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  1. JaneL2008

    Spot the knitting

    Morning all, PM's stand for 'Personal Message' if you look beneath a persons avatar it has profile button and PM button. So if you just want to reply to just that person you can. Right, 'murder she wrote' has a woman (the flashy one off golden girls) knitting on the bus, bad rep for knitters - she robs a first edition book off a dead body and stuffs it in her knitting bag!! (not a proper knitter then or she wouldn't have room). The other one we've probably had - Wizard of Oz , an old woman in a rocking chair knits whilst flying round the house in the tornado scene,
  2. JaneL2008

    How do you disguise your stash?

    Some of mine is stashed in bagpuss and other pj cases on beds (zips sew shut at top) others in back packs my daughter only keeps for decoration/collection (pokemon and timmy and Eeyore) the rest is in the wardrobe, in the bed cavity behind the drawer and motorbike paniers(Gloria's in for the winter revamp!) in OH's wardrobe with the exhaust pipes. The rest, OH has bought 3 plastic storage towers to stop it multiplying - bless - if only he knew!!
  3. JaneL2008

    today is sunday!!!

    Right assuming this is the decrease for the beret top - 'knittinghelp.com' says k2tbl is 'knit 2 together through the back of the loop'. Its all to do with the way the stitching slants apparantly - who knew? (ok probably everyone but me - but that's ok!)
  4. JaneL2008

    Spot the knitting

    Is it Paul O'Grady who knitted on his show for 'save the children' or something similar - he made a hat I think? Every Wallace and Gromit film and some 'creature comforts' clip have knitting in them (Nick Parks' mum's an avid knitter!), not forgetting 'Timmy time' Timmy's mum knits.
  5. JaneL2008

    Super Sunday!

    Hi all, Happy Fathers Day all, yes I know it's for dads but who makes it possible? The pressie idea resolved itself in the form of a mug from Thorntons (no not a chocolate one!) It said I'd rather be motorcycling on one side and the other said- motorbikes don't leak oil, they mark their territory' maybe these cats were 'greasy bikers' in a previous life, hopefully the rest of their 9 lives aren't as messy.
  6. JaneL2008

    Has anyone seen flowergirl?

    Hi on here I think she's 'JEMIMAPUDDLEDUCK' have just looked through the 'introduce yourself ' thread and there's a reference to a 'flowergirl' there who was originally from the LK site - or maybe there is another one?
  7. JaneL2008

    Happy Friday

    Grandma knits for Grandad, so I'd be in heaps if I attempted that. Ben's shopping consists of Thomas the Tank Engine and Chocolate Frogs, anything else he says'that's rabbish' (I think that's posh rubbish) Grandad likes 'twitching' (not electrocution- bird watching) too. Does yours have the uniform - sandals, knee high socks and shorts, oh and a hat that looks like corks should be dangling from it?
  8. JaneL2008

    What do you hate most about knitting?

    Well, this 'Knitting Fairy' is closely related to the 'Tidy up Fairy' who when you come to look for the chocolate biscuits you put down minutes ago before leaving the room to fetch a cup of tea, has taken them. The innocent chocolate smeared faces, swear blind they haven't seen said choccie biccies. Then there's the keys, she shrinks them and then magically they reappear in OH's jacket pocket where they started off from. Devious things these 'FAIRIES'
  9. JaneL2008

    Happy Friday

    Tracy Beaker - what's all that about? Beatrix Potter yes but Tracy Beaker - who chooses these things? Nevermind, it can't get worse (here's hoping) Right, what's going on with you lot today - it's friday. Simon Baker is on the Guardian/Mentalist that has got to be worth a look ladies. Work was entertaining as usual, not only was I parents P.A. today but also a lost property office - one of the dads appeared to collect his child, to find they don't attend on a friday!!!! Bless. I think it was the 'snow blindness' from wearing shorts, why do they do that? Really, it'd be funny if it was happening to someone else. Weekend is almost upon us- still waiting for inspiration to strike for 'Fathers Day', I considered volunteering to let Ben wash 'Gloria' (triumph trophy motorbike) with a wire wool pad - but I think Daddy might cry. My dad is mad about Wallace and Gromit stuff but has all the DVD's and the mug and the Tee Shirt, any ideas?
  10. JaneL2008

    What do you hate most about knitting?

    DPNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflake wool Sewing features on faces Starting a project, being tidied up then knitting what you thought was the project you started with to find it a hybrid of several different patterns. Projects that don't grow quickly (I'm sure the knitting fairy frogs mine) Is that enough to be going on with?
  11. JaneL2008

    Its Thursday Sleepy Heads!

    Suzie - how pants is that - will your mum not send you over a care package? What is it you were wanting?
  12. JaneL2008

    Its Thursday Sleepy Heads!

    Evening all Buzy - congratulations 32yrs - Happy Anniversary - was it the same receptionist person at Tesco in the Booby Bus? Suzie - Competitions as well, how do you fit it all in? Sharon - did you take your knitting to compare needles, that'd make their eyes water! Knit&Flee; (sorry tried to reference your name to no avail) WII fit - no wonder your legs are tired, it makes me tired looking at it, friends hubby got tennis elbow, something to do with no impact on the swing causing it! (having met him I think it's more beer drinking RSI) Annie - what part of the country are you in? The reference to Greggs set me off, I have to hunt high and low for those when I'm out and about. Stacey - Lots of dark chocolate is good source of iron (conned my midwife into thinking I was taking iron tablets when I was pregnant!) Lauren - What's the job you fancy? And fingers crossed for the interview. Julie - as for knitting and parent jobs - 'if evolution really worked, mothers would have more than one pair of hands' I think that's everyone HELLO'ed to. Today's been one of those days - I work in a Nursery and sometimes feel my 'other job' is unpaid 'PA' to the parents! Honestly, I'm sure Annie can relate. I've taken to to pre-empting them and writing notes on post-its - 'school visit, pick up at 1pm, leave car seat for dad, don't forget to take blanket............ The kids are great they just roll their eyes, hold their hands and smile knowingly. Ok , moan over - anything exciting planned for the weekend? I need inspiration. It's father's day on Sunday and as mine is THE most brilliant, I'm trying to think of something nice. We (his children and respective partners) got him a hot air ballooon flight once - with an excellent forgery at the bottom of the gift certificate saying 'an all inclusive bungie jump from the clouds' - it's been a bit hard to top after that. Well, baths to run, tomorrows lunches to make, more work to do before bed. Not forgetting NCIS and the Mentalist, whilst knitting of course. Jane
  13. JaneL2008

    Selling your knits

    Hi Angela, I made cakes and things for my nursery and went into overdrive so put some on ebay (there wasn't a lot of knitted food about at that point.) But I was contacted by a couple of people with businesses who asked if I would supply them with things and it grew from there. I don't make loads on it because I work full time and knit in my 'spare' (that's a laugh!!) time and had to turn people down. It is difficult knowing what to charge. So the money supplies my eBay habit and stash.
  14. JaneL2008

    Sunny Tuesday - Is it Summer yet?

    Hi Annie - yep one of a dying breed apparantly, an NNEB I'm wondering how many are actually still in the workforce.
  15. JaneL2008

    Sunny Tuesday - Is it Summer yet?

    Morning - Ok where's the party? Get up, get up! Today is Ben's sports day at Nursery so we've hunted high and low for his go faster stripped socks before trundling off to Nursery. Sun is shining so they'll all be sweaty but pleased. Tried to join a knitting group yesterday that meet evry 3rd Monday in the month, but guess who had to go and fill in on some training instead.(child protection which you really do not want to go sleep having just done) I'd even gone to find it at the weekend. Today is half a day as Em is doing toddlers so that lets me off the hook. Well I hope you're enjoying whatever it is your doing and will catch up later - Jane