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  1. Dreamyknitter

    Pattern appeal

    Thanks crafty nannie, yes indeed they are!
  2. Dreamyknitter

    Chunky beanie

    K&F could I have a copy of that pattern please? xx Dreamy
  3. Dreamyknitter

    Pattern appeal

    Hi girls, and hello old friends, been a long time :-) I am hoping you can help me. Remember a LONG time ago Giddy organised a knitted beanie challenge, we all knitted a really simple k2, p2 beanie with 2 strands of DK... well I want to do a similar challenge here in my village, can anyone remember how many stitches/rows etc? Please! xxx Dreamy
  4. Dreamyknitter

    F-f-f-f-funky friday

    Hi all, well I'm sick, proper sick, tonsilitis, upper resp tract infection, feel really rotten. Also hurt my back really bad last sat and the physio yest really hurt me so I am almost teary eyed and feeling very sorry for myself indeed! I cannot even go to knitty club tonight :down: oh well, going to try get thru the dec this eve at least that might cheer me up if the chairs were free to sit on again as they are currently all swamped with clothes :roll: Grannieannie you sound busy! Suz - oh I love holidays in Wales, mind you it always rains, but hey I'm well used to that living over here :-) Dani - are you near the coast?
  5. Dreamyknitter

    F-f-f-f-funky friday

    wow KP! A lot of knitting in that! How do you charge by the ball or by the hour? I'm finding working out pricing really difficult! :-S
  6. Dreamyknitter

    Father's Day Sunday

    wowser those cakes look fab! Where's the recipe? K&F getting married today????? Dana the rudeness of some people, good on you not taking it from him. Bit of a bummer of a day here too, was up with the birds again, no such blimmin thing as a lie in here unfort. No internet connection again all day, god I hate living in the country, it is most backward. Have a good eve x Dreamy
  7. Dreamyknitter

    Saturated Saturday

    Do you think a loom is a good investment Suz? Hello Buffalogal and Goose and Dani89. Just in from a birthday party and the trio are cross hungry and tired...I won't hang around, best get them ready for bed. Have a lovely evening xxx
  8. Dreamyknitter

    World Wide Knit in Public Day 2012

    So, (she say's nearly afraid to ask ) what HAPPENED in THAT LYS?????? I didn't even know it was WWKIP this week "sad" as I would have organised something. oh well... go on so Suz..tell! what have I missed?
  9. Dreamyknitter

    Question of the month: Do you have a fail-safe yarn?

    I love to experiment and spend a lot of time (too long some would say) deciding which yarn to use on which project, I must agree with BecciB's post that Patons Smoothie is a fail-safe, guaranteed results every time, wonderful sheen off the wool. Glorious to work with though can be a bit of a pain if you have to frog as it tends to split esp when doing crochet.
  10. Dreamyknitter

    Was The Month After Christmas ......................

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!!
  11. Dreamyknitter

    Name that Tune

    Good golly miss Molly
  12. Dreamyknitter

    The Food Game

    bramley apples
  13. Dreamyknitter

    Saturated Saturday

    Honestly...you wouldn't BELIEVE the rain over here the last 4 days and nights in a row! Speaking of rows ... finally finished a cardi and hat for Z tonight, been a long time coming, glad I decided to go up a size! Sooooo.... Helloooooooo!!! Well, V is % & 1/2, R is just gone 4 and Z is 20 months. I'm knitting again, lost all my weight at last and I'm working for a slimming company part time, and ... life is busy but good. I have missed this site! I'm back for good. How is everyone? Looking forward to chatting, I'll pop on this eve we've a birthday party to attend this morn (yes, crochet on the go is in the bag to keep Mum busy while the kiddies play) Have a lovely Sat peeps, chat l8r xxx Dreamy
  14. Dreamyknitter


    OMG! these abbreviations are confusing! but ha! yes I get it... just popped on to see what 's happeneing, how are you all? Busy here and just doing a bit of research so popped over to say hi xxx Dreamy
  15. Dreamyknitter

    Switch-a-roo Saturday

    :lol: Evening all, it's rare I'm online this evening (at all really!) hope you're all well, just starting a(nother) cardi, deffo suffering from startitis at the mo! Sleep well peeps xxx