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  1. Buzyknitting

    Help - where are the arms for Isaac (LK February 2012)?

    Hi Bluenik ... I've just had a look at the pattern & it appears that they've put the wrong names on the pics & got them back to front .... The sleeves are with the instructions for the Joshua jumper .... The pattern for Isaac is for the sleeveless version ... Hope you can get it knitted in time now ....
  2. Buzyknitting

    Quiet Sunday

    Afternoon girls ... It's taken all morning for me to get up & about .... Mr B has just cooked a lovelt roast beef dinner :-) I've got a couple of orders in so I'll be carrying on with them & not a lot else .... Bye bye xxx
  3. Buzyknitting

    Wind Swept Saturday

    Afternoon girls ... Had a bad couple of days so just had some needles in the hope of feeling better ... Hope you all have a lovely weekend :-)
  4. Buzyknitting

    Thursday Shopping Day

    Evening girls ... My Thurs friend popped in today as I haven't the energy to go to her .... Had a lovely time chatting but had to go to bed for a rest as I was worn out ... Nearly finished my baby order & Mr B's cooking tonight .... Hope you're all ok? Night night xxx
  5. Buzyknitting

    Baby cake

    Well done Dani ... Lovely gift :-)
  6. Buzyknitting

    What shall we do Wednesday?

    Evening girls ... Up for a little while but overdid it yesterday ... Silly me ..... Getting on with my order but decided again that day time tv is mostly rubbish! Have a good evening xxx
  7. Buzyknitting

    Trip to the doctors Tuesday

    Night night all from a very tired Buzy xxx
  8. Buzyknitting

    Meet Mr Zebra..

    He's gorgeous Andi :-)
  9. Buzyknitting

    Trip to the doctors Tuesday

    Morning girls .... The earliest post from me in a long time .... I've decided to go to knitty group for a little while & then come back & rest .... It doesn't start till 11.30 so no early morning rush for me :-) I've had an oeder this morning for a baby wrap cardi, boots & teddy so it's busy Buzy ... So glad I find knitty stuff relaxing ..... Dana - poor you & Abi .... Hopefully the nurse will be more clued up than the daft doctor .... <<>> Susie - sounds like Scoobie's beginning to be a good boy :-) k&f - I know how you've been feeling .... Been really bad since Boxing Day but on the up again ..... Fortunately I didn't have pain in my hands ..... Glad you're on the up too but take it slowly ..... Michelle - knitty stuff over HW any time :-) Right I'm off to get ready very slowly .... Have a good day xxx
  10. Buzyknitting

    Maurice & Millicent Mice

    Thank you everyone :-) Not as much done as usual but I need to take it steady to get better .... Victoria - If you think these are small I've got an order for 10 small mice & 4 teddies that are just 4" tall! Watch this space!
  11. Buzyknitting

    Crochet Corsage Order

    Just off to pack these up for the post .... I was asked to do pink by my customer & I've added a lime green centre ....
  12. Buzyknitting

    Frosty Monday

    Hi everyone .... I'm not too good today but plodding on in my pj's ..... It's knitty group tomorrow ( changed from Fridays) & I'd like to pop in for a little while if I can but I'll wait & see .... Hope you're all warm & ok xxx
  13. Buzyknitting

    Maurice & Millicent Mice

    Meet Maurice & Millicent Mice who are new for 2012 .... One of the galleries has ordered 5 of these for Easter along with some other bits & bobs ...
  14. Buzyknitting


    Well done on a lovely hat ... Great colour too :-)
  15. Buzyknitting

    Yet another sleepless Sunday

    Morning girls .... Not so good today so must rest ..... Nearly finished another mouse & the big teddy is stuffed & now need to be sewn together .... Mr B's cooking roast chicken today :-) Dana - if I'd known you were awake through the night we could have had a chat .... Hope Abi's better really soon & that you can rest today .... Michelle - happy stash busting! Need another cuppa so will say bye bye! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx