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  1. anniebabes

    Dye lot

    Yes but it turns out the one in N Shields had some after all
  2. anniebabes

    Dye lot

    I got some YAY
  3. anniebabes

    Dye lot

    Going back to the wool shop today to ask them to call their other (Wallsend) branch.
  4. anniebabes

    Dye lot

    Is there a website where you can check if they have a certain dye lot. I am knitting a throw and don't think I'm going to have enough yarn. The wool shop where I bought it doesn't have any left in that dye lot. I know it's a long shot but would be grateful for any help. TIA Sorry the yarn is Hayfield Bonus Aran. Shade 0936 Lot 199544
  5. Made this set to brighten up my black coat. It is a classic wool coat. The scarf was very tedious to make but I am delighted with the end result
  6. anniebabes

    Ski hat and boots

    Beautiful ! And, like Goose, I love the colours
  7. anniebabes

    Charity Knits

    Yes I feel the same way about the S.A.N.D.S blankets I sometimes make
  8. anniebabes

    Charity Knits

    Lovely and so kind
  9. Yes Sam Scarecrow. Knitted him for my nursery song bag (Dingle Dangle Scarecrow). Was some years back now and I have now retired but Sam is still going strong. x
  10. Hi LT. I'm a knitter and admire you for your creativeness. Welcome to our friendly forum
  11. anniebabes

    Another SANDS baby blanket

    Thank you Goose. They always look so nice when finished but are quite tedious to knit lol
  12. anniebabes

    Another SANDS baby blanket

    Always feel a bit sad when knitting these but I have been told they bring great comfort. A great project to take to knit and natter as it requires very little concentration
  13. anniebabes

    What's everyone crafting this weekend?

    I am making a couple of baby blankets for SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death charity). These are used in their memory boxes.
  14. anniebabes

    Peter Rabbit at last

    lol not so much my post but our forum grrrr
  15. anniebabes

    Peter Rabbit at last

    Not amused you hijacked my post to advertise