out and about, and crafting. BBL
  9. love2knit4meboys

    Gad about Monday

    Well well well we have been a chatty bunch today! Well today was warm but not as warm as it has been. Nothing new here. Baked a Victoria sponge for the boys pack lunch. Got the youngest boys hair cut after my eldest boys play this morning. Then home to tidy up down stairs will do upstairs tomorrow. Took the boys to the park after school. Then home for dinner. The boys fed, bathed and in bed. So that means kettle is on and needles will be a clicking in a minute. Angel- oooo exciting about the gender scan I would say I'm broody but three is enough for me Poor you with the sleepless nights. I always found reading with a lamp on eventually sent me to sleep. Stakreem- your day sounds right up me alley at the farmers shop. I made a cherry jam the other day. Goose- how is your blanket coming along? Eliza- sounds like you have some great bits on the go!!! Look forward to some pics. Bud- sounds like you have been very busy! Feet up yet? Knit&flee- sounds like you have grabbed a bargain Crafty Nannie - always a nice surprise when you see an old friend. Well time for that cuppa.
  10. love2knit4meboys

    Baby Hat and Beret

    Well cute x
  11. love2knit4meboys

    Soggy Sunday

    Evening ladies. Well we did end up going to a smaller outdoor pool, with a park, and little cafe. Dragging along the boys aunt, uncle and cousins. Glad we did as it was hot enough and brightened up betime we got there and was semi busy... We took some bits juice, snacks, sports activities and of course my knitting :)Thank you it was for the boys, but I caved in and had a thin slice lol. Got back by dinner time so made fresh pasta ravioli and sauce for the boys, and beef steak and salad for the hubby and I. The boys were showered and put to bed in their boxers. They were pooped. Now relaxing on the sofa with a mocha and my knitting. Hubby is watching F1 so that's us for this evening. Craftie nanny- poor you with the sleep. How frustrating. Knit& flee - sounds like you deserve the relaxation. Eliza- enjoy your crochet. Suzzana- the pics look lovely and peaceful. Have to be quick in this house with four boys (inc hubby) liking their puddings. Bud- it's nice to get out in the outdoors. X Goose- I love eating in the garden. Take advantage while we can with this country. Tracey- Happy birthday Chloe. Time does go too quickly. X Well time to get the kettle on as my cups empty, and well we can't have that now can we!
  12. love2knit4meboys

    Soggy Sunday

    Got my bake on Brownie based cheesecake
  13. love2knit4meboys

    Soggy Sunday

    Morning. Well the weather doesn't look great here, but nothing to complain about! When I've seen the pictures above! We were going to go to the park and have a picnic, but looks as if we might be going to a local fete and crazy golf. Hope everyone has a lovely day. Suzzana- thank goodness you are situated on a hill! Bud- I know it has been very muggy, but felt it was cooler than it has been.
  14. love2knit4meboys

    Alpaca Wool - Food Colour Dyeing

    Great attempt. Trial and error! But your colouring your own wool!
  15. love2knit4meboys

    Lace cardigan in green apple

    Thank you xx
  16. love2knit4meboys

    Saturday ...arrived with a bang

    Hi ya Tracey
  17. love2knit4meboys

    Saturday ...arrived with a bang

    Evening all. Humid here to. We've had no rain or thunder here today. The OH, the boys and I went to visit my mum for the day, and took her to harvester. Nice to see my mum since I haven't seen her since Xmas!!!! Tomorrow if the weather is like today we will be going back to Cassiobury park with the outdoor pool. Taking along a picnic. So fingers cross. Just relaxing watching a film with the boys with all the windows open and a fan on :)' Will get my needles out in a minute. Su2 - awww poor you!!! I have a mini first aid kit for things like that now, but what horrible luck with them both!!! Crafty Nannie - poor you with the lack of sleep! Knit & flee - mmmm your banana and cherry cake sounds yummy. Eliza- sounds lovely where you are. Suzzana- hope work went quickly for you? Goose- hope you enjoyed your relaxing day. Stakreem- hi ya. How did the dying of the wool go with the food colouring?
  18. love2knit4meboys

    Hot Friday

    I slept through the whole thing , but also saw some fab pics. I'm too restless to knit xx
  19. love2knit4meboys

    Hot Friday

    Evening ladies. Is everyone feeling the humidity this evening. We took the boys to the park after school which has three outdoor pools. Then fish and chips on the way home. Tomorrow we are taking my mum out to lunch so looking forward to that. Sorry I'm just pooped. I hope you all had lovely days. Xx
  20. love2knit4meboys

    Baby blanket done.

    Lovely make
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    Evening ladies. Well it's been a lovely sunny day. We've had dinner early as I just remembered we have to go to the school between 5-7pm to see the boys work with the boys so we will be going up there in a minute. Then I'll be coming home and relaxing with my knitting. Su2ie - Poor you! I really hope your cough clears up. That was lovely of the OH to point out a colour that looks great on you, things like that go a long way. Goose - I love memory keepsakes. Just precious. Tracey- Hope you have had a lovely day
  22. love2knit4meboys


    Morning ladies The boys are at school and Aaron is at home. Weather expected to reach 27 today! I don't think I'll be taking Aaron out as it's a bit hot for him. I will however encourage to come out in the garden for a bit of a play, and also have lunch out there. HW done, no ironing yay! Trying to get some energy to strip the eldest twos beds as done our Monday, the youngest yesterday and well it's the weather for it. Thinking pasta bake with salad for dinner for the boys and mine will be a chicken salad. Still some banana bread left over so will have a slice with a cuppa later this afternoon. Knitting wise still jumping in between the two projects so that's keeping me busy. Summer holidays start next week so trying to keep this week as lazy and chilled out as possible, as well, l have 6wks full of activities with the boys Eliza - shame about the wool. I regret things like that to. Enjoy the tranquility of the garden. Goose- nave fun with your granddaughter. X
  23. love2knit4meboys

    Aran jacket

    That's lovely
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    Great make crafty Nannie
  25. love2knit4meboys


    Angel - how long have you left?