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    Lace cardigan HELP

    Ok so I started this cardigan last year and got on fine with the pattern. My partner accidently pulled it, and the end result was I had to frog it. I started it again this year and the pattern isn't coming out right. I start with 111 sts E.g Row 1 (RS) work out as set on row 1 of chart, working 6 st rep 17 times, and then working the sts after the rep box! I do this but when it comes to the sts after the rep box I don't have enough? I'm doing the two stitches before the rep box? I'm baffled and frustrated.
  2. love2knit4meboys


    Morning just. I've been stuck in yesterday and today as I'm waiting on deliveries! My best mates hen do on Saturday so its bits for that! Theme gangster (think gatsby), and venue is dream boys I feel bad on the boys as although we have been out everyday I hate having them cooped up especially since the sun is shining here. I have t-bags yay! Lol. Little things in life. My cardigan is not playing ball! I did it once before, but for some reason the pattern isn't coming out right? Tempted to leave it for a later date as frogged and re done 4 times now! See something else I can do instead to restore my faith and to regain my sanity!!! Eliza- its a shame when the little details are not taken care of when it sounds like it is a lovely place Stakreem- sounds like you have kitted yourself out Goose- i've done most of the house too. I think being out alot has kept it clean with 3 boys
  3. love2knit4meboys

    Lace cardigan HELP

    I'm in two minds to start a fresh on a different pair pf needles and yarn and do one of the fronts and see if an issue I don't know.
  4. love2knit4meboys

    Lace cardigan HELP

    The wool doesn't look as neat. Since this same ball has been frogged and re done 4 times now. Ive just been carrying on with the pattern and kniting left over sts (usually 2/3)
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    Just caught up on yesterdays posts Suz- oh what rotters! It's one shoddy person not all so look away! Goose- love the peppa pig selection I bet she was over the moon, and your lunch sounded lush. Craftie nannie- they're adorable . How old os she? I would say coloiring in, at home science experients, teach her a craft, board game.. If happy to venture out. Cinema, indoor play centre.
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    Morning ladies. I'm sooo frustrated i can't get the pattern right on the cardigan even though I started it before, and I still forgot to get t-bags I would def complain Eliza Suzie- knitting or crochet the doll?
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    Morning The boys are still off this week so I got a little lie in til 9am. They wake about 8.30 and all climb in bed with me We are all fed and i've cleared up. On my last t-bag Will knit a few rows while having my last cuppa then we will be off to the shops and park for a bit before lunch! Eliza - have a great time Stakreem - enjoy crafting.
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    Afternoon ladies Well, we have been park, hw has been done, and we are now all stuffed after our slow roasted pok dinner! Now I'm def picking up my needles now and starting the pattern!!! Glad you got your antibiotics suz, and you blanket looks great! Eliza - enjoy your hols Craftie nannie- hope you had a cuppa to warm yourself up. Goose - enjoy your dinner All else. Have a lovely evenong.
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    Evening ladies. I'm pooped!!! Yesterday I helped my mate move then we had a bottle or two to celebrate! Head was a liite sore this morning.. I promised to help clean the old place this morning which I did. Then food shop, hw and eashing! Then I made two curries for dinner this evening. A chicken tikka masala for the boys and a sw chicken curry for me. Mmm it was ok think ill have to try another recipe. Finally sat down after dinner, and watched a film (movie night) with the boys!! I haven't even started the pattern at all, as this week has been hectic. I'm thinking ill start tonight or maybe tomorrow after swimming. Sounds like you have all had busy days! Suzie- did the dr call you back? Eliza- sounds like the Dh knows ehats best Stakreem - love the make its coming along nicely!! All else- good night
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    Afternoon This morning I weighed in at SW and lost 4.5lbs! Pretty pleased! Then I was going to take the boys to the park, but it was raining so went and brought some rolls, and a treat for the boys as they sat so patiently through my 1.5 hour long group!! Tidying and decreasing today then I will be carrying on with my cardigan. Boys are fed and happy untill dinner Craftie nannie- I JUST made it home yesterday and 5 mins later the heavens opened BIG TIME! It was my late nonnas birthday yesterday so kinda think she had something to do with it Stakreem! - you are funny 25 WIPS!!!! I have def done that, but now refuse to go above 3 although contemplating a 4th loooooool You all sound like you have things to occupy yourselves along with an easy pace Check in later.
  11. love2knit4meboys


    Yes :/ oh dear. That was for craftie nanny. Opps sorry.
  12. love2knit4meboys


    Morning My gosh your up early!! So it is forecast for rain here but I'm going to risk walking into town (20min walk) to get the boys hair cut, and for a library visit! Worst case i'll have to pay for a cab back (£5.00) if it buckets it down :/ I've had my breaky. I will quickly wash up the dishes , get dressed and get out. The rest can wait till later! This afternoon I will be picking up the needles and starking on the pattern with no doubt warm socks and a pot of tea!! Eliza- I don't blame you ots not nice to think about our loved ones in that situation! A letter is definitely the right way to go about it.. I hope you have a relaxing day
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    Evening ladies! I've been out most of the day again today while the weather is nice. Took the boys out on their scooters to a local psrk with a friend and her children.. Then sorted hw and decreasing finally. Only managed to finish the border of the back of the cardigan last night, and haven't had a chance to pick up my needles today as my friend and brood then came for diiner. Eliza- that isn't on. They should be recording what medication is given and at what time! (I cared for terminally ill children before I moved). You need to put your complaint in writing!! Suzie- sounds like you're enjoying work! What are you doing? Love the unusal colour banket teal and brown is it? All the blankets are really nice Liz - good on you with the mobile. I like your thinking Goose- aahh well thats lovely news with all the long emotional wait of expecting. Its great your grand gaughters appreciate a home made gift!!! Tracy- hope you had a good day at work! Sorry if I have missed anyone or messed up who did what. Its late and I'm ready for my beauty sleep Loooool buona notte x
  14. love2knit4meboys

    damp Monday

    Afternoon Where has the time gone today? I must admit I was a late riser this morning 9am (half term) had a quick breakfast; and the boys amd I set off on our bikes to a local park, we haven't tried, as we moved to Hertfordshire a year ago. I also wanted to get out quick (so appearance was a bit topsy turvy) as rain is forecasted for this afternoon. (Sunny/overcast this morning) Been back an hour tidied a LITTLE but a couple more bits to do! Then to make lunch for us lot then I reckon its on with my cardigan I casted on last night. Didn't get far, only one row (was too tired from being out yesterday). Eliza - I love the fact you ar able to do many crafts. Would love to my self. Great save on the fish salad! Liz- love the quilt! Who is it for same as the booites? I agree with Suzy do two right Booties. Suzy- I've tried to crochet a few times and have never really got the hang of it! I suppose I better walk before I can run! The blanket looks lovely! Denise - hope you have a lovely day.
  15. love2knit4meboys

    Lace cardigan in green apple

    So this is the one I frogged and just started again!! I will finish this lol
  16. love2knit4meboys

    Lace cardigan in green apple

    I love the pattern and colour.
  17. love2knit4meboys

    Matinee coat and bootees

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    Afternoon all. Shattered from our day out, but the pork smelt amazing to walk into! Thinking in a roll and served with sweet potato wedges The boys have had fun! So now its time to cast on! Oh how its been a while! Suzie- Your back from Ireland?! Your day sounds relaxing, and content What is Tunisian crochet? Might have to you tube. Goose- Envious with your decreasing mine is starting to build now its half term! So i've hidden it till I can do it. Love a roast! Craftie nannie- I frogged a lace cardigan I started to make for spring last year.. It's miami cotton, and i've chosen the colour apple (ironic as I'm allergic to the things). Shame about the weather!! Stakreem- Love the jacket!
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    Mornng Oh wow Eliza I would love to be as talented as you! Love the sound of your day! I have a friends wedding in June Where I am a bridesmaid! I also need to lose weight: but stones in my case I haven't even looked for my bridemaids dress Thanks for your congrats Well I've been up early and have put a SW pulled pork on in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours, so hoping it comes out well. The boys, OH and I are off out to Knebworth house for the day so will be making pack lunches after my morning brew. I'm also going to be naughty and start a whole new knitting project, to get me back into the knitting mojo. I only have 2 WIP's so not too bad Well I hope all have a lovely day
  20. love2knit4meboys


    I haven't been on in a while!!! Hope all are well? I'm trying to get back into my knitting mojo, and what better news (still hush hush) that I'm going to be an auntie!!!!
  21. love2knit4meboys

    My First Ever Socks!

    Fab!! I still haven't mastered.
  22. love2knit4meboys

    busy Thursday

    Morning ladies. I wish you well and a speedy recovery on your op,Eliza!! I'm just in bed with a coffee, while all is calm and the boys are still asleep he he he also my legs haven't woken up from the 5miles I ran last night. (Trying to lose weight lol) Today I was going to get the boys out on their bikes, but the weather doesn't look too promising. The shopping is due this morning, so I will wait in for that. HW to do ironing, Hoovering etc. The boys homework today.. Reading (books from library)!and literacy. I always the last couple weeks get the boys into a routine for half the week with literacy, reading and numeracy. Then from two weeks before on two days a week we will be asleep and get up as we would for school. Will make the boys some cupcakes today.. BBL
  23. love2knit4meboys

    Tangtastic Tuesday

    Morning ladies Sorry been like a ghost the last couple weeks! Summer holidays have been keeping me busy!! I've been clearing a room out a week as well, baking, day trips the works. I've had no time for knitting so far, but I will make time for some today! It's a must! Well I'm just chilling in bed with a cappuccino while the boys are ASLEEP!
  24. love2knit4meboys

    Road Trip Scarf

    Love the colours
  25. love2knit4meboys

    Mug hugs for the boys teachers

    Quick and easy plus stash busting